The Tricked Escape Artist 0
The Tricked Escape Artist 1
The Tricked Escape Artist 2
The Tricked Escape Artist 3

Juliette is a successful escape artist. But what did she have to read in the newspaper to her astonishment? There is a new escapologist?! And she should be even better than herself! Juliette can't let that go. She calls her assistant and immediately begins to practice the new program with him.

He is supposed to tie her up like on the stage, but first he is supposed to subject her to a body search. The newspaper suspects that Juliette used aids to break free.

But what Juliette doesn't know: Her assistant is in league with her competitor. The two want to get rid of Juliette once and for all.

Juliette notices too late which game her assistant is playing with her and that she cannot escape from this bondage.


Juliette Gets Arrested 0
Juliette Gets Arrested 1
Juliette Gets Arrested 2
Juliette Gets Arrested 3

Juliette is at home. A policeman just takes her away. She is allowed to put on sneakers, then the handcuffs click and he takes her to the police station and Juliette sits in a waiting room for a while, still handcuffed and waiting for the hearing. She is visibly annoyed and bored.

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