Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 0
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 1
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 2
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 3

Juliette comes in the room with a man wearing a ski mask and holding a pole attached to Juliettes collar. The man makes her walk around the room and “shows” her to the camera. She is the slavegirl for tonight and she has to entertain all with her orgasm.

Outdoor Pony Training 0
Outdoor Pony Training 1
Outdoor Pony Training 2
Outdoor Pony Training 3

He prepares his pony girl so that she can walk on a leash outside.

All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 0
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 1
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 2
All Holes Stuffed - XXL Movie - June Special 3

Juliette notices that there is no hot water and calls the plumber. She is very arrogant and gets the receipt. She drops the towel and she stands naked, only wearing slip and pantyhose. He drags her to the bed and ties her to a hogtie with cable ties. He gags her mouth with a pantyhose because she just complains too much. Finally he stuffs her mouth with his cock, but that's not all ...

Suspended Detective - XXL Movie 0
Suspended Detective - XXL Movie 1
Suspended Detective - XXL Movie 2
Suspended Detective - XXL Movie 3

Juliette is a police detective and works at her desk. The chief is coming to her and explains her the next mission. She has to find the headquarter of girl slavers. Juliette is highly motivated to find the bad guys and is soon on the way with a map and field glasses. Suddenly a man comes from behind and it's really a surprise for Juliette. The chief is the boss of the bad guys. He commands her to the headquartes. There Juliette is stripped naked and her hands are cuffed with leathercuffs and the chief pulls her upwards with a winch. She presents her ass. Customers wants a anal slave so the chief prepares Juliette with an anal plug. He pulls her upwards again and now Juliette stands with stretched arms. He pushes a vibrator in her pussy and secures all with a belt. He asks Juliette if she will be a submissive slavegirl. No, Juliette won't be a slavegirl and is really silly. So he has no choice. He takes a whip and first he suspends her and whips her while she is hanging from the ceiling. It hurts so much. Juliette screams a lot and after a long while of hanging, she agrees to be a good anal slavegirl. The punishment is not over. Juliette has to stay on her tiptoes.

A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 0
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 1
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 2
A Fateful Call - XXL Movie - February Special 3

Broker Juliette is on the phone all the time. She does not look after her client. He is getting angry and has an idea to give the inattentive broker a lesson in bondage and more!

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