Cuffed To The Table 0
Cuffed To The Table 1
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Cuffed To The Table 3

Juliette is carried into the room by a man. He cuffs her to a table and ties her legs to it spreaded wide open. The perfect position to fuck this little slut.

Cuffed To The Table 0
Cuffed To The Table 1
Cuffed To The Table 2
Cuffed To The Table 3

Juliette is carried into the room by a man. He cuffs her to a table and ties her legs to it spreaded wide open. The perfect position to fuck this little slut.

2 Girls For 1 Man - The Blowjob 0
2 Girls For 1 Man - The Blowjob 1
2 Girls For 1 Man - The Blowjob 2
2 Girls For 1 Man - The Blowjob 3

Now it's time for Juliettes revenge. She can free herself from her ties and waits behind the door until Sarah comes back. Juliette overpowers Sarah and ties her in a strict hogtie. Sarah struggles and begs Juliette to let her go. But Juliette has no mercy. She gags the hogtied Sarah and leaves the room for changing her clothes, while Sarah is tied up and helpless. As Juliette comes back to Sarah Juliette wants to leave the house to have some fun with Sarahs husband. Unfortunately the husband comes home right at this moment. He sees what happened and commands Juliette to untie Sarah. He dislikes the clothes of the girls and so they must strip them down and change the clothes again.

He chooses Juliette to follow him downstairs in the cellar. He ties her and now he wants a blowjob from her. Juliette kneels down and blows his dick. After the blowjob he gags her with a ballgag.

Both girls are now in the cold cellar. There he ties both girls to a post.

Anal And Pain Training

JulietteA 56:31 minutes Bondage, BDSM
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Anal And Pain Training 3

Juliette comes in the room with a man wearing a ski mask and holding a pole attached to Juliettes collar. The man makes her walk around the room and “shows” her to the camera. He attaches the end of the pole to rope hanging from the ceiling. Juliette has to bend over. He then brings over a butt plug and slowly pulls it into her body. Next the man makes Juliette sit on the chair. She moans and writhes in discomfort because of the plug. The man secures her ankles to the back legs of the chair and then secures a leather strap over her hips. The man now pulls Juliette’s head back and holds two white handkerchiefs over her mouth and stuffs the two pieces of cloth into it. Next he brings over a panel gag and begins to strap it over her head. Finally, he brings over a heavy leather collar and secures it tightly around Juliette’s neck. The man brings over a pair of nipple suckers. She starts to scream as her nipple are stretched.  The man leaves the scene then returns with a bamboo cane. He stands beside her and begins to stroke Juliette’s breasts with it. Suddenly the man strikes her breast. Juliette convulses and screams loudly. The man stops and allows Juliette to calm down. She is breathing very heavily and moaning. Next the man goes to the table and returns with two electro stim pads. He places it directly under the nipple sucker and presses it to her breast. Finally he plugs the ends of the wire into a control box. He presses the button and Juliette convulses as the current enters her breasts. She screams and arches her back tremendously, thrashing her head from side-to-side. He repeats it several times. The man now brings over a Hitachi and places it very snugly against her crotch. Juliette moans as he tapes it to the chair. Juliette looks at the audience as he turns on the vibrator. He then stands behind her and grasps her wrists holding them down securely. Juliette moans loudly then suddenly shudders as the current hits her breasts. The man releases the current and Juliette begins to calm although she is breathing extremely heavily.

Summerholiday Peril 0
Summerholiday Peril 1
Summerholiday Peril 2
Summerholiday Peril 3

Kristin and Mike driving with a car to a summer house. Kristin is very excited and she is happy that she is together with Mike. She loves him and she jumps for joy as they arrived. Such a beautiful house and nobody in the near. Total lonely. Mike hits the key for the house and Kristin enters. Kristin looks around curiously. Such a nice room. Fantastic. As Mike also enters the room Kristin allows him a bondage game. At first he tier her hands to the bed. After this he takes more ropes and ties her feets also to the bed. Now Kristin lays in a spread eagle on the bed and her pussy is wet and she wants that he licks her pussy. After a while he does it. And she has a wonderful orgasm. But he also takes pictures from her. Why he does it? Kristin is a little bit confused.

