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Teacher In Distress XXL


She Had No Choice Anal XXL


Twins Captured XXL


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She Had No Choice – Anal XXL - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 0
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 1
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 2
She Had No Choice – Anal XXL - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 3

Juliette searches in the woods after mushrooms. Sometimes she holds still and listens because she thought she hears some noise. But there is nobody so she goes the way through the forest. After a while she meets a man who says friendly ”Good Morning” to her and he passes her. That was his plan. Juliette has no eyes in her back and can't see that the man stops and comes back and suddenly he overpowers her and he cuffs her wrists behind her back and ties a ropes around her neck. He drags the rope and Juliette has to follow him to a tree. Now the long nightmare starts.


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Anal And Pain Training - NOVEMBER SUPER DEAL 0
Anal And Pain Training - NOVEMBER SUPER DEAL 1
Anal And Pain Training - NOVEMBER SUPER DEAL 2
Anal And Pain Training - NOVEMBER SUPER DEAL 3

Juliette comes in the room with a man wearing a ski mask and holding a pole attached to Juliettes collar. The man makes her walk around the room and “shows” her to the camera. He attaches the end of the pole to rope hanging from the ceiling. Juliette has to bend over. He then brings over a butt plug and slowly pulls it into her body. Next the man makes Juliette sit on the chair. She moans and writhes in discomfort because of the plug. The man secures her ankles to the back legs of the chair and then secures a leather strap over her hips. The man now pulls Juliette’s head back and holds two white handkerchiefs over her mouth and stuffs the two pieces of cloth into it. Next he brings over a panel gag and begins to strap it over her head. Finally, he brings over a heavy leather collar and secures it tightly around Juliette’s neck. The man brings over a pair of nipple suckers. She starts to scream as her nipple are stretched.  The man leaves the scene then returns with a bamboo cane. He stands beside her and begins to stroke Juliette’s breasts with it. Suddenly the man strikes her breast. Juliette convulses and screams loudly. The man stops and allows Juliette to calm down. She is breathing very heavily and moaning. Next the man goes to the table and returns with two electro stim pads. He places it directly under the nipple sucker and presses it to her breast. Finally he plugs the ends of the wire into a control box. He presses the button and Juliette convulses as the current enters her breasts. She screams and arches her back tremendously, thrashing her head from side-to-side. He repeats it several times. The man now brings over a Hitachi and places it very snugly against her crotch. Juliette moans as he tapes it to the chair. Juliette looks at the audience as he turns on the vibrator. He then stands behind her and grasps her wrists holding them down securely. Juliette moans loudly then suddenly shudders as the current hits her breasts. The man releases the current and Juliette begins to calm although she is breathing extremely heavily.


The Belt

JulietteA 30:31 minutes Anal Sex, Blow Job
The Belt  0
The Belt  1
The Belt  2
The Belt  3

Juliette is a teacher and has a free day. She wants to test a vibrator belt and undress herself and put on the belt. It's so hot and she wan'ts to have a lot of orgasmn. Suddenly it knocks on the door. Oh my god. Who is there? She has no time now. She put on her dress and under the skirt is still the vibratorbelt. She opens the door and there is a student. She had forgot that he would come to her today to learn for a test. So he sit down on a chair and prepares his books and pencil and Juliette goes in the kitchen to take a glass of ice cubes for him. Now he has time to look around and he noticed that she wears a vibratorbelt. What a funny lesson. Juliette cames back and they learn at a table. He looks under the table and see the pussy from Juliette and the vibrator in her. Suddenly Juliette stands up and commands him to the sofa. After she has stripped down her clothes, she wears only the belt with the vibrator. She is now so horny and wants to blow his dick and both fucks on the sofa in doggystyle and also anal and she sits on his dick and after fucking in missionary style he loads his cum on her sweet stomach and also face. Oh yeah, what a hot and sexy lesson and both sits on the table again, Juliette naked and they continue to learn for the test.

Anal Bride

JulietteA 34:10 minutes Anal Sex, Bondage, Bondage Sex
Anal Bride 0
Anal Bride 1
Anal Bride 2
Anal Bride 3

Juliette is waiting for the chauffeur. Today is her wedding day and she prepares for it. She looks so cute in the white dress. But not the chauffeur is coming in. A gut overpowers her and gags her with a silk towel. He is not amused because she has not invited him to the wedding. He also always wanted a date with Juliette. But she never had an intresse for him. Now it's his turn.


