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Hogtied Yoga Trainer 0
Hogtied Yoga Trainer 1
Hogtied Yoga Trainer 2
Hogtied Yoga Trainer 3

Yoga Trainer Juliette is tied with ropes in a strict hogtie and now the problem is: How can she show her pupils the different yoga positions?

Chair Bound

JulietteA9:21 minutesBondage, Rope Bondage
Chair Bound 0
Chair Bound 1
Chair Bound 2
Chair Bound 3

See a really strict and tight rope bondage. TERRIFIC!

A Tying Yoga Lesson

JulietteA8:58 minutesBondage
A Tying Yoga Lesson 0
A Tying Yoga Lesson 1
A Tying Yoga Lesson 2
A Tying Yoga Lesson 3

The yoga teacher shows today how you can also do exercises with an armbinder.

Wrapped Struggling

JulietteA11:37 minutesBondage
Wrapped Struggling 0
Wrapped Struggling 1
Wrapped Struggling 2
Wrapped Struggling 3

Her upperbody is wrapped and her mouth is gagged very tightly. Later her legs are also wrapped and she lays in a hogtie on the bed.

Selfbondage With Armbinder 0
Selfbondage With Armbinder 1
Selfbondage With Armbinder 2
Selfbondage With Armbinder 3

Watch the naken Juliette how she gags herself with a big ballgag and she also takes an armbinder. SOOOOOO SEXY!

Struggle For Me

JulietteA5:50 minutesBondage
Struggle For Me 0
Struggle For Me 1
Struggle For Me 2
Struggle For Me 3

Is anything more sexier than a slavegirl is struggling for her master? No? Then you will like to see Juliette struggling in a monoglove and with naked tits.

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