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Facial Slut

JulietteA27:51 minutesBDSM, Blow Job, Bondage
Facial Slut 0
Facial Slut 1
Facial Slut 2
Facial Slut 3

The naked slut waits for her punishment. Her wrists are cuffed with leathercuffs to a spreaderbar. First she has to give a blowjob and she gets a facial. Now it is time for the suspension. She is in panic and hysterical.


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See for example a very tight hogtie with a lot of ropes. Juliette has to bend back and give him a blowjob. Very hard position for her.

Leathercuffed Hogtie 0
Leathercuffed Hogtie 1
Leathercuffed Hogtie 2
Leathercuffed Hogtie 3

He watches Juliette while she tries to get out of the hogtie. Gagged and blindfolded, she can't see what's going on...

Stuff The Slaves Cunt 0
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 1
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 2
Stuff The Slaves Cunt 3

He stuffs a vibrator into his slave's pussy and puts a belt around her waist and pussy. He also ties her legs and pulls her up.

Helpless In A Spreadeagle 0
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 1
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 2
Helpless In A Spreadeagle 3

After he has tied his secretary spreaded on the hotel room bed and she lies defenseless in front of him, he takes off his clothes ...

Pussy Torment Outdoors 0
Pussy Torment Outdoors 1
Pussy Torment Outdoors 2
Pussy Torment Outdoors 3

Juliette is tied to a tree in the forest and she can't do anything when her jeans are pulled down and the guy starts working on it with a stick...

Flogged In High Heels 0
Flogged In High Heels 1
Flogged In High Heels 2
Flogged In High Heels 3

Ouch. That is very painful today. Spread, naked, on high heels. She always flinches when the flogger works.

Captured Spy Hard Punished 0
Captured Spy Hard Punished 1
Captured Spy Hard Punished 2
Captured Spy Hard Punished 3

You will see hard punishment for the captured and naked spy. Juliette is tied in different postions and she screams and moans a lot. He does a very heavy interrogation and she can't she can hardly take it anymore.

Take A Shower In Chains 0
Take A Shower In Chains 1
Take A Shower In Chains 2
Take A Shower In Chains 3

The slave girl asked for a shower. Now she has to shower cuffed and gagged and with a heavy slavecollar around her neck.

Stretched Slavegirl

JulietteA8:07 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Stretched Slavegirl 0
Stretched Slavegirl 1
Stretched Slavegirl 2
Stretched Slavegirl 3

Stretched and naked slavegirl is gagged and punished with nipple clamps.

Co-Worker Tied At The Barn 0
Co-Worker Tied At The Barn 1
Co-Worker Tied At The Barn 2
Co-Worker Tied At The Barn 3

Her boss had always an eye on her, now it's time that she has to strip down her clothes so he can tie her up naked at the barn.

Punished At The Cross 0
Punished At The Cross 1
Punished At The Cross 2
Punished At The Cross 3

He uses extreme means to get information out of her. He ties her to a wooden cross and starts his interrogation.

The Slave Wife

JulietteA5:03 minutesBondage
The Slave Wife  0
The Slave Wife  1
The Slave Wife  2
The Slave Wife  3

Which man doesn't want that? His wife, handcuffed and shackled in a hogtie, and then he brings her to the bedroom on a collar ...

Only A Nightmare? 0
Only A Nightmare? 1
Only A Nightmare? 2
Only A Nightmare? 3

Juliette doesn't know as she awakes in front of her tent if it was only a nightmare or if she really was punished in this cruel way?

Harnessed Slavegirl

JulietteA7:05 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Harnessed Slavegirl 0
Harnessed Slavegirl 1
Harnessed Slavegirl 2
Harnessed Slavegirl 3

While Juliette kneels naked in front of a mirror, her master puts on a harness gag.

Trained And Punished

61:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Trained And Punished 0
Trained And Punished 1
Trained And Punished 2
Trained And Punished 3

Excess Length: Juliette is a very submissive slavegirl and enjoys the time with her master. He prepares her in a room for the session. She has to go downstair in the punishment room. He secures the slavegirl with leather straps and shackles on a slavechair. Now we will see if the slavegirl is really submissive!

Naked & Spreadeagled 0
Naked & Spreadeagled 1
Naked & Spreadeagled 2
Naked & Spreadeagled 3

A wonderfull view of the a naked girl is always guaranteed when she is spreadeagled.

Push Your Breasts Out! 0
Push Your Breasts Out! 1
Push Your Breasts Out! 2
Push Your Breasts Out! 3

He humiliates his slave girl today by having to sit her naked on a chair. Handcuffed and penis gag in the mouth. Now there are no more contradictions.

Mouth Stuffed Hogtie 0
Mouth Stuffed Hogtie 1
Mouth Stuffed Hogtie 2
Mouth Stuffed Hogtie 3
Slavegirl Juliette is tied up in a hogtie. Elbows are also tightly tied and her neck is extremely stretched. Her master has stuffed a dildo in her mouth and so she has to hold out now.
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