Later they are laying on the sofa. Kristin stands up to cook something in the kitchen. She hits a beer in the fridge and she brings it to Mike. Kristin listen to a telephonecall between Mike and a guy. What she hears she can’t believe. The summer house is a trap for Kristin. Her parents get the pictures. Both guys wants to blackmail her parents. Kristin slinks out of the house but Mike noticed that and he follows her and overpowers her at the car and she has to bend over and he cuffs her hands behind her back. He brings her back to the bed. There he ties her up with ropes to a strict hogtie.

He waits now for the money and to pass the time she has to blow his dick. Oh yeah. God girl. After the blowjob he gets a call. The money arrived. Yes. Now he leaves her. But before he leaves she gets a ballgag. Now her parents can free her.

Cheerleader Captured For Fucking 0
Cheerleader Captured For Fucking 1
Cheerleader Captured For Fucking 2
Cheerleader Captured For Fucking 3

Juliette is to late for the cheerleader training. She searches after her boots. Behind the sofa lays her sexy white boots. Juliette sits on the floor and takes on the boots. She hears a noise. Someone is in the house! Who? Juliette is very quiet. It's an intruder and she will leave the house. But it's too late. The guy catches her and she knows him. He always wants a date with her and she always said "No" to him. Now he is here. He cuffs her hands behind her back and touches her breasts. He also cuffs her ankles and he takes out his dick and Juliette has to blow his dick. After little mouth fucking he gags her mouth with duct tape. Juliette has to bend over and he fucks her in doggystyle. After he cums in her pussy he cuffs her in a hogtie and leaves her alone. Poor cheerleader!


Miley Caught At Home  0
Miley Caught At Home  1
Miley Caught At Home  2
Miley Caught At Home  3

Miley comes home after a long day in a office. She wears sexy high heels, jeans and a shirt. She doesn't know that a guy is waiting in her bathroom. He overpowers Miley and she gets a cleavegag. So she can't scream for help. The man ties hands and feets from Miley to a hogtie. He leaves Miley for a while. He searches for money, but he can't find it. So he takes some pictures of her. Miley is angry and struggles a lot, but the ropes are tied to strong. The guy solves the hogtie and pulls away jeans and slip. Now he fucks Miley from behind. Her hands ar still tied back. She can't move. To exploit the situation any longer, change the man the position to touch even Mileys boobs. He fucks her from behind and he has much fun. Miley moans in her cleave gag. Finally the guy loads his cum on Mileys ass. He makes more pictures from Miley and there after leave he the house. Miley is now alone and tries to come free.


Blowjob Queen

JulietteA 58:42 minutes Blow Job, Bondage
Blowjob Queen 0
Blowjob Queen 1
Blowjob Queen 2
Blowjob Queen 3

The door bell ring, a man go to open and there is Juliette, dressed with a very sexy evening dress and very heavy make up on her eyes and lots of deep red lipstick on her lips. She tells the man that she is there for the lesson. Both sits on a sofa. She tells him that her man complaint about her blowjobs and she wants now a lesson from him to do better blowjobs. He tells her that he must understand where the problems are, and to do that she must do some trial, some of them will be pleasant and fun and other not. A little scared she agrees.

He gives her a banana and she has to simulate a good blowjob on it and she starts to lick and kiss it. After the banana is out of her mouth the man tells her to retouch the lipstick. Now it’s time for some practical exercises, with his cock. First he tells her that a good blowjob must be done without hands, only with the mouth, so he gets a pair of handcuff and put them on her hands behind her back, with some difficulties, because she doesn’t want to be handcuffed! Then he tells her to go down on her knees, explaining that is the best position for blowjob, then asks her to show him what she is able to do with his cock. She start to lick his cock. After a while he becomes very active. He takes her head in his hands and driving it on his cock. After the blowjob it’s time for new lipstick and later he uncuffs her and takes a ring gag and a inflatable gag. He quickly put the big ring gag deep inside her mouth and locks it very tight behind her head. The man puts also the inflatable gag into her mouth. Juliette is scared about that, and tries to tell him that. But he has no mercy. After Juliette lays on the sofa he ungags her and pushes his dick in her mouth. Again and again. Fantastic blowjob. After a while he gags her again with the ring gag and puts more lipstick on her lips and fucks her mouth through the gag. He exits from her mouth, put the inflatable gag inside her mouth and inflates it at the maximum and leaves her alone.

He gives her some little slapping on her face to wake her up. He deflate the inflatable gag and get it out from her mouth, then unlocks the ring gag. He suddenly starts to face fuck her very strongly, until he comes on her face and lips.

