Joggergirl Snatched - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 0
Joggergirl Snatched - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 1
Joggergirl Snatched - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 2
Joggergirl Snatched - NOVEMBER SPECIAL 3

During Juliette runs through the woods, a man watches her. He catches her and ties her wrists and ankles. He stuffs a ballgag into her mouth. Then he puts a hood over her head and carries her away. Soon a nightmare starts for the joggergirl.

Captured Sporty Girl 0
Captured Sporty Girl 1
Captured Sporty Girl 2
Captured Sporty Girl 3

Running can be a very dangerous sport. You don't think so? Then take a look what happens to Juliette while she was on her daily run.

A Dangerous Shortcut 0
A Dangerous Shortcut 1
A Dangerous Shortcut 2
A Dangerous Shortcut 3

Taking a short cut is not always the best decision. Juliette has to experience this firsthand.

Hopping For Freedom 0
Hopping For Freedom 1
Hopping For Freedom 2
Hopping For Freedom 3

When a girl is tightly bound with tape and the only scissor is outdoors at the car, what other choice does she has than hopping to it. All the way.

Ridergirl Captured Outdoors 0
Ridergirl Captured Outdoors 1
Ridergirl Captured Outdoors 2
Ridergirl Captured Outdoors 3

On the way to the stables Juliette runs into the arms of a pervert. She has to put on handcuffs and forcibly go with the guy.

Tied To A Tree 0
Tied To A Tree 1
Tied To A Tree 2
Tied To A Tree 3

Every prisoner should be allowed to get some fresh air. But only if she is unable to escape.

Private Strip Club 0
Private Strip Club 1
Private Strip Club 2
Private Strip Club 3

In search of a new slave for his private strip club, the man finds what he wants when Juliette crosses his path.

Real Estate Madness 0
Real Estate Madness 1
Real Estate Madness 2
Real Estate Madness 3

When you are a realtor you will meet some strange people. Juliette for example has met a guy who has stripped her, tied her up with leather cuffs and after calling her office to be sure that no one is searching for her he will take her with him as his new sex slave.

Blonde Caught In The Forest 0
Blonde Caught In The Forest 1
Blonde Caught In The Forest 2
Blonde Caught In The Forest 3

A forest is a dangerous place for a nice blonde girl. Especially when you get lost and ask a man, who has handcuffs in his pocket, for the way.

Captured & Leashed 0
Captured & Leashed 1
Captured & Leashed 2
Captured & Leashed 3

Listen to loud music can be dangerous. So Juliette doesn't hear that a man breaks into her house. As he tries to overpower her she can escape first, but at her car the man captures her. He ties her up and puts a collar around her neck. Now she has to go with him, leashed like a dog.

Handcuffed Outdoor 0
Handcuffed Outdoor 1
Handcuffed Outdoor 2
Handcuffed Outdoor 3

The blonde sweetie was tied to a tree. Her Captor has left her there to get her slavecollar. Will she escape or end up in slavery?

A Walk At The Forest 0
A Walk At The Forest 1
A Walk At The Forest 2
A Walk At The Forest 3

A walk at the forest can be dangerous for a lonely girl. Especially when a horny man is on the hunt.

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