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Wake Up Call

JulietteA 6:48 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Brunette
Wake Up Call  0
Wake Up Call  1
Wake Up Call  2
Wake Up Call  3

Juliette was tied up by her boyfriend. He left her at the couch and she was relaxing there. As the telephone rings she wakes up again. Realising that she is still tied up after hours she tries to escape from her bonds.

Balltied After Fuck 0
Balltied After Fuck 1
Balltied After Fuck 2
Balltied After Fuck 3

Sexy Juliette is balltied in stockings and black boots with her ass naked. Marvelous.

Tied & Spreaded 0
Tied & Spreaded 1
Tied & Spreaded 2
Tied & Spreaded 3

A bad man has overpowered Juliette and is now tying her to her bed with spreaded legs. But what is that? Her sister arrives! Two girls for the price of one? BINGO!

Hogtied In Leather 0
Hogtied In Leather 1
Hogtied In Leather 2
Hogtied In Leather 3

When a sexy girl is laying on your bed with leathercuffs at wrists and ankles, what will be better then tying her up in a strict hogtie?

Preparing Her For A Walk 0
Preparing Her For A Walk 1
Preparing Her For A Walk 2
Preparing Her For A Walk 3

Juliette and her master want to go out fo a little walk, so it's time to wake up the slavegirl. After Juliette is untied she has to change her dress. Then she gets her hands handcuffed behind and is ready for the walk.

Anal Dildoed Bride  0
Anal Dildoed Bride  1
Anal Dildoed Bride  2
Anal Dildoed Bride  3

A bride should be prepared to everything that her new husband expects during the marriage. And everything means everything, even anal sex.

Naked Ass Strappado 0
Naked Ass Strappado 1
Naked Ass Strappado 2
Naked Ass Strappado 3

Chained to the wall at a dungeon Juliette is wating for the things that will happen. A man enters the room and raises her hands behind her back so she must stand hunched over. As he pulls down her jeans Juliette realises that the things that are going to happen are not good for her...

Good Morning Slavegirl 0
Good Morning Slavegirl 1
Good Morning Slavegirl 2
Good Morning Slavegirl 3

Juliette wakes up to her first day in slavery. Her new master enters the room and checks if she had a wet dream.

Hogtied By The Loan Shark 0
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 1
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 2
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 3

When it's payback time and you don't have the money you've got a problem. Especially when you are a good looking girl.

Hogtied On The Floor 0
Hogtied On The Floor 1
Hogtied On The Floor 2
Hogtied On The Floor 3

Juliette gets tied up in a strict Hogtie. Naked and on the floor she struggles a lot.

Chained & Spermed 0
Chained & Spermed 1
Chained & Spermed 2
Chained & Spermed 3

After Juliette was fucked by her master she was chained at the barn. The sperm runs out of her pussy, but she knows she will stay there for further use.

Handcuffed Outdoor 0
Handcuffed Outdoor 1
Handcuffed Outdoor 2
Handcuffed Outdoor 3

The blonde sweetie was tied to a tree. Her Captor has left her there to get her slavecollar. Will she escape or end up in slavery?

A Walk At The Forest 0
A Walk At The Forest 1
A Walk At The Forest 2
A Walk At The Forest 3

A walk at the forest can be dangerous for a lonely girl. Especially when a horny man is on the hunt.

Grab Her By The Tits

JulietteA 4:51 minutes BDSM, Bondage
Grab Her By The Tits 0
Grab Her By The Tits 1
Grab Her By The Tits 2
Grab Her By The Tits 3

The best way to show a woman that she is totally defensless in her ties is by grabbing and squeezing her tits.

Waking Up In Chains

JulietteA 6:58 minutes Bondage
Waking Up In Chains 0
Waking Up In Chains 1
Waking Up In Chains 2
Waking Up In Chains 3

Juliette wears boots and sexy dessous. She is cuffed on wrists and ankles. She tries to find a way out of this nightmare.

Delivery Girl Hogtied 0
Delivery Girl Hogtied 1
Delivery Girl Hogtied 2
Delivery Girl Hogtied 3

She gets no cash after the pizza delivery. Ropes and a hogtie are waiting for her.

Hard Struggling

JulietteA 7:10 minutes Bondage
Hard Struggling 0
Hard Struggling 1
Hard Struggling 2
Hard Struggling 3

She is blindfolded. Her ankles and wrists are taped together. She also wears a tapegag.

Chained Up After Escape Try 0
Chained Up After Escape Try 1
Chained Up After Escape Try 2
Chained Up After Escape Try 3

Juliette is naked and desperated. That's why she goes out without clothes. But the guy catches her again and now shackles and chains are waiting for her.

Sexy Chick Captured 0
Sexy Chick Captured 1
Sexy Chick Captured 2
Sexy Chick Captured 3

Two different capturing scenes: Rope hogtie on a couch and spreaded, ballgagged girl on the bed.

Naked & Tied Up

JulietteA 5:08 minutes Bondage
Naked & Tied Up 0
Naked & Tied Up 1
Naked & Tied Up 2
Naked & Tied Up 3

Juliette lays naked on the bed. She only wears a wrist watch. The guy takes ropes and ties her up. He touches her body while she tries to come free.