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Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 0
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 1
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 2
Special Agent In Peril - Compilation 3

BLOCKBUSTER with over 2 hours runtime. You get all parts from the movie: "Special Agent In Peril" incl. full length workout scenes!

See the special agent in hopeless situations indoor and outdoor. The bad guy has always new ideas for a hard interrogation. Juliette screams and insults her tormentor but he has no mercy.

Slavegirls Nightmare

JulietteA29:39 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Slavegirls Nightmare 0
Slavegirls Nightmare 1
Slavegirls Nightmare 2
Slavegirls Nightmare 3

Juliette has still the wooden stock around her neck and her ex-coach showers her body with cold water. Juliette screams loudly but the guy has no mercy. He punishes her in different ways for some minutes. After a while he takes off the neck stock und it's time for the cellar. There she lays on the floor. Her wrists are cuffed to a spreaderbar and he lifts her up with a rope. Because Juliette is wet he takes a hairdryer and blows her dry again. He tickles and whips her. He attaches nipple sticks on her nipples and clothepins on her labia. Juliette screams all the time. He ties her left leg up so Juliette can't stand well enough. A really nightmare for her. Suddenly he hits her stomach and he lets her slide down on the floor again. He fingers her pussy and takes off the spreaderbar between her wrists and pulls her up to present her for the camera.


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