Slavegirl On A Stick

JulietteA6:09 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Slavegirl On A Stick 0
Slavegirl On A Stick 1
Slavegirl On A Stick 2
Slavegirl On A Stick 3

The master presents his slavegirl by pushing her on a stick in front of him.

The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 0
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 1
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 2
The Mistress – Knowing The Other Site - SUMMER DEAL 3

She wanted to blackmail him and she was very arrogant towards him. Now she gets the receipt. She is tied up with many ropes and cable ties and used in various ways. She is afraid!

Slave Jewelry

JulietteA8:19 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Slave Jewelry 0
Slave Jewelry 1
Slave Jewelry 2
Slave Jewelry 3

His pony girl has to be properly decorated. Many leather cuffs and nipple clamps, penis gag and slave collar.

Plug To Her Ass

JulietteA6:20 minutesBondage
Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

All Holes Stuffed 0
All Holes Stuffed 1
All Holes Stuffed 2
All Holes Stuffed 3

Juliette notices that there is no hot water and calls the plumber. She is very arrogant and gets the receipt. She drops the towel and she stands naked, only wearing slip and pantyhose. He drags her to the bed and ties her to a hogtie with cable ties. He gags her mouth with a pantyhose because she just complains too much. Finally he stuffs her mouth with his cock, but that's not all ...

Vibrated Hogtie Slave 0
Vibrated Hogtie Slave 1
Vibrated Hogtie Slave 2
Vibrated Hogtie Slave 3

Which position is better suited to indulge in his submissive lust than a hogtie? And the vibrator does the rest.

Hogtie In Violet

JulietteA6:53 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtie In Violet 0
Hogtie In Violet 1
Hogtie In Violet 2
Hogtie In Violet 3

Very hard and strict hogtie. She gets a blindfold and he stuffs a penisgag in her mouth.

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