Testing Her Skills

JulietteA7:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Testing Her Skills 0
Testing Her Skills 1
Testing Her Skills 2
Testing Her Skills 3

Her master has connected her elbows very closely. Today he wants to test how far he can go. She has to sit on a chair on which a dildo is placed.

Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 0
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 1
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 2
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 3

Poor Juliette. The whipping punishment goes in round 2. She is standing naked in the cellar of pain. Her arms and legs are wide spreaded. She is tied with ropes. Sometimes she has to wear a ballgag, sometimes she is screaming loudly without any gag. But if she is gagged with the ballgag she is drooling a lot. Later the evil man attaches a vibrator in her pussy and fixes the vibrator with a rope and while she is getting an orgasm he whips her sexy body and you can see red marks on her skin.

Ladder And Barrel Punishment  0
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  1
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  2
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  3

Juliette is tied with leathercuffs on a ladder. The other coaches are watching her through the camera. Juliette insults the coaches. The man attaches clothespins on her labia and takes a sharp fork and touches her skin and other sensitive places. He strikes her with a rod. Juliette curses and screams a lot. Finally Juliette is tied on the ladder with her head down. He takes a wandvibrator and fucks her pussy while the clothespins are still attached on her labia. It hurts like hell. The nightmare ends on a barrel. He pours water over her head. Juliette is tied and can't escape. He attaches the wandvibrator on her thigh. The vibrator holds now in place in her pussy. Of course he strikes her again.

Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 0
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 1
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 2
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 3

With a hood on her head, the slave is led into an uncertain future. Horrified she has to find out that she should be trained as an anal slave.

Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

Breathless Slave 0
Breathless Slave 1
Breathless Slave 2
Breathless Slave 3

At the mercy of her master, Juliette can no longer do anything. If he wants to take her air to breathe, it's his decision. How long will he let her suffer?

The Coaches Victim 0
The Coaches Victim 1
The Coaches Victim 2
The Coaches Victim 3

Juliette is a former professional athlete. She talked about the training methods of her coaches. Now she does different modeljobs to earn some money. Today she is posing in front of the camera also naked. After a long shootingday the photographer promises her a massage. So she goes over to a massage bank and waits for the masseur with closed eyes. She is totally relaxed and Juliette has no idea that the shooting only was a trick from her coach. He comes in and overpowers her. He attaches a wooden neck stock around her neck and wrists and ties her legs with ropes to the bank. Now it's time to have some fun with Juliette. He punishes her in different ways. He tickles her and plays and punishes her nipples. Juliette moans and curses a lot. There are more coaches who are angry with Juliette. So she has to stand up and both leave the room. Juliette is still naked only wearing a slip and the wooden neck stock.


Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 0
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 1
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 2
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 3

Wrists and ankles are tied and he attaches electropads to her body. Everything is wired. Soon she will notice electric shocks in her body.

The Auction Block 0
The Auction Block 1
The Auction Block 2
The Auction Block 3

Impaled and tied up this slavegirl has no chance to escape while the bids on her are raising. Which master will win the bidding?

Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 0
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 1
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 2
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 3

Juliette was sold at the slavemarket. Now it's time for her to see where her new master will punish her in the future.

Waiting In Chains 0
Waiting In Chains 1
Waiting In Chains 2
Waiting In Chains 3

Naked and chained at her cell, she has to wait for the things that would happen.

Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 0
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 1
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 2
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 3

This time Juliettes master wants to hear her screams. This will going to be a hard time for her.

The Naked Petgirl 0
The Naked Petgirl 1
The Naked Petgirl 2
The Naked Petgirl 3

Who does not like his own slavegirl on a leash? She does what you ask her to do. And later she will surely come in a cage.

She Will Be Shocked 0
She Will Be Shocked 1
She Will Be Shocked 2
She Will Be Shocked 3

The title says it all. Merciless electro treatment for the poor slave.

Back On Track 0
Back On Track 1
Back On Track 2
Back On Track 3

Juliette is captured outdoors. Tied to a branch of a tree her journey can begin.

Captured & Humiliated 0
Captured & Humiliated 1
Captured & Humiliated 2
Captured & Humiliated 3

While Juliette picks out a dress, it knocks at the door. A masked man rushes in and overpowers her. Juliette gets heavy shackles at wirsts and ankles. He humiliates her by having to eat and take water from a bowl while cuffed with these shackles. The whip is waiting for her too.

Chained Up After Escape Try 0
Chained Up After Escape Try 1
Chained Up After Escape Try 2
Chained Up After Escape Try 3

Juliette is naked and desperated. That's why she goes out without clothes. But the guy catches her again and now shackles and chains are waiting for her.

Crotchroped Slave 0
Crotchroped Slave 1
Crotchroped Slave 2
Crotchroped Slave 3

With tied hands and elbows, there is just a crotchrope missing. But her master will fix it, of course.

Torment Disaster

JulietteA35:10 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Torment Disaster 0
Torment Disaster 1
Torment Disaster 2
Torment Disaster 3

Juliette is tied at a tree. She is blindfolded and wears a slavecollar. A man creeps to her and ties her hands above her head. He pulls down her jeans and takes a cane and pokes her pussy. But Juliette is hard and doesn't say a word. The forest interrogation is not the right way for her. So the man decides to untie her and go to another place with her for a better interrogation.

Juliette is tied on a table in a cellar. She wears only a slip and it is really hard for her to stay in this uncomfortable position. So the man has no other choice. He wants to stretch her. He cuffs her ankles and connects her wrists with leathercuffs to a winch. Soon Juliettes body is stretched enormously.


Naked & Tied Up 0
Naked & Tied Up 1
Naked & Tied Up 2
Naked & Tied Up 3

Juliette lays naked on the bed. She only wears a wrist watch. The guy takes ropes and ties her up. He touches her body while she tries to come free.

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