Pins Of Pain 0
Pins Of Pain 1
Pins Of Pain 2
Pins Of Pain 3

Tied with her arms over head Juliette has no chance to avoid the pain sticks and clothpins, which will be attached to her sensitive body.

Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 0
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 1
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 2
Punishment In Front Of Audience XXL - SUMMER DEAL 3

Juliette wears a bathrobe and has shackles on wrists and ankles and a neck shackle with a chain. A man leads Juliette in the punishment room and asks her, why she is here today. She answers that she was not in her cell on time. The man replies, that her owner has instructed him to be very harsh this time and he also has invited some friends to watch her punishment on TV. First she has to put on nylons that's why he takes off the shackles and the bathrobe. Thereafter she stands in front of a mirror and he ties her wrists and elbows with leather straps. He shows her nipple suckers, clothespins and the Hitachi vibrator. He asks her if she knows the first punishment. She answers that she will get 100 strokes of a rod across each of her breasts. She has to sit on the slave chair. She places her ankles in the shackles and he secures the shackles over her ankles and puts straps over her thighs. The man stands up and removes the neck shackle. He then places the wooden neck stock around her neck and secures it. He brings over the large ball gag and he pulls it into her mouth. Now the man brings over the bullet vibrator and shows it to Juliette. She squirms and screams in protest as he bends down and pushes it into her body. Next he brings over the Hitachi and secures it in place snugly against her crotch. The man picks up a heavy leather strap and puts the leather strap around her chest. The man then brings over the bamboo rod. He draws it over Juliette’s chest. Juliette is terrified writhing and screaming, shaking her head “No” in protest. Now the punishment in front of the audience can begin!


A Fateful Call 0
A Fateful Call 1
A Fateful Call 2
A Fateful Call 3

Broker Juliette is on the phone all the time. She does not look after her client. He is getting angry and has an idea to give the inattentive broker a lesson in bondage and more!

Female Investigator Interrogated 0
Female Investigator Interrogated 1
Female Investigator Interrogated 2
Female Investigator Interrogated 3

The investigator was captured and is now at tied up with handcuffs at the dungeon. She isn't willing to talk, so the torturer has to do his job. He's whipping her first, but the girl can resist. Then she gets some very tight nipple clamps, but even that isn't enough to let her talk. So she gets even some clothpins to her labia. The pain is incredible, and it is only a matter of time when she will break down. So she has to stand there, her hands cuffed above her head.

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