Selfbondage With Handcuffs 0
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 1
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 2
Selfbondage With Handcuffs 3

Juliette is totally boring and experiments with handcuffs and also anklecuffs.

Blonde Groped In Hogtie 0
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 1
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 2
Blonde Groped In Hogtie 3

This sexy blonde gets Hogtied and then she gets groped.

Interrogated On A Chair 0
Interrogated On A Chair 1
Interrogated On A Chair 2
Interrogated On A Chair 3

What an interrogation! The guy has taped Juliettes wrists and ankles and he punishes her in different ways.

A Hard Time On The Ladder 0
A Hard Time On The Ladder 1
A Hard Time On The Ladder 2
A Hard Time On The Ladder 3

She is naked. She is cuffed on a ladder. She is ballgagged. She is punished with a bamboo cane.

Tied To Her Bed

JulietteA5:26 minutesBondage
Tied To Her Bed 0
Tied To Her Bed 1
Tied To Her Bed 2
Tied To Her Bed 3

Her neighbor has tied Juliette to the bed and he is now watching her while she tries to escape.

Milking Her Masters Cock 0
Milking Her Masters Cock 1
Milking Her Masters Cock 2
Milking Her Masters Cock 3

She has to give her master a handjob and catch the sperm in a mug. And then she has to clean his cock nicely.

A Binding Contract

JulietteA7:30 minutesBondage
A Binding Contract 0
A Binding Contract 1
A Binding Contract 2
A Binding Contract 3

She has to sign a contract. He can do what he wants and they go out into the forest. He headlocks her. He handcuffs her to a tree. He will see if someone comes over and takes advantage of the situation.

Testing Her Skills

JulietteA7:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Testing Her Skills 0
Testing Her Skills 1
Testing Her Skills 2
Testing Her Skills 3

Her master has connected her elbows very closely. Today he wants to test how far he can go. She has to sit on a chair on which a dildo is placed.

Tied In Black Pantyhose 0
Tied In Black Pantyhose 1
Tied In Black Pantyhose 2
Tied In Black Pantyhose 3

Hot lady. She is struggling on the sofa with tied wrists and ankles.

Plug To Her Ass

JulietteA6:20 minutesBondage
Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

Whipped At The Forest 0
Whipped At The Forest 1
Whipped At The Forest 2
Whipped At The Forest 3

He gags and ties her to a tree and then pulls her skirt down. He lets the whip dance on her bare bottom.

Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 0
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 1
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 2
Electro Treatment At Women's Asylum 3

Wrists and ankles are tied and he attaches electropads to her body. Everything is wired. Soon she will notice electric shocks in her body.

Anal Plugged On The Barstool 0
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 1
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 2
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 3

Juliette has to lean on a bar stool. Wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are tightly tied. She has to stick her tongue through a ring gag and lick an anal plug, which he then rams into her tight asshole.

Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 0
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 1
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 2
Blonde Slave Tied Arms Over Head 3

The blonde slave is already waiting for what will happen to her. First she was put on display in the punishment room with her hands tied up.

Waiting For Her Breastbondage 0
Waiting For Her Breastbondage 1
Waiting For Her Breastbondage 2
Waiting For Her Breastbondage 3

She is already very impatient. When will her boyfriend finally come home? She wants to strip naked and expects a nice breast bondage from him!

The Floating Virgin

JulietteA6:42 minutesBDSM, Bondage
The Floating Virgin 0
The Floating Virgin 1
The Floating Virgin 2
The Floating Virgin 3

The master tied up his naked slave like a floating virgin. She has to endure a lot!

Gagged In A Straightjacket 0
Gagged In A Straightjacket 1
Gagged In A Straightjacket 2
Gagged In A Straightjacket 3

Nobody can escape from a straightjacket. Juliette must also see this. Damn.

Surprising Tie Up

JulietteA9:22 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Surprising Tie Up 0
Surprising Tie Up 1
Surprising Tie Up 2
Surprising Tie Up 3

With a winch he stretches this hot and naked body.

A Tying Model Job

JulietteA7:36 minutesBondage
A Tying Model Job 0
A Tying Model Job 1
A Tying Model Job 2
A Tying Model Job 3

Juliette got a modeling job. However, she is surprised that the shooting takes place in a punishment room.

Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 0
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 1
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 2
Pretty Girl Put In The Mask 3

Naked slave is strapped to a movable chair and she gets a mask and a breather gag.

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