Gagged With Socks

JulietteA 38:22 minutes BDSM, Bondage
Gagged With Socks 0
Gagged With Socks 1
Gagged With Socks 2
Gagged With Socks 3

A hard challenge for slavegirl Juliette. Her master gags her very tightly with socks, hood and panelgag. Hard to breath! Her arms are secured with an armbinder. Also very tight. He attaches vibrators for orgasms.

Selfbondage With Armbinder 0
Selfbondage With Armbinder 1
Selfbondage With Armbinder 2
Selfbondage With Armbinder 3

Watch the naken Juliette how she gags herself with a big ballgag and she also takes an armbinder. SOOOOOO SEXY!

Monoglove Struggling

JulietteA 6:59 minutes Bondage
Monoglove Struggling 0
Monoglove Struggling 1
Monoglove Struggling 2
Monoglove Struggling 3

Her arms tied in a monoglove Juliette is struggling in her bedroom.

Hogtied Sweetie

JulietteA 7:25 minutes Bondage
Hogtied Sweetie 0
Hogtied Sweetie 1
Hogtied Sweetie 2
Hogtied Sweetie 3

The sweetie is laying hogtied and gagged at the bed. Her arms are tied with a pink Monoglove and wears nothing more than a pantie and gymnastic slippers.