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Anal Electro Probe 1
Anal Electro Probe 2
Anal Electro Probe 3

Big challenge for slavegirl Juliette. She wears a heavy wooden neckstock and her arms are tied behind her back with a monoglove. Her master attaches clothepins on her nipples and he gags her before the punishment starts. A new anal electro probe is waiting for her today. Oh No.......

Punished Blonde Student XXL  0
Punished Blonde Student XXL  1
Punished Blonde Student XXL  2
Punished Blonde Student XXL  3

Juliette is a psychology student. She wants a video of a bdsm session because she wants to see her reactions to the pain. The session starts in the punishment room. How she will react to the pain and punishment during the session you will see via webcam. The master will be very roughly to her!

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