Miley Caught At Home  0
Miley Caught At Home  1
Miley Caught At Home  2
Miley Caught At Home  3

Miley comes home after a long day in a office. She wears sexy high heels, jeans and a shirt. She doesn't know that a guy is waiting in her bathroom. He overpowers Miley and she gets a cleavegag. So she can't scream for help. The man ties hands and feets from Miley to a hogtie. He leaves Miley for a while. He searches for money, but he can't find it. So he takes some pictures of her. Miley is angry and struggles a lot, but the ropes are tied to strong. The guy solves the hogtie and pulls away jeans and slip. Now he fucks Miley from behind. Her hands ar still tied back. She can't move. To exploit the situation any longer, change the man the position to touch even Mileys boobs. He fucks her from behind and he has much fun. Miley moans in her cleave gag. Finally the guy loads his cum on Mileys ass. He makes more pictures from Miley and there after leave he the house. Miley is now alone and tries to come free.


Lost And Trapped In The Woods  0
Lost And Trapped In The Woods  1
Lost And Trapped In The Woods  2
Lost And Trapped In The Woods  3

Lost in the woods Juliette doesn't know where to go. She searches for the right way and doesn't notice the man who is following her. A big mistake. Always take a look over your shoulder!

First Date Bondage Fucking 0
First Date Bondage Fucking 1
First Date Bondage Fucking 2
First Date Bondage Fucking 3

Juliette has a date with a guy. She knows him from an internet chatroom. They have been together in the disco and Juliette clearly get a cocktail too much. She just wants to relax at home on the sofa. That is the chance for the guy.

Sexslave Of The Bottle  0
Sexslave Of The Bottle  1
Sexslave Of The Bottle  2
Sexslave Of The Bottle  3

A guy finds a bottle in his cellar with a genie in it. Now she is in the hands of the man and has to fulfill his wishes. First the guy commands her to stimulate her pussy with a dildo. After that she has to lay on her back and she has to suck his dick. Then it's time for a little anal fucking. Finnaly he cums on her face.



Nylon Intruder

JulietteA 28:22 minutes Bondage
Nylon Intruder 0
Nylon Intruder 1
Nylon Intruder 2
Nylon Intruder 3

Juliette is in her kitchen doing the dishes with some gloves on. A guy overpowers her and forces her to the bedroom where he ties her to the bed and fucks her.

A "must have" for a all nylon lovers, completly filmed in Point-Of-View.


JulietteA 32:52 minutes Domination, Blow Job
Spyprogram  0
Spyprogram  1
Spyprogram  2
Spyprogram  3

Juliette works at home on her laptop. A computer freak has hacked in her computer and watches her about a spy program. He takes control about Juliette and after he arrived at her home he will use her in every possible way as his fucktoy.