Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 0
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 1
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 2
Realtor In Anal Peril - XXL Movie - June Special 3

Juliette is a realtor and is waiting for a man outside the house. He is too late but maybe he wants to buy the house so Juliette is not angry. As he arrives she shows him the house also indoor. First the bedroom and thereafter the living room. The moving company will arrive the next day so only the man and Juliette are in the house at the moment. He tells her that he is not interested in the house but in Juliette. He saw her picture at the homepage and now he overpowers her and she gets an armbinder. He cuts away her shirt and he can see and touch now her breasts. He pulls her to a box. She has to bend over the box and he ties her ankles with a leatherbelt. He takes out his dick and Juliette has to give him a blowjob. But he wants more. He wants to fuck her asshole. He pulls down her pants and fucks her anal. Juliette screams loudly. It hurts so much. He cums in her ass and you can see how the sperm drools out the asshole in a creampie. Juliette gets a ballgag and they leave together the house. She has to sit in his car and they drive away. He stops at his own house. She has to get out and he takes her to his bedroom. He throws her on the bed and cuffs her in a hogtie and she is also fixed to the bed frame with a steel chain. She can't go away and he leaves her alone for a moment to rest for a moment. A short time later, however, he is so horny that he wants to use her again. He fucks her in the mouth and cums in her mouth. He gags her again and leaves her for further use.

Incredibly long running time with 2 times blowjob and anal sex. Don't miss this BLOCKBUSTER!

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