Slave-Slut Fucked 0
Slave-Slut Fucked 1
Slave-Slut Fucked 2
Slave-Slut Fucked 3

Juliette takes on a bikini. It knocks at the door. It is the boyfriend of her sister. He likes what he sees and wants to play with Juliette. She agrees and she gets a blindfold and he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a harnessgag. They go over to the bed. Juliette has to lay down. He pushes a butt vibrator in her ass and a vibrator in her pussi. He watches her while she has an orgasm. Then he rolls her on her back and she gets nipple suckers. He fucks her now until she has the next orgasm. Now it’s time for him to have fun. He ungags her and Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. But the blowjob is not enough. He wants more. He cuffs her to a metal kneeling stock. Neck, wrists and ankles are cuffed to the stock and she presents him her ass. He fucks her from behind until he cums in her face.

He has to go now but before he leaves her she gets again the butt vibrator in her ass and another vibrator in her pussi for more fun.

Glamour Shooting XXL

JulietteA 65:27 minutes Bondage
Glamour Shooting XXL 0
Glamour Shooting XXL 1
Glamour Shooting XXL 2
Glamour Shooting XXL 3

Juliette is standing in a corner of a cellar. A man comes in and says to her, that she will be dressed well and get two orgasms. First she has to go to a large mirror and put on the clothes. He brings over a wooden yoke and places it on her shoulders. Juliette puts her wrists in the holes on either side of her head and the man closes the yoke and latches it securely. It's time to go in the punishment room.

Inside the punishment room a metal “impalement stand” is waiting. Juliette steps out of her shoes and stands on the device. The man secures shackles around her ankles. He picks up an inflatable vibrating butt plug. He holds it in front of Juliette and inflates it.

The man brings over a pair of suction cups and shows them to Juliette. He explains it to her, that the suction cups will enlarge ner nipples and make then extremely sensitive for the crushers he will use for the second orgasm. Next the man brings over an enormous flesh colored dildo. The man kneels beside her and spreads her labia then slowly pokes and prods her with the dildo.

He stands beside Juliette and now she is ready for her first orgasm. He reaches behind her and turns on the butt plug. He then turns on the Hitachi. After about some minutes the orgasm overwhelms her.

The man turns of the vibrators except the vibrating butt plug and brings over a bullet vibrator. He tapes it to the top her labia. He then brings over a pair of nipple crushers and shows them to Juliette.

Now the man turns on all vibrators. After some minutes the orgasm builds in her body. The man turns off the vibrators and allows her to calm down.

No Trespassing  0
No Trespassing  1
No Trespassing  2
No Trespassing  3

As Juliette takes a short way through the property of another person the owner comes and grumbles with her. She shows him the middle finger and goes her way. But the guy is not amused and catches her and takes her in a headlock. He wants to show her, that she couldn't do this and takes some handcuffs and cuffs her hands on her back. She has to kneel down und he takes out his dick. After a short blowjob, the guy pushes Juliette through the garden to the garage. There Juliette is tied in a strapado. He wants to fuck her. She agrees, but she says, that the Blowjob was better than the anal fucking. After anal fucking, the guy wants that Juliette change the clothes. Not longer a jeans, he wants that she wears a black skirt with her stockings and open toe sandals. Juliette agrees and while the guy checks the rope and handcuffs, Juliette runs out of the garage. But the guy is faster and catches her again. He takes her again in a headlock and runs with her through the garden. She agrees to do all, but he should stop all. Both goes in the bedroom. He gives her some kicks in her ass because she was so naughty. In the bedroom Juliette has to take off slip and skirt. The guy wants to fuck her anal again. Juliette agrees because she knows that was a mistake to take the short way over the privat garden. After anal fucking Juliette lays a short while on the bed, thinking about the situation.

