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Juliette lays on the floor in a cold cellar. She wears a latex mini skirt, nylons, a leather corsage and ballet high heels. She is tied with ropes in a strict hogtie and she is gagged with a ballgag. She knows that her master is coming soon. So she tries to loose the ropes. But the ropes are tied strong. Her master comes in the cellar and is happy to see her. He loves to uses her again and he starts to tickle her. Juliette is very ticklish, she laughs, screams and moans a lot. After a while her master has an idea and stops the tickling. He puts a buck beside Juliette and leaves her to get some toys. This is the chance for Juliette. She will not be punished again and hopes to come free. After a while she really can loose the ropes and in the moment she will crawl away her master comes in and is not amused. He spanks her. She has to lay over the buck. He cuffs her ankles and wrists with leathercuffs to the buck. Very uncomfortable. But this is only just the beginning. He strips her pantyhose. He takes a whip and whips her ass. Juliette screams a lot. After a while he take a leathered paddel and spanks her ass. Ouch. It hurts so much. Juliette begs to stop and he asks her if the whip was better than the paddle. Of course the whip was better. He uses again the whip and after a while he is horny. He takes out his dick and fucks her hard from behind. What a nightmare. Her whole body is in pain. After a long while he cums in her and leaves her alone. But he don't uncuff her. She still has to lay over the buck.


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It knocks at the door. The doctor opens the door and closes it after he saw slavegirl Juliette. She was not in the right position. After a few seconds it knocks again. He opens the door and slavegirl Juliette kneels naked on the floor with stretched neck. He goes around her and lays a leatherbelt and a rope and handcuffs beside her. He will open the door in 5 minutes and he hopes that she knows what she has to do with the handcuffs and the leatherbelt. He closes the door again.

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Juliette promised to steel some informations via usb-stick. But she is not fast enough. Suddenly a man from the security stands behind her and wants to know what she is doing so late at the office. All other people are gone only Juliette is still at the computer. She tries to explain that she only wants to copy a letter but the man don't believe her. He first wants to contact the boss. So Juliette has to come with him in another room...

Flee For Your Life

JulietteA 35:28 minutes Bondage
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Flee For Your Life 3

He ties Juliette’s wrists and elbows on her back. Then he ties also her ankles and knees and connects all with a rope. He gags her with a ball gag and now she lays in a hogtie on the floor. He lays TNT beside her on a chair and he leaves the room. Juliette shall call him if she can’t stop the TNT. Juliette struggles a lot and she really tries to reach the TNT. But it’s not possible. She only want’s to go on a party for dancing and now she is in panic. After a long while he cames back and that was not all.

He ties her with a lot of ropes on a chair. He ties her wrists and ankles and also the upperbody and knees. He gags her with a cleavegag and now she has to reach the mobile. Juliette does her best to reach the telephone but she is tied on a chair. How shall it works?

Oral Challenge

JulietteA 68:43 minutes Bondage
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Juliette is sitting on a chair. She wears shackles on her wrists. She waits for her master. After a while he comes in with a heavy wooden neck stock. It's time for the training. So he will strip her. Juliette stands up and he takes off the shackles. He also takes off her blouse. Now Juliette has to put her wrists in the stock. He takes a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. Juliette opens the mouth and he gags her. Juliette looks at the mirror and watches him. He twists her and after a while it's time for the training room. Juliette knows the way and goes to the cellar.

In the cellar stands a pallet. Attached to the pallet is a thick vertical piece. On top of the vertical bar is secured a dildo. It is at a height such that it is directly in front of Juliette’s mouth when she is on the saddle. Juliette and her master comes in. Juliette has to stay and he pulls down skirt and boy shorts. He unbuckles the neck stock. He takes shackles and cuffs her wrists behind her back. Juliette also gets a steel neck shackle. A pole connects neck shackle and wrists shackles. He takes a leather belt and secures it around her elbows.  Now it's time for ankle shackles. Juliette has to sit on the saddle. He places a chain between the ankle shackles and moves a mirror in front of Juliette. Now Juliette can watch herself while the training. He takes a leatherbelt and secures it under her breasts.He massages her nipples and attaches tweezer clamps. Juliette whimpers. He takes a vibrating butt plug and shows it Juliette. She moans and shakes her head. She has to bend over and he pushes the plug in her ass. It hurts so much. He unbuckles the ball gag. He will turn now on the vibrator. Juliette begs for mercy. But this is a slave training.  He takes electro-stim pads and attaches it to her breasts. He adjusts the dildo in front of her face. He turns on the butt vibrator again. He takes the red ball and she opens her mouth and he pushes the ball in her mouth roughly. He attaches a tube and takes lemon juice and now Juliette gets some juice. He takes honey and drips it on the dildo. Juliette licks the dildo. Juliette drools a lot because of the sweet honey and the sur lemon juice. After a while he takes a blue wandvibrator. He slowly pushes the vibrator in her pussi. But before the orgasm it's time for more juice. He drips more honey on the dildo and while she has the dildo in her mouth he turns on the butt vibrator and also turns on the wand vibrator. After some minutes Juliette has an explosive orgasm. 

