A Ridergirls' Place 0
A Ridergirls' Place 1
A Ridergirls' Place 2
A Ridergirls' Place 3

What do you do with an arrogant ridergirl? Right, tie her with handcuffs and let her feel what it means to be a mare.


JulietteA6:36 minutesBondage, Slave, Handcuffs
Selfcuffing 0
Selfcuffing 1
Selfcuffing 2
Selfcuffing 3

The sexy slave cuffs herself with wrist- and anklecuffs in front of her master.

Pulling Her Nipples

JulietteA4:40 minutesBondage, Slave
Pulling Her Nipples 0
Pulling Her Nipples 1
Pulling Her Nipples 2
Pulling Her Nipples 3

Sometimes it is just a slave's job to keep her master entertained.

Displayed On The Ladder 0
Displayed On The Ladder 1
Displayed On The Ladder 2
Displayed On The Ladder 3

The last bit of hope of freedom fades when the slave is getting tied to the ladder. So on the platter it is a beautiful sight for the slave trader's customers, who will soon be arriving.

The Harness Ring Gag 0
The Harness Ring Gag 1
The Harness Ring Gag 2
The Harness Ring Gag 3

The masked guy exchanges the gag. Instead of a penis gag, the slavegirl gets a harness gag.

Vibrated To Orgasm

JulietteA7:33 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Vibrated To Orgasm 0
Vibrated To Orgasm 1
Vibrated To Orgasm 2
Vibrated To Orgasm 3

Today slavegirl Juliett is not only extremely bound and gagged. He will push a vibrator in her pussy that will bring her to orgasm.

Balltied After Fuck 0
Balltied After Fuck 1
Balltied After Fuck 2
Balltied After Fuck 3

Sexy Juliette is balltied in stockings and black boots with her ass naked. Marvelous.

Self Shocking

JulietteA7:25 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Self Shocking 0
Self Shocking 1
Self Shocking 2
Self Shocking 3

Today the slave should show her loyalty to her master. Her job is to shock herself with the remote control in hand.

Double Stuffed Slave 0
Double Stuffed Slave 1
Double Stuffed Slave 2
Double Stuffed Slave 3

A slave's holes should always be filled. This keeps her happy and moist, and makes them a lot easier to use.

Testing Her Skills

JulietteA7:38 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Slave
Testing Her Skills 0
Testing Her Skills 1
Testing Her Skills 2
Testing Her Skills 3

Her master has connected her elbows very closely. Today he wants to test how far he can go. She has to sit on a chair on which a dildo is placed.

A Well Suspended Slave 0
A Well Suspended Slave 1
A Well Suspended Slave 2
A Well Suspended Slave 3

Hung by the wrists for a few hours makes every slave docile. After that, she will fulfill every wish of her Master without any objection.

Just A Slave 0
Just A Slave 1
Just A Slave 2
Just A Slave 3

Miley is from now on just a slave. She'll get used to it.

Anal Plugged On The Barstool 0
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 1
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 2
Anal Plugged On The Barstool 3

Juliette has to lean on a bar stool. Wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are tightly tied. She has to stick her tongue through a ring gag and lick an anal plug, which he then rams into her tight asshole.

Nipple Torment 0
Nipple Torment 1
Nipple Torment 2
Nipple Torment 3

One of the most sensitive areas of a woman are her nipples. And thus the perfect target for agony.

Ladder And Barrel Punishment  0
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  1
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  2
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  3

Juliette is tied with leathercuffs on a ladder. The other coaches are watching her through the camera. Juliette insults the coaches. The man attaches clothespins on her labia and takes a sharp fork and touches her skin and other sensitive places. He strikes her with a rod. Juliette curses and screams a lot. Finally Juliette is tied on the ladder with her head down. He takes a wandvibrator and fucks her pussy while the clothespins are still attached on her labia. It hurts like hell. The nightmare ends on a barrel. He pours water over her head. Juliette is tied and can't escape. He attaches the wandvibrator on her thigh. The vibrator holds now in place in her pussy. Of course he strikes her again.

Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 0
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 1
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 2
Hooded Slave Anal Stuffed 3

With a hood on her head, the slave is led into an uncertain future. Horrified she has to find out that she should be trained as an anal slave.

Plug To Her Ass 0
Plug To Her Ass 1
Plug To Her Ass 2
Plug To Her Ass 3

Slavegirl Juliette has to endure, as he pushes her an anal plug in the ass. That's the fate of a submissive slavegirl.

Good Morning Slavegirl 0
Good Morning Slavegirl 1
Good Morning Slavegirl 2
Good Morning Slavegirl 3

Juliette wakes up to her first day in slavery. Her new master enters the room and checks if she had a wet dream.

Breathless Slave 0
Breathless Slave 1
Breathless Slave 2
Breathless Slave 3

At the mercy of her master, Juliette can no longer do anything. If he wants to take her air to breathe, it's his decision. How long will he let her suffer?

Hogtied By The Loan Shark 0
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 1
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 2
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 3

When it's payback time and you don't have the money you've got a problem. Especially when you are a good looking girl.

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