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Juliette takes a walk and comes along a garden. The owner watches for Juliette, catches her and commands her in a headlock to his garage. Juliette can barely walk in her high heels. The grip is too tight, she can not escape from the man. Once in the garage, he ties her hands behind her back and pulls a rope with her hands to the top. The man leaves the garage and Juliette is alone. The man thinks, that Juliette can't escape... However, Juliette is able to come free. She looks carefully outside and starts running. But her tormentor is outside and catches Juliette again. He drags her back into the garage and ties her hands again with ropes on her back. Now Juliette gets her punishment because she has tried to run away. The guy pulls her skirt up and horny stockings come to light. The guy gets horny and pulls off her panties. Now he starts to fuck anal. Little painful for Juliette. She never was fucked anal yet. But the guy loves it! After the guy has fucked Juliette anal, he removes the bonds and goes with Juliette outside. At each step, he kicks his knee into her ass. She thanks him every time with "Thank you, Master". After some time the master is satisfied with his slavegirl and goes back with Juliette into the garage and ties her again. Juliette must stand still. But how long?


Kitchen Invasion

JulietteA 44:06 minutes Bondage
Kitchen Invasion 0
Kitchen Invasion 1
Kitchen Invasion 2
Kitchen Invasion 3

Juliette stands at the sink in her kitchen, wearing a bandana, blue jeans and a girlie shirt. Then a man rushes in and catches her. He handgags Juliette and commands her to sit down on a kitchen chair. There he uses the bandana to gag her. Now the man ties Juliettes wrists behind the chair with a rope. He asks her where she has her money, but Juliette wont say it. So he lifts her shirt to inspect what else he can get. And he will come back fo more! He removes the gag and wants a blowjob. He fucks her in the mouth. The man cums into her mouth and after this he commands Juliette to clean his cock with her tongue. Juliette has to lay for a really good fuck on the kitchen table. He ties her hands with ropes to the table. He takes off her jeans and ties her legs spreaded to the sides of the table. He takes a dildo and pushes it into her pussy. In and out again. What a horny dildo fuck. Now Juliette is prepared for a real fuck. He takes out his dick and fucks her hard while she lies on the table. Juliette moans a lot. Finally he cums on her belly.