Ladder And Barrel Punishment  0
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  1
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  2
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  3

Juliette is tied with leathercuffs on a ladder. The other coaches are watching her through the camera. Juliette insults the coaches. The man attaches clothespins on her labia and takes a sharp fork and touches her skin and other sensitive places. He strikes her with a rod. Juliette curses and screams a lot. Finally Juliette is tied on the ladder with her head down. He takes a wandvibrator and fucks her pussy while the clothespins are still attached on her labia. It hurts like hell. The nightmare ends on a barrel. He pours water over her head. Juliette is tied and can't escape. He attaches the wandvibrator on her thigh. The vibrator holds now in place in her pussy. Of course he strikes her again.

Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

Breathless Slave 0
Breathless Slave 1
Breathless Slave 2
Breathless Slave 3

At the mercy of her master, Juliette can no longer do anything. If he wants to take her air to breathe, it's his decision. How long will he let her suffer?

The Coaches Victim 0
The Coaches Victim 1
The Coaches Victim 2
The Coaches Victim 3

Juliette is a former professional athlete. She talked about the training methods of her coaches. Now she does different modeljobs to earn some money. Today she is posing in front of the camera also naked. After a long shootingday the photographer promises her a massage. So she goes over to a massage bank and waits for the masseur with closed eyes. She is totally relaxed and Juliette has no idea that the shooting only was a trick from her coach. He comes in and overpowers her. He attaches a wooden neck stock around her neck and wrists and ties her legs with ropes to the bank. Now it's time to have some fun with Juliette. He punishes her in different ways. He tickles her and plays and punishes her nipples. Juliette moans and curses a lot. There are more coaches who are angry with Juliette. So she has to stand up and both leave the room. Juliette is still naked only wearing a slip and the wooden neck stock.


Bondage Model Tricked To Blowjob - XXL Movie 0
Bondage Model Tricked To Blowjob - XXL Movie 1
Bondage Model Tricked To Blowjob - XXL Movie 2
Bondage Model Tricked To Blowjob - XXL Movie 3

Juliette got an assignment as a bondage model. The photographer explains what she has to do. What he does not tell her: He has other plans with her.
Implementing this will be easy once Juliette is tied up and given to him.

Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 0
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 1
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 2
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 3

As Juliette rides with her cycle she comes to a man who needs help. But it was just a trick to capture Juliette. Deep in the woods she has to suck the mans dick with her hands cuffed behind her back. Finally she gets cuffed to a tree with naked tits and can only wait for someone who will rescue her.

The Floating Virgin 0
The Floating Virgin 1
The Floating Virgin 2
The Floating Virgin 3

The master tied up his naked slave like a floating virgin. She has to endure a lot!

Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 0
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 1
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 2
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 3

This time our sweet slavegirl is getting a very special outfit. It reminds to the good medieval times, where a lot women had to wear these things.

Slave-Slut Fucked 0
Slave-Slut Fucked 1
Slave-Slut Fucked 2
Slave-Slut Fucked 3

Juliette takes on a bikini. It knocks at the door. It is the boyfriend of her sister. He likes what he sees and wants to play with Juliette. She agrees and she gets a blindfold and he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a harnessgag. They go over to the bed. Juliette has to lay down. He pushes a butt vibrator in her ass and a vibrator in her pussi. He watches her while she has an orgasm. Then he rolls her on her back and she gets nipple suckers. He fucks her now until she has the next orgasm. Now it’s time for him to have fun. He ungags her and Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. But the blowjob is not enough. He wants more. He cuffs her to a metal kneeling stock. Neck, wrists and ankles are cuffed to the stock and she presents him her ass. He fucks her from behind until he cums in her face.

He has to go now but before he leaves her she gets again the butt vibrator in her ass and another vibrator in her pussi for more fun.

Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 0
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 1
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 2
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 3

Juliette is a realtor and is waiting for a man outside the house. He is too late but maybe he wants to buy the house so Juliette is not angry. As he arrives she shows him the house also indoor. First the bedroom and thereafter the living room. The moving company will arrive the next day so only the man and Juliette are in the house at the moment. He tells her that he is not interested in the house but in Juliette. He saw her picture at the homepage and now he overpowers her and she gets an armbinder. He cuts away her shirt and he can see and touch now her breasts. He pulls her to a box. She has to bend over the box and he ties her ankles with a leatherbelt. He takes out his dick and Juliette has to give him a blowjob. But he wants more. He wants to fuck her asshole. He pulls down her pants and fucks her anal. Juliette screams loudly. It hurts so much. He cums in her ass and you can see how the sperm drools out the asshole in a creampie. Juliette gets a ballgag and they leave together the house. She has to sit in his car and they drive away. He stops at his own house. She has to get out and he takes her to his bedroom. He throws her on the bed and cuffs her in a hogtie and she is also fixed to the bed frame with a steel chain. She can't go away and he leaves her alone for a moment to rest for a moment. A short time later, however, he is so horny that he wants to use her again. He fucks her in the mouth and cums in her mouth. He gags her again and leaves her for further use.

Incredibly long running time with 2 times blowjob and anal sex. Don't miss this BLOCKBUSTER!

Waiting In Chains 0
Waiting In Chains 1
Waiting In Chains 2
Waiting In Chains 3

Naked and chained at her cell, she has to wait for the things that would happen.

Spy In Distress 0
Spy In Distress 1
Spy In Distress 2
Spy In Distress 3

What could happen to a spy who feels safe can we see immediately. It begins with a sexy phone call as someone knocks at the door. Juliette opens the door. A masked man rushes in. It’s a undercover policeman who observed Juliette and now it’s time for her arrest. She has to stand at the wall with hand up. She gets leathercuffs and her arms are cuffed behind her back. Juliette moans and says, that he is wrong at her house and that she has not done anything. Because she talks to much she not only get a slavecollar, she also get a harnessgag. Her feets are also cuffed and both leave the room. Not so easy to go, because the anklecuffs interfere with walking. Especially stairs climbing is very difficult. They go to a car and the policeman drives with Juliette to the next interrogation. In the next room Juliette gets also nippleclamps. Nippleclamps let women always talk. But Juliette is obstinate. The guy brings Juliette in another room. There she has to sit on a chair. Juliette wears only the slavecollar and a leather corsage. She has still the nippleclamps on her nipples and her hands are cuffed behind. The man takes a analplug and puts it in her asshole. He fixes the analplug with a collar. Juliette is not amused and she moans. That’s why she gets again the harnessgag. Now she has as punishment to stand on the chair. Her feets are cuffed together and she gets also leatherstrips around her legs. What a hard punishment. It’s so hard to hold the balance if you are tied so strictly.

Waking Up In Chains

JulietteA6:58 minutesBondage
Waking Up In Chains 0
Waking Up In Chains 1
Waking Up In Chains 2
Waking Up In Chains 3

Juliette wears boots and sexy dessous. She is cuffed on wrists and ankles. She tries to find a way out of this nightmare.

Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 0
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 1
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 2
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 3

Juliette has got an offer to clean up a house. As she comes to the house only the houseowner is at home. Juliette talked about the job with his wife. But he knows who Juliette is and he begs her to come in and take a seat. He wants to give her the contract but before he leaves her she wants some water because Juliette is thirsty. No problem, but Juliette doesn't see that the guy puts something in the water.

Captured & Humiliated 0
Captured & Humiliated 1
Captured & Humiliated 2
Captured & Humiliated 3

While Juliette picks out a dress, it knocks at the door. A masked man rushes in and overpowers her. Juliette gets heavy shackles at wirsts and ankles. He humiliates her by having to eat and take water from a bowl while cuffed with these shackles. The whip is waiting for her too.

Chained Up After Escape Try 0
Chained Up After Escape Try 1
Chained Up After Escape Try 2
Chained Up After Escape Try 3

Juliette is naked and desperated. That's why she goes out without clothes. But the guy catches her again and now shackles and chains are waiting for her.

Held Captive At The Cellar 0
Held Captive At The Cellar 1
Held Captive At The Cellar 2
Held Captive At The Cellar 3

This is really a perilous situation for the damsel. Brought to a dark cellar she gets cuffed and tied.

Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 0
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 1
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 2
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 3

Naked and handcuffed, the blonde slave could come to terms with her situation. But she doesn't do it, she fights against the chains.

Why Am I Hogtied ? 0
Why Am I Hogtied ? 1
Why Am I Hogtied ? 2
Why Am I Hogtied ? 3

That's a good question. Because we like to see Juliette tied up and struggling, of course.

Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 0
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 1
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 2
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 3

Naked slave is strapped to a movable chair and she gets a mask and a breather gag.

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