Captured Spy Hard Punished 0
Captured Spy Hard Punished 1
Captured Spy Hard Punished 2
Captured Spy Hard Punished 3

You will see hard punishment for the captured and naked spy. Juliette is tied in different postions and she screams and moans a lot. He does a very heavy interrogation and she can't she can hardly take it anymore.

Punished At The Cross 0
Punished At The Cross 1
Punished At The Cross 2
Punished At The Cross 3

He uses extreme means to get information out of her. He ties her to a wooden cross and starts his interrogation.

Hot Wax On Her Tits 0
Hot Wax On Her Tits 1
Hot Wax On Her Tits 2
Hot Wax On Her Tits 3

There is hardly a worse "treatment" for a woman than to let flowing hot candle wax on her tits. Juliette is also exposed to this pain.

In The Hands Of The Regime 0
In The Hands Of The Regime 1
In The Hands Of The Regime 2
In The Hands Of The Regime 3

She awake... lying naked on the floor. Somebody helped her get away and now it's time to take revenge. Juliette wants to find her tormentors and runs deep into the woods. But she is being watched the whole time and runs right into the trap.

No Need To Be Thirsty 0
No Need To Be Thirsty 1
No Need To Be Thirsty 2
No Need To Be Thirsty 3

Slave Juliette is thirsty. Her master comes up with something to quench her thirst. It's a slightly different path, but very imaginative. Watch it.

Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 0
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 1
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 2
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 3

Naked and tied to a chair, the agent is subjected to an interrogation. If she can withstand?

Agent In Peril

JulietteA35:46 minutesBondage, BDSM
Agent In Peril 0
Agent In Peril 1
Agent In Peril 2
Agent In Peril 3

Agent Juliette is in the house of Dr. X. She is in the cellar and call her agentoffice. She doesn't know that Dr. X watches her the whole time via hidden cameras. As she comes in a bedroom he pushes a button and Juliette lays on the floor. Dr. X comes in the room and is really happy that he overpowered such a cute agent. He drags her out on her feets. The next we see is another room with a table. On the table lays Agent Juliette completely naked. Dr. X comes in. He takes ropes and ties her ankles and connects the feets to the table. Thereafter he goes to the hands and ties the hands with another ropes and stretches Agent Juliette on the table. He slaps her face and she realizes her situation. Unbelievable for her that Juliette was overpowered by Dr. X. But she doesn't say a word as he asks her what she knows. Soon it is time for suspension.


In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 0
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 1
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 2
In The Hands Of The Regime - COMPILATION 3

Blockbuster! Runtime over 2 hours. Lot's of interrogation in different ways and see punishment of a naken slavegirl. Terrific!

Interrogated On A Chair 0
Interrogated On A Chair 1
Interrogated On A Chair 2
Interrogated On A Chair 3

What an interrogation! The guy has taped Juliettes wrists and ankles and he punishes her in different ways.

Table Session

JulietteA7:55 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Table Session 0
Table Session 1
Table Session 2
Table Session 3

A table is lying upside down on the floor. The agent is bound to it. She should finally break her silence.

Treating Her Nipples With Matches 0
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 1
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 2
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 3
While the agent is tied up stretched out, the guy takes matches and works on her nipples to get her to speak.
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 0
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 1
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 2
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 3

BLOCKBUSTER with over 2 hours runtime. You get all parts from the movie: "Special Agent In Peril" incl. full length workout scenes!

See the special agent in hopeless situations indoor and outdoor. The bad guy has always new ideas for a hard interrogation. Juliette screams and insults her tormentor but he has no mercy.

Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 0
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 1
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 2
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 3

Juliette kneels in a room. Her wrist and upperarms are tied on a pole. The guy comes in and pushes her to ladder. He ties her ankles with ropes to the ladder and also her upperarms. He touches her breasts and has another idea. He takes off the tape and pole and stretches her arms and ties her hands above her head. The best way to whip her nice tits with a cane. He strokes her and she screams loudly. Later she lays on a x-frame in the cellar of the house. Her ankles and wrists are tied with black ropes to the frame Juliette is naked and has no idea what the plan of the evil man is. Soon she knows... The next she realizes is that she is tied in a very uncomfortable way on a stool. Her wrists and ankles are tied with ropes to the stool and she lays on her back and her head hangs down. She tries to come free. But no chance. The man comes in. He only wants to say ”Bye Bye” to her. She will be a slave in mine.


Angel Of Revenge - Compilation 0
Angel Of Revenge - Compilation 1
Angel Of Revenge - Compilation 2
Angel Of Revenge - Compilation 3

BLOCKBUSTER with over 2 hours runtime. Juliette prepares herself with a hard workout to do a good and successful job. It seems that she can overpower the bad guy outdoors but soon she is in distress. He catches her and a hard interrogation is waiting for her.

Severe Interrogation

JulietteA45:47 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Severe Interrogation 0
Severe Interrogation 1
Severe Interrogation 2
Severe Interrogation 3

Hard challenge today for slavegirl Juliette. She hears some noise of another woman but has no idea who she is. And why is Juliette interrogated so roughly today? Juliette is cuffed and penetrated in a new punishment room and has real tears in her eyes...

Female Investigator Torment 0
Female Investigator Torment 1
Female Investigator Torment 2
Female Investigator Torment 3

Juliette is a female investigator in the hands of an evil man. He punishes her outdoor gut she is a strong girl. He ties her on a x-frame in a cold dungeon. Maybe now she is ready to talk. But no way. She will not talk.

Female Investigator Interrogated 0
Female Investigator Interrogated 1
Female Investigator Interrogated 2
Female Investigator Interrogated 3

The investigator was captured and is now at tied up with handcuffs at the dungeon. She isn't willing to talk, so the torturer has to do his job. He's whipping her first, but the girl can resist. Then she gets some very tight nipple clamps, but even that isn't enough to let her talk. So she gets even some clothpins to her labia. The pain is incredible, and it is only a matter of time when she will break down. So she has to stand there, her hands cuffed above her head.

Special Agent In Peril Volume 2 0
Special Agent In Peril Volume 2 1
Special Agent In Peril Volume 2 2
Special Agent In Peril Volume 2 3

The interrogation of the special agent continues. She is tapetied on a table. He tickles and punishes her in different ways. But Juliette is strong. So the guy takes her with the car to another punishment room. She is tied on the car bonnet and he drives away. In the punishment room the special agent lays with her back on a chair. Very uncomfortable and the guy plays with her nipples and punishes her again.

Spy In Distress

JulietteA41:53 minutesBondage
Spy In Distress 0
Spy In Distress 1
Spy In Distress 2
Spy In Distress 3

What could happen to a spy who feels safe can we see immediately. It begins with a sexy phone call as someone knocks at the door. Juliette opens the door. A masked man rushes in. It’s a undercover policeman who observed Juliette and now it’s time for her arrest. She has to stand at the wall with hand up. She gets leathercuffs and her arms are cuffed behind her back. Juliette moans and says, that he is wrong at her house and that she has not done anything. Because she talks to much she not only get a slavecollar, she also get a harnessgag. Her feets are also cuffed and both leave the room. Not so easy to go, because the anklecuffs interfere with walking. Especially stairs climbing is very difficult. They go to a car and the policeman drives with Juliette to the next interrogation. In the next room Juliette gets also nippleclamps. Nippleclamps let women always talk. But Juliette is obstinate. The guy brings Juliette in another room. There she has to sit on a chair. Juliette wears only the slavecollar and a leather corsage. She has still the nippleclamps on her nipples and her hands are cuffed behind. The man takes a analplug and puts it in her asshole. He fixes the analplug with a collar. Juliette is not amused and she moans. That’s why she gets again the harnessgag. Now she has as punishment to stand on the chair. Her feets are cuffed together and she gets also leatherstrips around her legs. What a hard punishment. It’s so hard to hold the balance if you are tied so strictly.

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