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Miley Caught At Home  2
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Miley comes home after a long day in a office. She wears sexy high heels, jeans and a shirt. She doesn't know that a guy is waiting in her bathroom. He overpowers Miley and she gets a cleavegag. So she can't scream for help. The man ties hands and feets from Miley to a hogtie. He leaves Miley for a while. He searches for money, but he can't find it. So he takes some pictures of her. Miley is angry and struggles a lot, but the ropes are tied to strong. The guy solves the hogtie and pulls away jeans and slip. Now he fucks Miley from behind. Her hands ar still tied back. She can't move. To exploit the situation any longer, change the man the position to touch even Mileys boobs. He fucks her from behind and he has much fun. Miley moans in her cleave gag. Finally the guy loads his cum on Mileys ass. He makes more pictures from Miley and there after leave he the house. Miley is now alone and tries to come free.


Where Are You Taking My Friend? 0
Where Are You Taking My Friend? 1
Where Are You Taking My Friend? 2
Where Are You Taking My Friend? 3

Pling and Juliette were tied up. Pling is standing in the room, hands tied up and she is gagged with a cloth. Juliette is also tied up and lays on the floor. Suddenly the guy comes back and just takes Juliette. Pling is desperate. What is he going to do with her friend Juliette?

She'd Better Paid Her Bills 0
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 1
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 2
She'd Better Paid Her Bills 3

As Juliette comes at home she is very surprised that a guy is waiting for her. He explains why he sits in her bedroom. He wants 20000 Dollar. Juliette says that she can't pay at the moment but soon she will have the money. But the man will not wait longer. Juliette had enough time to save up the 20000 Dollars. Because she can't pay she has to pay with her body.

Failed Escape Attempt In The Kitchen 0
Failed Escape Attempt In The Kitchen 1
Failed Escape Attempt In The Kitchen 2
Failed Escape Attempt In The Kitchen 3

Juliette is tied with ropes on a chair in her kitchen. She struggles very wild to come free...

Victim Escape

JulietteA7:42 minutesBondage
Victim Escape 0
Victim Escape 1
Victim Escape 2
Victim Escape 3

She was tied up and gagged with many ropes and tape. Watch her slowly how she can lose all this stuff.

Selfbondage Gone Wrong 0
Selfbondage Gone Wrong 1
Selfbondage Gone Wrong 2
Selfbondage Gone Wrong 3

Secretary Juliette is bored. All colleagues are for lunch. She takes out a cleavegag and handcuffs and gags and cuffs herself. Just stupid that she can't uncuff herself after a while of struggling. What should only the colleagues think about it?

Intruder In Heavy Ties 0
Intruder In Heavy Ties 1
Intruder In Heavy Ties 2
Intruder In Heavy Ties 3

If you are not careful as a burglar, it can quickly happen that you are tied up with a bunch of ropes. So tied up, it's an easy game for the police.

Robbed, Grabbed & Taped

JulietteA29:48 minutesBondage
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 0
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 1
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 2
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 3

While Juliette is already dressed up for the night an intruder is breaking into her house. She doesn't notice that the evil guy is waiting for her in her living room and so she gets tied up and gagged with tape. Also a blindfold is put on her to take her view. Then the intruder lefts her for a while to do his job and Juliette tries to get free. But as the man returns she is still tied up. He k.o's her to get a lead. As she awakes Juliette reminds that some helping tools are in her car and she hops out of the house to get them...

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