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Saleswoman In Distress 0
Saleswoman In Distress 1
Saleswoman In Distress 2
Saleswoman In Distress 3

Juliette is a saleswoman for pantyhoses and a customer has called her. He is not satisfied with the quality of the nylons and he is very angry and overpowers her and ties her wrists and ankles with ropes. He takes out his dick and she has to use her feets and after the footjob she has to kneel down and give him a blowjob until he cums on her face.

Better Listen To Your Customers 0
Better Listen To Your Customers 1
Better Listen To Your Customers 2
Better Listen To Your Customers 3

It is better not to be on the phone all the time. The customer of the realtor is annoyed and lets the handcuffs click.

The Tricked Babysitter 0
The Tricked Babysitter 1
The Tricked Babysitter 2
The Tricked Babysitter 3

Mmmmhhhh ... Sexy babysitter is sitting in the bedroom and with a lot of rope her hands are tied to her belt. Looks terrific.

Intruder In Heavy Ties 0
Intruder In Heavy Ties 1
Intruder In Heavy Ties 2
Intruder In Heavy Ties 3

If you are not careful as a burglar, it can quickly happen that you are tied up with a bunch of ropes. So tied up, it's an easy game for the police.

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