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Ponygirl Education - SNEAK PREVIEW 3

SNEAK PREVIEW! See already now the movie "Ponygirl Education"! Only for a short time available!

Excess Length! Don't miss this blockbuster!

Selfcuffing In The Woods 0
Selfcuffing In The Woods 1
Selfcuffing In The Woods 2
Selfcuffing In The Woods 3

Juliette was on the way to his horse. She is stopped by a man on the way to the stable. Result: She puts on leather cuffs and lets him touch her. Is he blackmailing her?

Stretched Slavegirl

JulietteA8:07 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Stretched Slavegirl 0
Stretched Slavegirl 1
Stretched Slavegirl 2
Stretched Slavegirl 3

Stretched and naked slavegirl is gagged and punished with nipple clamps.

Harem Slavegirl Cuffed 0
Harem Slavegirl Cuffed 1
Harem Slavegirl Cuffed 2
Harem Slavegirl Cuffed 3

Like the last dirt, Juliette is kept in a wood warehouse. Gagged and bound, she waits in sexy lingerie for the transport to a perverse guy.

Trained And Punished

61:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Trained And Punished 0
Trained And Punished 1
Trained And Punished 2
Trained And Punished 3

Excess Length: Juliette is a very submissive slavegirl and enjoys the time with her master. He prepares her in a room for the session. She has to go downstair in the punishment room. He secures the slavegirl with leather straps and shackles on a slavechair. Now we will see if the slavegirl is really submissive!

Running Into Distress 0
Running Into Distress 1
Running Into Distress 2
Running Into Distress 3

Juliette does her workout like every morning. But today a man watches her from his car. She runs along the road and the car passes her but Juliette doesn't see the man. After a while the man takes his chance. He stops the car in front of Juliette and she is very surprised and she is not fast enough. The man pushes her in the trunk and cuffs her wrists and ankles and drives away. In his house he nightmare starts for Juliette!

The Slave Storage

JulietteA6:41 minutesBondage, BDSM
The Slave Storage 0
The Slave Storage 1
The Slave Storage 2
The Slave Storage 3

He holds his slavegirl in a cage. Not much space in the cage. That's why she is allowed to come out for a while!

A Riding Crop For Her Ass 0
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 1
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 2
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 3

The slave girl has to lean forward and can observe herself in a mirror while her master hits her bottom red with a riding crop.

Pussy Stuffed Bikini Girl 0
Pussy Stuffed Bikini Girl 1
Pussy Stuffed Bikini Girl 2
Pussy Stuffed Bikini Girl 3

Vibrator in the pussy and tied with leather cuffs and handcuffs in a hogtie. In order to humiliate her, the slavegirl absolutely needs a mask and a harness gag.

Hanging Girl Punished 0
Hanging Girl Punished 1
Hanging Girl Punished 2
Hanging Girl Punished 3

WOW! Really terrific hanging bondage with punishment elements like whipping and electric shocks. This slave will never forget that. Can she stand it?

Stripper Tied To The Cross 0
Stripper Tied To The Cross 1
Stripper Tied To The Cross 2
Stripper Tied To The Cross 3

Army-style stripper was actually booked to strip at a birthday party. Now she finds herself tied to a cross and gagged too.

Hot Wax On Her Tits 0
Hot Wax On Her Tits 1
Hot Wax On Her Tits 2
Hot Wax On Her Tits 3

There is hardly a worse "treatment" for a woman than to let flowing hot candle wax on her tits. Juliette is also exposed to this pain.

Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 0
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 1
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 2
Two Times Orgasm With Three Way Vibrator 3

The 3-way vibrator stays in place with a crotchrope and the blonde slavegirl can indulge in her orgasms: tied up, gagged and blindfolded.

Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 0
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 1
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 2
Girlfriends In Peril - SUMMER DEAL 3

Pling is at home and hears music with a headphone and reads a magazine. She didn't hear the guy who comes in and overpowers her. The guy ties her up with leathercuffs and ropes to a hogtie. She is also gagged with a harnessgag. The guy leaves Pling for a while. Pling struggles against her bonds. Suddenly she hears a voice. Her girlfriend Juliette comes in and is surprised to find Pling tied up on the sofa. She wants to help her, but no chance. The guy cames back and overpowers also Juliette. Her ties her with ropes on the floor. Juliette gets a ballgag. Both girls moans through her gags and struggles against her bonds. The guy choose Juliette for the next step. Both leaves the room. The guy fucks Juliette from behind. Pling hears Juliette, but she can't help her. While Pling struggles tied and gagged on the sofa, the guy fucks Juliette from behind in another room. Pling hears her girlfriend but it's not possible to help Juliette. The guy is so horny that he shots his cum on Juliettes ass after a few minutes.

Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 0
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 1
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 2
Naked For Hard Punishment - SUMMER DEAL 3

Ouch. He pricks her nipples with a knitting needle. The eyes of the slave are bound with a leather strap. She can only hear, see nothing. What is the guy up to?

Caning Her Tits

JulietteA6:27 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Caning Her Tits 0
Caning Her Tits 1
Caning Her Tits 2
Caning Her Tits 3
She has to endure an extreme position. She is bent over backwards over a small stool and chained. She also wears a gag and a slavecollar and he takes a bamboo rod and treats her upper body and her tits. She moans loudly.
A Hard Time On The Ladder 0
A Hard Time On The Ladder 1
A Hard Time On The Ladder 2
A Hard Time On The Ladder 3

She is naked. She is cuffed on a ladder. She is ballgagged. She is punished with a bamboo cane.

Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 0
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 1
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 2
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 3

The blonde slave is already waiting for what will happen to her. First she was put on display in the punishment room with her hands tied up.

Surprising Tie Up

JulietteA9:22 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Surprising Tie Up 0
Surprising Tie Up 1
Surprising Tie Up 2
Surprising Tie Up 3

With a winch he stretches this hot and naked body.

Tied Up Heads Down

JulietteA5:56 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Tied Up Heads Down 0
Tied Up Heads Down 1
Tied Up Heads Down 2
Tied Up Heads Down 3

Terrific. Blonde bitch is tied to a ladder and pulled upside down.

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