Spreadeagled Orgasm 0
Spreadeagled Orgasm 1
Spreadeagled Orgasm 2
Spreadeagled Orgasm 3

Slavegirl Juliette ist standing in the punishment room. A lot of bondage devices are attached on the wall. A webcam is watching her and customers can see her in livestream. A guy presents the slavegirl for the audience and soon the punishment starts.


Feel The Bullwhip 0
Feel The Bullwhip 1
Feel The Bullwhip 2
Feel The Bullwhip 3

The biggest challenge for a slave is it to endure the strokes with the bullwhip, of course.

Tied Up Standing In High Heels 0
Tied Up Standing In High Heels 1
Tied Up Standing In High Heels 2
Tied Up Standing In High Heels 3

She stands naked in the basement. Tied with ropes in a spread eagle. She only wears high heels and a ball gag. :-) Great sight.

Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 0
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 1
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 2
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 3

Unbearable and nobody can hear Juliette in the abandoned warehouse. She is tied to a cross and has to endure the whip.

Spreaded In Lingerie

JulietteA8:20 minutesBondage
Spreaded In Lingerie 0
Spreaded In Lingerie 1
Spreaded In Lingerie 2
Spreaded In Lingerie 3

Sexy girl in sexy garter and stockings is tied on the bed. She looks so hot in her boots. But she is a wildcat. She is not amused about this.

Tied Cunt View

JulietteA6:10 minutesBondage
Tied Cunt View 0
Tied Cunt View 1
Tied Cunt View 2
Tied Cunt View 3

Juliette is naked and her wrists and legs are tied with a lot of ropes on the bed. You can see her pussy because her legs are wide opened. A big ballgag is stuffed in her mouth.

Flogged In High Heels 0
Flogged In High Heels 1
Flogged In High Heels 2
Flogged In High Heels 3

Ouch. That is very painful today. Spread, naked, on high heels. She always flinches when the flogger works.

First Dates In Distress - Compilation 0
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 1
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 2
First Dates In Distress - Compilation 3

Get now 3 clips in 1 video:

A Fatal Blind-Date : Big mistake for Juliette to meet a guy she only knows from a chatroom. As she realizes what has happened it is too late for her. He takes off her clothes and ties her in a hogtie for more...

- First Date Peril Juliette enjoys the sun. She will have a date later at the day. A first date with an unknown guy. She is very excited but the first date will be a disaster for her. She had too much tequila and she doesn't realize that the guy ties her wrists and ankles first on the sofa and later in the bedroom. He licks and fucks her.

- White Slaver : Kendra had a blind date and lays now on a bed: hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. The guy is really roughly with her. He squeezes her nipples through the net shirt und touches her tits. Kendra tries to scream and come free. But he hogtie is tied very strong.

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