Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 0
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 1
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 2
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 3

Juliettes car has a breakdown, so she tries to tramp to get help. A car stops and she gets in the car. A big mistake. He places her on the backseat. Then he drives away with Juliette. The man stops at his house and he carries Juliette on his shoulder. He lays her on a bed. First he ties her ankles and knees with nylons. He also ties her wrists on her back. But that's not all. He also ties her elbows and blindfolds her. Now Juliette realises what has happened and she begs for mercy. But the guy has just one answer: shut up. So he puts a pantyhose gag into Juliettes mouth. He secures the blindfold and gag with another nylonstocking like a mask. Thereafter he ties her in a hogtie. Juliette struggles a lot but she has no chance to escape. The man lifts her dress and touches her cunt and ass. Now it's clear what the man wants. He cuts a hole into Juliettes pantyhose and pushes his dick into her cunt. She moans through her gag. The man fucks her hard from behind. After the man has squirt his sperm into her pussy he leaves her. Juliette starts another try to free herself, because she won't be used by the man again.

Why Am I Hogtied ? 0
Why Am I Hogtied ? 1
Why Am I Hogtied ? 2
Why Am I Hogtied ? 3

That's a good question. Because we like to see Juliette tied up and struggling, of course.

Spreadeagled Secretary 0
Spreadeagled Secretary 1
Spreadeagled Secretary 2
Spreadeagled Secretary 3

Juliette has to follow on a businesstrip with her boss. She doesn' want it but she has to follow... He ties her in a spreadeagle on the bed and cuts her pantyhose.

Sl**ping Girl Surprised 0
Sl**ping Girl Surprised 1
Sl**ping Girl Surprised 2
Sl**ping Girl Surprised 3

This hot girl is getting surprised by a bad guy while she relaxes. He ties her with his tie to her bed.

Tits Treatment On Barstool 0
Tits Treatment On Barstool 1
Tits Treatment On Barstool 2
Tits Treatment On Barstool 3

He got clothes pins. She hangs over the bar stool with bound elbows and wrists. Her tits are free for clothes pins.

Tied In Black Pantyhose 0
Tied In Black Pantyhose 1
Tied In Black Pantyhose 2
Tied In Black Pantyhose 3

Hot lady. She is struggling on the sofa with tied wrists and ankles.

Ex-Girlfriend Taken - XXL Movie 0
Ex-Girlfriend Taken - XXL Movie 1
Ex-Girlfriend Taken - XXL Movie 2
Ex-Girlfriend Taken - XXL Movie 3

Juliette gets a call from he ex-friend. He's in the town and wants to see her again. She agrees. Juliette wants to be a little more sexy for her ex-friend. He shall see what he has lost. As her ex-friend arrives he enjoys what he sees and slowly he gets horny. He tries to kiss her. That is enough for Juliette. She doesn't want it but it is too late...

All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 0
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 1
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 2
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 3

Juliette notices that there is no hot water and calls the plumber. She is very arrogant and gets the receipt. She drops the towel and she stands naked, only wearing slip and pantyhose. He drags her to the bed and ties her to a hogtie with cable ties. He gags her mouth with a pantyhose because she just complains too much. Finally he stuffs her mouth with his cock, but that's not all ...

Fateful Business Trip - XXL Movie 0
Fateful Business Trip - XXL Movie 1
Fateful Business Trip - XXL Movie 2
Fateful Business Trip - XXL Movie 3

The business ends fatal for the secretary. Her boss dreams in his office about the trip: They arrive in the hotel and he ties her in a spread eagle on the bed. He cuts her pantyhose to lick her to an orgasm and after licking her he fucks her hard. What a dream. He hopes it will be come true and he leaves the office to pack for the trip. His secretary is already at home. The next day both sit in a car and searches after the way to a house of a friend. She is embarrassed that she forget to book a hotel and she hopes that they arrive the house soon because the evening is near. Finally they arrive the house. Nobody is there but the key is below the doormat. In the house the secretary stops his overtures and he goes in the livingroom and waits some time. She lays on the bed. She is really tired. After a while he slinks to her and tries to kiss her. She jumps out of the bed but he catches her and pushes her back on the bed. He strips her dress and boots and ties her wrists with his necktie. He also ties her feets with his leatherbelt. He takes off her bra and pulls down her slip and pantyhose and fucks her hardly from behind until he cums on her back. He gags her with tape. Poor secretary!

Better Listen To Your Customers 0
Better Listen To Your Customers 1
Better Listen To Your Customers 2
Better Listen To Your Customers 3

It is better not to be on the phone all the time. The customer of the realtor is annoyed and lets the handcuffs click.

Barstool Bondage

JulietteA9:38 minutesBondage
Barstool Bondage 0
Barstool Bondage 1
Barstool Bondage 2
Barstool Bondage 3

Juliette is only wearing tights and she has to bend over a bar stool and then her elbows and wrists are tied very tight with ropes. It hurts!

She Has To Watch Helplessly 0
She Has To Watch Helplessly 1
She Has To Watch Helplessly 2
She Has To Watch Helplessly 3

Helplessly tied in a hogtie, Juliette must watch the evil guy searches her room. Hopefully he'll leave her alone soon, or what's he doing with the gag?

A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 0
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 1
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 2
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 3

Broker Juliette is on the phone all the time. She does not look after her client. He is getting angry and has an idea to give the inattentive broker a lesson in bondage and more!

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