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Mr. King is on the way to the twins. He wants revenge. Marika is on the couch and Milena is not at home. Mr. King goes in the house and takes out some handcuffs. He cuffs the wrists of Marika and she is very surprised to see him. She thought he is in jail. He explains it to her and wants to know who of the twins talks to the police. Marika says that Milena was the one who spoke with the police. However. He wants some ropes and searches after it. Marika runs out of the room down in the cellar. She is not fast enough. Mr. King catches her again and ties her neck to a pole and cuffs her hands behind the pole. While he kisses her Milena arrives. Milena has no idea that Mr. King and Marika are in the cellar. She searches her sister but can't find her. Mr. King gags Marika with a ballgag and goes upstairs to catch the other twin.

In the kitchen Milena will do the dishes as Mr. King overpowers her. She has to go down on her knees and he cuffs her hands behind her back. Thereafter they go downstairs in den bedroom. Milena lies with her back on the bed. He takes off the boots and ties her wrists with cable ties spreaded to the bed and with ropes he ties her ankles to the bed. He leaves her and goes in the cellar. He uncuffs and ungags Marika and they go in another bedroom. She has to lay on her belly on the bed. He ties her ankles with ropes to the bed and he ties her wrists with cable ties also to the bed. He takes out his dick and fucks her from behind. After his orgasm he gags her again and leaves her for Round 2 with Milena. He fucks Milena while Marika struggles on the bed. After fucking her he gags her and leaves the house.

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