Suspension & Whipping 0
Suspension & Whipping 1
Suspension & Whipping 2
Suspension & Whipping 3

A really painful interrogation. She is supsended by her hands. Juliette dangles from a beam and then he lets the whip dance on her body!

Gagged For Whipping 0
Gagged For Whipping 1
Gagged For Whipping 2
Gagged For Whipping 3

The slave is bound naked in the dungeon. She knows that her master with the whip is not far away. And she is right.

Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 0
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 1
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 2
Whipped At An Abandoned Warehouse 3

Unbearable and nobody can hear Juliette in the abandoned warehouse. She is tied to a cross and has to endure the whip.

Chained Victim Spanked & Whipped 0
Chained Victim Spanked & Whipped 1
Chained Victim Spanked & Whipped 2
Chained Victim Spanked & Whipped 3

Who wouldn't want a tied girl standing in the living room? Tied up, gagged and blindfolded and then you can do what you want with her.

Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 0
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 1
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 2
Naked, Spreaded & Whipped 3

Naked and tied up at the bed in a spreadeagle, Juliette has no chance to escape the whipping.

Female Investigator Interrogated 0
Female Investigator Interrogated 1
Female Investigator Interrogated 2
Female Investigator Interrogated 3

The investigator was captured and is now at tied up with handcuffs at the dungeon. She isn't willing to talk, so the torturer has to do his job. He's whipping her first, but the girl can resist. Then she gets some very tight nipple clamps, but even that isn't enough to let her talk. So she gets even some clothpins to her labia. The pain is incredible, and it is only a matter of time when she will break down. So she has to stand there, her hands cuffed above her head.

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