In the big final, he first asks her to make a very evident make-up of her lips, using the black lipstick, then he wants to teach her the ten things to do during a blowjob. He tells her that all men likes every one of these things, so he will say and explain them one by one, and Juliette will do each one, best she is able.

Juliettes kneels on the floor. She looks very sexy in her black dress, tha hair and the lipstick on her lips. She refreshes the make up. And the guy teaches her how she can do the best blowjob ever. So after the blowjob lesson she is a Blowjob Queen!

Water Punishment  0
Water Punishment  1
Water Punishment  2
Water Punishment  3

Juliettes is leading by a man in the basement by a man. She is dressed in a striped pajama and in nylons. Steel shackles are secured to her ankles and wrists. Her wrists are in front of her body. She is also wearing a heavy steel slave collar. Chains are attached between her wrists and ankles and then from the collar to the chains between her wrists and ankles. A penis gag has been stuffed into her mouth and strapped tightly behind her head. The lights are switched on and the man leads Juliette to a larger table.

Juliette has to stand by the table and he explains that he knows that she has copied files on a disc. And that Mr. Zamboni is also in the basement to watch her interrogation because he want the disc back.

Juliette knows Zamboni is feared for his utter ruthlessness. She looks extremely fearful.

The man removes the chain from her ankle shackles. He then removes the chain from her collar but leaves it on. Next he removes the shackles from her wrists completely.

He slowly unbuttons her shirt and slides it over and down her shoulders. He pulls the shirt off her wrists and holding them, takes the piece of black rope and binds her wrists behind her back.

She is now totally nude and has steel shackles on her ankles, a steel collar around her neck, the penis gag in her mouth and her wrists bound behind her back. The man slowly turns her around so the camera can roam over her body. She looks at it when it looks at her face.

He unbuckles the penis gag and put the ring gag in her mouth. Then he takes her arm and commands her to sit on the larger table, then he makes her lie back until her head and neck are in the cradle on the frame. He takes a bungee cord and hooks one end to the harness, then stretches it to the side of the frame. He does likewise to the other side.

Now the man goes to the other end of the table and picking up Juliette’s feets.

Next the man puts a tall tripod next to Juliette’s head. He places it close enough so she can see it if she looks out of the corner of her eye. It has a funnel attached to it and a long rubber tube hanging from it. Last chance for her to say where the disc is, but Juliette say nothing.

Juliette squirms and writhes as the man pours the water into the funnel. He does it again and again. She moves her legs from time to time. Juliette screams and gurgles, thrashing around in her bindings. 

The man stops pouring the water and goes over to the table where he picks up the clothespins and black tape. He goes over to Juliette and waits while she calms down a little. The man begins to play with her nipple, making it hard and sensitive. After a while he grasps her breast to present her nipple and slides the jaws of the pin over her nipple. He repeats it with the other nipple. He takes a piece of the black tape and places it diagonally over the pin across the spring mechanism.

He now picks up a water jug and pours more into the funnel. Juliette writhes and twists and arches her back.

Finally the man goes to her feet and slowly begins to lift them. As her legs rise and her feet get above the level of her body, the water in her belly pushes against all. Soon Juliette will say all she knows. She tells that her sister has the disc and that her sister will give the disc to a man next day and she begs both men not to punish her sister because she is innocent.

The man leaves her alone in the basement.


The Interrogation  0
The Interrogation  1
The Interrogation  2
The Interrogation  3

Juliette sits in a cage in a cold cellar. She is naked, only a cloth covers her pussy. She is there because she knows a secret. A masked man comes in. He has the plan that Juliette talks about it. He opens the cage. Juliette is blindfolded and gagged and her arms are secured with a leather monoglove. She also gets a leather mask. Before Juliette has to sit on the table, the guy pushes a plugg in her ass. Now it’s time to sit on the table. She sits on her knees. Heavy. Very uncomfortable. But that is the plan. No mercy with Juliette. Her thighs are secured with leather belts to the table. Her head is also fixed to the table. A ring gag opens the mouth. The guy puts electrical pads on her breast and connects these with an electrical dildo in her pussy. Juliette moans a lot, but the man only stops if she talks about the secret. He pushes a dildo through the ring gag and later he also puts some water in her mouth. All should help him, that Juliette talks. But she is very hard. She will not talk and so the torture continues.