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Slavegirl Juliette is tied in a cellar. She is smart. She can untie herself and searches after something who can helps her out of the cellar. But it is too late. The guy catches her again und pushes her out...

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Juliette is in a cold cellar. She wears a latex miniksirt and a latex top, a slavecollar and leather boots. She is tied with ropes. The man is away who tied her in the cellar. So maybe she can untie herself. She struggles a lot and really: The ropes looses and after Juliette is free again she searches after a camera. She remembers that the guy tooks photos from her. But it takes to long. The guy comes back and overpowers her again. She has to put on leathercuffs. They leave the cellar. The guy wants to punish Juliette because she wants to run away.

In the bedroom he ties her hands above her head with a long rope. He connects also a spreaderbar between her ankles. Now it’s time for little punishment. He knows that Juliette ist very ticklish. The best way for punishment is to tickle her. And after a while she agrees for blowjob and fucking. Only that he stops the tickling. He looses the rope so Juliette can kneel down and blows his dick. After the blowjob he wants to fuck her. She has to stand up and he fucks her from behind. Oh yeah. What a horny latx slut. He cums on her ass. Juliette is disgusted because the sperm is on her ass. They go back in the cellar. There he ties her in a better position with a chain. So Juliette can really not move.

Spreaded In Latex

JulietteA7:03 minutesBondage
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Overknees and an awesome latex outfit. Before she realizes it, she is already tied up. With her hands bound up to the ceiling she stands defenseless in the room.

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At first, Juliette does not find it comfortable to have a crotchrope put on. But over time, she'll probably get used to it.

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