The New Slave - Anal  0
The New Slave - Anal  1
The New Slave - Anal  2
The New Slave - Anal  3

Juliette takes a walk and comes along a garden. The owner watches for Juliette, catches her and commands her in a headlock to his garage. Juliette can barely walk in her high heels. The grip is too tight, she can not escape from the man. Once in the garage, he ties her hands behind her back and pulls a rope with her hands to the top. The man leaves the garage and Juliette is alone. The man thinks, that Juliette can't escape... However, Juliette is able to come free. She looks carefully outside and starts running. But her tormentor is outside and catches Juliette again. He drags her back into the garage and ties her hands again with ropes on her back. Now Juliette gets her punishment because she has tried to run away. The guy pulls her skirt up and horny stockings come to light. The guy gets horny and pulls off her panties. Now he starts to fuck anal. Little painful for Juliette. She never was fucked anal yet. But the guy loves it! After the guy has fucked Juliette anal, he removes the bonds and goes with Juliette outside. At each step, he kicks his knee into her ass. She thanks him every time with "Thank you, Master". After some time the master is satisfied with his slavegirl and goes back with Juliette into the garage and ties her again. Juliette must stand still. But how long?


Oral Challenge

JulietteA 68:43 minutes Bondage
Oral Challenge 0
Oral Challenge 1
Oral Challenge 2
Oral Challenge 3

Juliette is sitting on a chair. She wears shackles on her wrists. She waits for her master. After a while he comes in with a heavy wooden neck stock. It's time for the training. So he will strip her. Juliette stands up and he takes off the shackles. He also takes off her blouse. Now Juliette has to put her wrists in the stock. He takes a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. Juliette opens the mouth and he gags her. Juliette looks at the mirror and watches him. He twists her and after a while it's time for the training room. Juliette knows the way and goes to the cellar.

In the cellar stands a pallet. Attached to the pallet is a thick vertical piece. On top of the vertical bar is secured a dildo. It is at a height such that it is directly in front of Juliette’s mouth when she is on the saddle. Juliette and her master comes in. Juliette has to stay and he pulls down skirt and boy shorts. He unbuckles the neck stock. He takes shackles and cuffs her wrists behind her back. Juliette also gets a steel neck shackle. A pole connects neck shackle and wrists shackles. He takes a leather belt and secures it around her elbows.  Now it's time for ankle shackles. Juliette has to sit on the saddle. He places a chain between the ankle shackles and moves a mirror in front of Juliette. Now Juliette can watch herself while the training. He takes a leatherbelt and secures it under her breasts.He massages her nipples and attaches tweezer clamps. Juliette whimpers. He takes a vibrating butt plug and shows it Juliette. She moans and shakes her head. She has to bend over and he pushes the plug in her ass. It hurts so much. He unbuckles the ball gag. He will turn now on the vibrator. Juliette begs for mercy. But this is a slave training.  He takes electro-stim pads and attaches it to her breasts. He adjusts the dildo in front of her face. He turns on the butt vibrator again. He takes the red ball and she opens her mouth and he pushes the ball in her mouth roughly. He attaches a tube and takes lemon juice and now Juliette gets some juice. He takes honey and drips it on the dildo. Juliette licks the dildo. Juliette drools a lot because of the sweet honey and the sur lemon juice. After a while he takes a blue wandvibrator. He slowly pushes the vibrator in her pussi. But before the orgasm it's time for more juice. He drips more honey on the dildo and while she has the dildo in her mouth he turns on the butt vibrator and also turns on the wand vibrator. After some minutes Juliette has an explosive orgasm. 

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Top Model Slavery

JulietteA 40:03 minutes Bondage
Top Model Slavery 0
Top Model Slavery 1
Top Model Slavery 2
Top Model Slavery 3

Model Juliette visits a photographer for a photoshooting in his studio. The man takes some pictures and asks her to wear some bondage gear for more photos. She agrees and the shooting continues. In the middle of the shooting her wrists gets tied in front and later behind her back. At the end of the photoshooting the man asks her for more photos at his bedroom for some extra cash. The model agrees and so the man brings her with her hands tied behind her back to his bedroom. There he starts a "bondagemovie" and finally unties her hands so she can lay down on the bed. There she is tied up in a spread-eagle and she agrees for some simulated sex for the movie. But the man simulates only a short time. Then he takes out his dick and fucks the girl from behind. She cries for help and shouts that is against the agreement, but the man wants to have his fun with her and he gets it. After few minutes of crying the man gags the poor model with a harnessgag. She can only moan trough it and the photographer can fuck her to the end in silence. Finally he cums on her back and told her that the customer who wants this film also wants to buy her and he will sell her as a sexslave.