Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 0
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 1
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 2
Anal Fucked Damsels - COMPILATION 3

Story 1:

Juliette is waiting for the chauffeur. Today is her wedding day and she prepares for it. She looks so cute in the white dress. But not the chauffeur is coming in. A guy overpowers her and gags her with a silk towel. He is not amused because she has not invited him to the wedding. He also always wanted a date with Juliette. But she never had an intresse for him. Now it's his turn.


Story 2:

Juliette goes through a forest. It's a long way to the city. But she has no other choice. Suddenly a car arrives. The car stops and a man asks her friendly if he can takes her to the city. Juliette bends over and lays her hands on the opened car window. That was a mistake. Juliette can't see that the man has handcuffs beside himself and he cuffs her wrists to the steering wheel.


Story 3:

While Juliette is looking for mushrooms, a stranger gets into her car and hides on the back seat. He appears when she sits in the driver's seat and commands her to handcuff her hands to the steering wheel and then tells her where to go. Next stop: Anal hell. Juliette has to drive to a lonely place. He pushes her to a house and there he has prepared a cellar for the new anal slavegirl.

Cycletrack Distress 0
Cycletrack Distress 1
Cycletrack Distress 2
Cycletrack Distress 3

She just wanted to help. But he handcuffs her and now impels his prisoner through the forest.

Captured For The Trunk 0
Captured For The Trunk 1
Captured For The Trunk 2
Captured For The Trunk 3

If a car stops and a man asks a cute looking blonde girl if she wants a ride to the town she should better denie fast. But Juliette thinks a bit to much about it, so the guy handcuffs her and pushes her into the trunk. Not the kind of ride Juliette expected.

Queen Of Pain - XXL Movie - November Special 0
Queen Of Pain - XXL Movie - November Special 1
Queen Of Pain - XXL Movie - November Special 2
Queen Of Pain - XXL Movie - November Special 3

Juliette's book publisher is impatient. Where is the manuscript about Cora the jungle princess? Such a crap. Juliette has a write inhibition and she hopes that she comes up with an idea during the fitness training. Juliette seems to get an idea while lifting weights. She lies down in her bed and begins to dream. In the jungle, Kora is only wearing a leather skirt and runs through the forest with a spear. She looks for the bad guys and finds them out. There is a fight, but Cora is not strong enough ...

Tormented Outdoors

JulietteA8:30 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Tormented Outdoors 0
Tormented Outdoors 1
Tormented Outdoors 2
Tormented Outdoors 3

That's not how Juliette imagined it. In short jeans she is tied to the tree and does not see that the guy has a whip because her eyes are covered with a cloth. Soon she will feel the whip ...

Selfcuffing In The Woods 0
Selfcuffing In The Woods 1
Selfcuffing In The Woods 2
Selfcuffing In The Woods 3

Juliette was on the way to his horse. She is stopped by a man on the way to the stable. Result: She puts on leather cuffs and lets him touch her. Is he blackmailing her?

Captured Outdoors

JulietteA5:21 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Captured Outdoors 0
Captured Outdoors 1
Captured Outdoors 2
Captured Outdoors 3

He grabs Juliette and puts her head under his arm and pulls her away with him. She cannot run as fast as he runs. He rubs her face against his crotch and handcuffs her hands.

In The Hands Of The Regime - XXL Movie - August Special 0
In The Hands Of The Regime - XXL Movie - August Special 1
In The Hands Of The Regime - XXL Movie - August Special 2
In The Hands Of The Regime - XXL Movie - August Special 3

She awake... lying naked on the floor. Somebody helped her get away and now it's time to take revenge. Juliette wants to find her tormentors and runs deep into the woods. But she is being watched the whole time and runs right into the trap.

In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 0
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 1
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 2
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 3

Blockbuster! Runtime over 2 hours. Lot's of interrogation in different ways and see punishment of a naken slavegirl. Terrific!

Captured At The Autumn Forest 0
Captured At The Autumn Forest 1
Captured At The Autumn Forest 2
Captured At The Autumn Forest 3

A man watches Juliett walking through the autumn forest. He is well hidden. Juliette only notices him until it is too late.

Leather Bitch Tied Outdoors 0
Leather Bitch Tied Outdoors 1
Leather Bitch Tied Outdoors 2
Leather Bitch Tied Outdoors 3

Juliette has to stand between two trees and then he ties her wrists between the trees. Because she moans too much, she gets a ball gag.

A Dangerous Shortcut 0
A Dangerous Shortcut 1
A Dangerous Shortcut 2
A Dangerous Shortcut 3

Taking a short cut is not always the best decision. Juliette has to experience this firsthand.

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