Punished Blonde Student XXL  0
Punished Blonde Student XXL  1
Punished Blonde Student XXL  2
Punished Blonde Student XXL  3

Juliette is a psychology student. She wants a video of a bdsm session because she wants to see her reactions to the pain. The session starts in the punishment room. How she will react to the pain and punishment during the session you will see via webcam. The master will be very roughly to her!

Helpless Vibrations

JulietteA8:00 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Helpless Vibrations 0
Helpless Vibrations 1
Helpless Vibrations 2
Helpless Vibrations 3

Slavegirl Juliette is tied up on the floor. In her pussy works a vibrator and her master changes the nipple clamps and she does not stop moaning.

Trained And Punished

61:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Trained And Punished 0
Trained And Punished 1
Trained And Punished 2
Trained And Punished 3

Excess Length: Juliette is a very submissive slavegirl and enjoys the time with her master. He prepares her in a room for the session. She has to go downstair in the punishment room. He secures the slavegirl with leather straps and shackles on a slavechair. Now we will see if the slavegirl is really submissive!

Running Into Distress 0
Running Into Distress 1
Running Into Distress 2
Running Into Distress 3

Juliette does her workout like every morning. But today a man watches her from his car. She runs along the road and the car passes her but Juliette doesn't see the man. After a while the man takes his chance. He stops the car in front of Juliette and she is very surprised and she is not fast enough. The man pushes her in the trunk and cuffs her wrists and ankles and drives away. In his house he nightmare starts for Juliette!

The Slave Storage

JulietteA6:41 minutesBondage, BDSM
The Slave Storage 0
The Slave Storage 1
The Slave Storage 2
The Slave Storage 3

He holds his slavegirl in a cage. Not much space in the cage. That's why she is allowed to come out for a while!

Satin Sisters In Distress 0
Satin Sisters In Distress 1
Satin Sisters In Distress 2
Satin Sisters In Distress 3

Two sisters are on the phone. Janette asks Juliette for money for a trip on a yacht. During the call Janette is overwhelmed and tied up. Obviously, someone wants to extort money. The man gets access to Juliette's apartment. After some time Juliette realizes who he is and she is also tied with ropes. Juliette sits in a chair tied up in front of the TV and has to watch what is done to her sister Janette. Terrible.

A Riding Crop For Her Ass 0
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 1
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 2
A Riding Crop For Her Ass 3

The slave girl has to lean forward and can observe herself in a mirror while her master hits her bottom red with a riding crop.

The Fucking Machine

JulietteA44:06 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Fucking Machine 0
The Fucking Machine 1
The Fucking Machine 2
The Fucking Machine 3

Slavegirl Juliette is waiting for her master. She wears white stockings and her arms are tied tightly in an armbinder. The master comes in and prepares her for the punishment session. He places a wooden neckstock around her neck and attaches nipple crushers on her nipples. Time for the punishment room. A new item is waiting there: A Fucking Machine. He stuffs her mouth with her own slip and places a latex mask and a hood on her head. He also gags her with a panelgag. He pushes a vibrating butt plug in her ass. Juliette moans a lot. It hurts and he binds her arms to the ceiling. Now it is time for the fucking machine. Oh my god!

No Need To Be Thirsty 0
No Need To Be Thirsty 1
No Need To Be Thirsty 2
No Need To Be Thirsty 3

Slave Juliette is thirsty. Her master comes up with something to quench her thirst. It's a slightly different path, but very imaginative. Watch it.

Put On The Milking Machine 0
Put On The Milking Machine 1
Put On The Milking Machine 2
Put On The Milking Machine 3

Today the breasts are ready for milking. To make it easier, the slavegirl is strapped to a chair.

Hogtied Sweetie

JulietteA7:25 minutesBondage, Hogtie
Hogtied Sweetie 0
Hogtied Sweetie 1
Hogtied Sweetie 2
Hogtied Sweetie 3

The sweetie is laying hogtied and gagged at the bed. Her arms are tied with a pink Monoglove and wears nothing more than a pantie and gymnastic slippers.

Gag Her With Her Own Panties 0
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 1
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 2
Gag Her With Her Own Panties 3

He cuts her panties so that he can stuff them in her mouth and gag them with them.

Outdoor Pony Training 0
Outdoor Pony Training 1
Outdoor Pony Training 2
Outdoor Pony Training 3

He prepares his pony girl so that she can walk on a leash outside.

The Slave In The Mask 0
The Slave In The Mask 1
The Slave In The Mask 2
The Slave In The Mask 3

How humiliating it must be for the slave, bound and trapped in a leather corset, with a mask on her head defenseless in the dungeon. But how beautiful it is for us viewers at the same time.

Tits Treatment On Barstool 0
Tits Treatment On Barstool 1
Tits Treatment On Barstool 2
Tits Treatment On Barstool 3

He got clothes pins. She hangs over the bar stool with bound elbows and wrists. Her tits are free for clothes pins.

Silenced Blonde Slave

JulietteA8:40 minutesBDSM
Silenced Blonde Slave 0
Silenced Blonde Slave 1
Silenced Blonde Slave 2
Silenced Blonde Slave 3

Hot. She looks awesome. Blonde slave is ready in the slave cellar and can be gagged. In the end she stands there with a hood, panel gag and blindfold and waits for what her master can think of.

Shut Her Up For TV 0
Shut Her Up For TV 1
Shut Her Up For TV 2
Shut Her Up For TV 3

Oh my goodness. Can't she finally shut up? I want to watch football. It only helps to gag her.

4 Bondage Positions

JulietteA35:56 minutesBondage
4 Bondage Positions 0
4 Bondage Positions 1
4 Bondage Positions 2
4 Bondage Positions 3

Juliette gets very angry. She is tied to a chair with a lot of ropes and also tied up in a hogtie on the floor. She tries to come free. But instead of loosening the ropes, they just pull closer.

Time To Milking The Slave 0
Time To Milking The Slave 1
Time To Milking The Slave 2
Time To Milking The Slave 3

The slavegirl is strapped to a slave chair and she cannot do anything about her breasts being milked.

Chained Victim - XXL 0
Chained Victim - XXL 1
Chained Victim - XXL 2
Chained Victim - XXL 3

Juliette is in her bed as a guy overpowers her. He cuffs her and takes her to his car and drives away. In his house she has first to takes of her clothes and takes a shower. Now she is ready for fucking from behind. He ties her hands above her head and fucks her in doggystyle. The guy loves chains that's why she gets a lot of chains. She has to go in a cage. There she waits blindfolded and gagged for some blowjobs on different days. What a sick man. After a few days in the cage, Juliette has to go in a cellar. There she has to give the man a handjob and as he is satisfied they leave the house for a walk in the sunshine. That's not all, what Juliette has to do outdoor. Not only walking, no, she has to give him also a footjob. What a sick man!

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