I Want Out Of These Ties! 0
I Want Out Of These Ties! 1
I Want Out Of These Ties! 2
I Want Out Of These Ties! 3

Wrists, ankles, knees... all is tied with ropes. She is also blindfolded and gagged. She really wants to escape.

Taped By An Intruder

JulietteA6:58 minutesBondage
Taped By An Intruder 0
Taped By An Intruder 1
Taped By An Intruder 2
Taped By An Intruder 3

Juliette just realxes at her couch as an itruder rushes in. He gags her with ducttape and tapes also her wrists and ankles.

Robbed, Grabbed & Taped

JulietteA29:48 minutesBondage
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 0
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 1
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 2
Robbed, Grabbed & Taped 3

While Juliette is already dressed up for the night an intruder is breaking into her house. She doesn't notice that the evil guy is waiting for her in her living room and so she gets tied up and gagged with tape. Also a blindfold is put on her to take her view. Then the intruder lefts her for a while to do his job and Juliette tries to get free. But as the man returns she is still tied up. He k.o's her to get a lead. As she awakes Juliette reminds that some helping tools are in her car and she hops out of the house to get them...

Captured Princess Used 0
Captured Princess Used 1
Captured Princess Used 2
Captured Princess Used 3

A guy has lured away the princess from the castle. Now she has to follow him with chains on her neck and wrists. She wants a make a halt but he only cuffs her to a tree and sits beside her. He doesn't give her some water or something to eat and he doesn't make a warming fire. She only wants to reach the destination. Soon they are in a dungeon.

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