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Bad Date

JulietteA 34:28 minutes Blow Job, Bondage, Outdoors
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Juliette lays on her bed and checks her messages. She is happy because she has contact with a guy and he wants a blind date. Not in a cinema or restaurant. He wants a blind date in the forest. Later she goes in a sexy dress and a picnic rug through the forest. The guy isn't there. So she waits for him and sits on the rug in the sun. After a while a man arrives. It is the guy from the internet. Juliette is surprised. He has no picnic basket only a bag. He wants to show her something and Juliette is prying what he has for her. Maybe a present? No, only some black high heels and a leather outfit. Juliette is irritated. The man says that she has a beautiful body. So Juliette takes off dress and bra and takes on the leather mini skirt and the leather corsage. The man touches her body and asks for a blowjob. That is too much for Juliette. She will call a friend and she will go home now. The man says that is was only a joke but Juliette will not stay longer. She bends over to her dress for searching the mobile and the man strikes her down. He touches her body and connects ropes to her wrists. He carries her over to some trees and slaps her face and ties her between two trees. He puts on her high heels and gags her with a ball gag. He asks again for a blowjob but Juliette won't give him a blowjob. So he takes a bough and strikes her body and ass. After a while Juliette agrees and he looses the ropes from the tree. He ties her wrists behind her back and Juliette gets also a ropes around her waist and pussy. He pushes her to the picnic rug. Time for the blowjob. He cums on her face. He laughs about Juliette. Unbelievable how much women agree to a blind date and he can do what he wants with them. He goes away and Juliette will never do again a blind date.

The Blackmail

JulietteA 42:10 minutes Bondage
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The Blackmail 2
The Blackmail 3

Juliette has a packet in her hands and calls a friend. Maybe he wants to see how she take on the new clothes. As the man is at her home she takes off her clothes and tries new leather outfits. She chooses a sexy leather miniskirt and a corsage and leather gloves and overknee boots. She takes out some ropes and the man has to tie her up. First he ties her elbows and wrists with ropes. Thereafter she gets a breast bondage. Juliette has to lie on the floor. He ties her knees and ankles. He gags her with different towels and at last she is gagged with a white cleavegag and he connects ankles and elbows with another rope. Now Juliette lies in a strict hogtie on the floor. She is angry that the man leaves her alone. She can't escape. What an idiot. After a while the door is opened again. Juliette begs that the man looses the ropes and he unties her and ungags her also.

But Juliette can't go now. She has to take on a leather dress and new white boots. She has to stand against the door. The man checks her body and he gives her a ball gag and she has to gag herself. He cuffs her wrists behind her back and he tells her, that she know has to change the boots. What? How shall Juliette changes the boots with cuffed hands behind her back? Idiot! Juliette tries her best and she really can change the boots with cuffed hands. He takes off the dress. He loves the miniskirt and corsage. Juliette has to wear this outfit.

Now the guy ties Juliette with ropes to the chair. She can't move. He takes off the ball gag and gags her again with a cleavegag. She has now the choice. Juliette has to sit tied on the chair and do what he wants from her or he unties her and Juliette will steal some information he needs.

Juliette decides to steal the information.


Dependent On Grace 0
Dependent On Grace 1
Dependent On Grace 2
Dependent On Grace 3

Juliettes boss offers her a ride to her home. At her house her boss comes in for some minutes. Her boss tells Juliette that he will gives her a better job. She's very happy, but the boss makes a condition. If Juliette agree? Take a look what happens...

Damsels In Distress XXL

JulietteA and Pling 42:41 minutes Bondage
Damsels In Distress XXL 0
Damsels In Distress XXL 1
Damsels In Distress XXL 2
Damsels In Distress XXL 3

Juliette and Pling have had a dispute and now Pling is tying Juliette. First tied on a chair Juliette is then led to the cellar and tied up again. But she can free herself and so it's her turn for a revenge on Pling. But as the man of the house is coming home the fun is over and both girls ending tied up standing and in a hogtie.

Damsels In Distress XXL

JulietteA and Pling 42:41 minutes Bondage
Damsels In Distress XXL 0
Damsels In Distress XXL 1
Damsels In Distress XXL 2
Damsels In Distress XXL 3

Juliette and Pling have had a dispute and now Pling is tying Juliette. First tied on a chair Juliette is then led to the cellar and tied up again. But she can free herself and so it's her turn for a revenge on Pling. But as the man of the house is coming home the fun is over and both girls ending tied up standing and in a hogtie.