The Arrival

JulietteA9:05 minutesBondage, Slave, BDSM
The Arrival 0
The Arrival 1
The Arrival 2
The Arrival 3

The new slavegirl arrives at the dungeon. Her transport stock is getting replaced by her new shackles. Probably she knows tha she never will be untied again for the rest of her life.

Selfbondage With Handcuffs 0
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 1
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 2
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 3

Juliette is totally boring and experiments with handcuffs and also anklecuffs.

Captured For The Trunk 0
Captured For The Trunk 1
Captured For The Trunk 2
Captured For The Trunk 3

If a car stops and a man asks a cute looking blonde girl if she wants a ride to the town she should better denie fast. But Juliette thinks a bit to much about it, so the guy handcuffs her and pushes her into the trunk. Not the kind of ride Juliette expected.

Hogtied Cheerleader 0
Hogtied Cheerleader 1
Hogtied Cheerleader 2
Hogtied Cheerleader 3

After using her, he leaves the cheerleader in a hogtie. Her mouth is taped with black duct tape. Can she escape?

Hogtied Car Ride

JulietteA4:25 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Car Ride 0
Hogtied Car Ride 1
Hogtied Car Ride 2
Hogtied Car Ride 3

Very uncomfortable driving: handcuffs and anklecuffs are connected to a hogtie and so Juliette lies on the back seat of the car and is driven through the area.

The Slave Wife

JulietteA5:03 minutesBondage
The Slave Wife  0
The Slave Wife  1
The Slave Wife  2
The Slave Wife  3

Which man doesn't want that? His wife, handcuffed and shackled in a hogtie, and then he brings her to the bedroom on a collar ...

Handcuffed In Bikini

JulietteA7:08 minutesBondage
Handcuffed In Bikini 0
Handcuffed In Bikini 1
Handcuffed In Bikini 2
Handcuffed In Bikini 3

How about a little bondage game? Handcuffs and a silk scarf around her eyes. Juliette presents herself in a bikini.

The Harness Ring Gag

JulietteA7:09 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Harness Ring Gag 0
The Harness Ring Gag 1
The Harness Ring Gag 2
The Harness Ring Gag 3

The masked guy exchanges the gag. Instead of a penis gag, the slavegirl gets a harness gag.

Wonderwomans Enslavement 0
Wonderwomans Enslavement 1
Wonderwomans Enslavement 2
Wonderwomans Enslavement 3

Wonderwoman is again in the hands of a sick fan. Fantastic superheroine movie.

Handcuffed & With Naked Ass 0
Handcuffed & With Naked Ass 1
Handcuffed & With Naked Ass 2
Handcuffed & With Naked Ass 3

Her jeans and panties are pulled down and she is handcuffed in the basement. Her mouth is taped so that she can not call anyone.

A Dangerous Running Track 0
A Dangerous Running Track 1
A Dangerous Running Track 2
A Dangerous Running Track 3

If you are running at the forest be sure it's safe there. Here you'll see what can happen if a bad guy is on the hunt.

Body Inspection

JulietteA30:11 minutesBondage
Body Inspection 0
Body Inspection 1
Body Inspection 2
Body Inspection 3

Juliette is a cop who gets a warrant by another cop in her home. She takes on her sneakers and socks and he cuffs her hands behind her back and they leave the house. Both arrive in the station. Juliette has to sit down and wait. The cop has to do some paperwork first. Juliette waits some minutes. As the cop come back she has to stand on the wall. He want to do some pictures. From the front, right and left side. Later he takes off the handcuffs. Now she has to take off her clothes, first the shoes and socks, than shorts, shirt, bra and panties. He checks her ears, hair, mouth and the whole body.

Juliette is naked and it's cold. She wants a jumpsuit. But she has to wait for this. She also gets anklecuffs and they go to the arrest cell. He leaves her in the cellar. She is still naked and her hands are cuffed behind her back and on her ankles are also anklecuffs. She has to stay in the cell. Juliette is not amused and tries to relax.

Taking The Princess To The Dungeon 0
Taking The Princess To The Dungeon 1
Taking The Princess To The Dungeon 2
Taking The Princess To The Dungeon 3

He takes the princess in the dungeon. She is chained up. At least there is some straw on the ground.

An Uncomfortable Ride 0
An Uncomfortable Ride 1
An Uncomfortable Ride 2
An Uncomfortable Ride 3

She gets into a car. She does not know the guy. Later she realizes that it was a mistake. But there she is already tied up and gagged in the trunk.

Princess Captured By Robber 0
Princess Captured By Robber 1
Princess Captured By Robber 2
Princess Captured By Robber 3

Cute princess is the victim of a robber and with heavy shackles she must follow him through the forest. Only a short stop is made. She is allowed to calm down while she is cuffed at a tree.

Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 0
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 1
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 2
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 3

There is probably no nicer jewelry for a blonde than shiny steel shackles. And in sexy suspenders she is even more beautiful.

Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 0
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 1
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 2
Princess Spanked At The Dungeon 3

The Middle Ages was a hard time. Especially for pretty princesses, who were captured by evil robbers.

Cyclist Blowjob

JulietteA16:44 minutesBlow Job, Bondage
Cyclist Blowjob 0
Cyclist Blowjob 1
Cyclist Blowjob 2
Cyclist Blowjob 3

As Juliette rides with her cycle she comes to a man who needs help. But it was just a trick to capture Juliette. Deep in the woods she has to suck the mans dick with her hands cuffed behind her back. Finally she gets cuffed to a tree with naked tits and can only wait for someone who will rescue her.

Captured By A Colleague 0
Captured By A Colleague 1
Captured By A Colleague 2
Captured By A Colleague 3

Juliette is at home after a hard working day in the office. Suddenly it knocks at the door. It's a colleague from the office. She begs him to come in and take a seat. They talk a little bit and after a while Juliette feels uncomfortable because the guy looks so horny. And really: He overpowers her and ties her wrists on her back and also her ankles while he pulls her on the floor. He takes out his dick. First he wants a handjob. After a while she has to do a footjob. Not easy with tied ankles and wrists.

Next he wants a blowjob. She blows his dick and suddenly he cums in her mouth.

Juliette wants to take a shower now. He unties her and she has to take off all her clothes. He takes anklecuffs and handcuffs and cuffs her in a hogtie on the floor. He leaves her to get something from his car. As he comes back he has a silver slavecollar and puts it around her neck. Now Juliette is ready to take a shower.

Riders In Peril - Compilation 0
Riders In Peril - Compilation 1
Riders In Peril - Compilation 2
Riders In Peril - Compilation 3

Get now 3 clips in 1 video:

- Captured Rider : Juliette is on the way to the riding stables. She has some time to make an excursion with her favorite horse. A guy watches her. He knows that she always takes a shortcut through the forest. The best place to catch her. Nobody can see him. So he takes his chance...

Cheating Horsewoman - Ponygirl Fucking Juliette is on the way to her horse. She wears of course a riding outfit with riding boots. But on the way she is getting captured by a guy. She has to put on some leathercuffs by herself. Then it's time for the show. First she has to do a blowjob and then she gets fucked in a doggystyle. Left in the woods cuffed to a tree she struggles to get free.

- Caught To Be A Ponygirl : Juliette is on the way to her horse. She walks along a lonely way to the paddock. Suddenly a car stops in front of her. The guys handgags her and commands her to his car. There she gets handcuffs behind her back and anklecuffs. The guy connects the cuffs to an hogtie. Juliette struggles against her cuffs on the back seat while the guy is driving to his home. There he creates is own ponygirl...

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