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Captured & Groped In Satin 0
Captured & Groped In Satin 1
Captured & Groped In Satin 2
Captured & Groped In Satin 3

He brings the secretary to his basement. While she still can't see anything, he takes out his cock, which she is supposed to make hard with her hands. After a while he finally releases her and she can see something again. But she gets a ring gag and she has to sit down so that he can tie her up with ropes.

The Mistress – Turning The Tables 0
The Mistress – Turning The Tables 1
The Mistress – Turning The Tables 2
The Mistress – Turning The Tables 3

Mistress Juliette is really nasty and not nice at all. No wonder that a customer wants to take revenge on her because she blackmailed him. He ties her to a post with many ropes. She can hardly move. He gags her with a ring gag and fucks her mouth. Until he splashes her face and blouse. He takes the loops of the blouse and gags them to humiliate her.

Treacherous Secretary Caught Outdoors 0
Treacherous Secretary Caught Outdoors 1
Treacherous Secretary Caught Outdoors 2
Treacherous Secretary Caught Outdoors 3

The secretary is on the way home and she is still on the phone. A guy is hiding in the back seat and grabs the sexy secretary, ties her up and they go back to the house.

Satin Spy In Distress 0
Satin Spy In Distress 1
Satin Spy In Distress 2
Satin Spy In Distress 3

See a female spy who has to take on a satin blouse. She gets a breast bondage and her wrists are also tied with ropes on her back. The man takes out his dick and she has to blow his dick until he cums on her face. She has to lay down on the floor and he ties her in a strict hogtie. Finally she gets a panelgag. He leaves her and she tries to come free.

Don't Do Business With Criminals 0
Don't Do Business With Criminals 1
Don't Do Business With Criminals 2
Don't Do Business With Criminals 3

Juliette is on the way to an office to copy the last secret files. She will have a lot of money for it. But before she can drive away a man overpowers her in her own car. He was on the backseat and handgags her and pushes her out of the car. She lays on the grass and he takes zipties and ties her elbows and wrists and she gets a hoo. He secures the hood on her head with ropes around eyes, mouth and neck. Time to crack the code of her laptop...

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