Whipping The Naked Slave 0
Whipping The Naked Slave 1
Whipping The Naked Slave 2
Whipping The Naked Slave 3

Obviously the slave was naughty or did not please her master. Otherwise he wouldn't whip her so hard.

Show Me Your Tits 0
Show Me Your Tits 1
Show Me Your Tits 2
Show Me Your Tits 3

Overpowered and handcuffed by a bad guy Juliette has to go with him to the bedroom. There he wants to see her tits. What shall she do, she has no choice.

Vibrated On The Spanish Horse 0
Vibrated On The Spanish Horse 1
Vibrated On The Spanish Horse 2
Vibrated On The Spanish Horse 3

Today we have something very common. Dressed with a leather harness and chained to a metal device, Juliette's pussy is being worked with a vibrator. How do you think she will like it?

Finish Her Outdoors 0
Finish Her Outdoors 1
Finish Her Outdoors 2
Finish Her Outdoors 3

Naked and tied to a tree, Juliette can't do anything about it when the bad man works her nipples and pussy with his torturetools.

Gag Punishment 0
Gag Punishment 1
Gag Punishment 2
Gag Punishment 3

It doesn't always have to be hot wax. With an inflatable gag or a dildo you can excellently punish a slave.

Interrogated On A Chair 0
Interrogated On A Chair 1
Interrogated On A Chair 2
Interrogated On A Chair 3

What an interrogation! The guy has taped Juliettes wrists and ankles and he punishes her in different ways.

Nipple Torment In Shackles 0
Nipple Torment In Shackles 1
Nipple Torment In Shackles 2
Nipple Torment In Shackles 3

Tied up with heavy iron shackles, the naked slave has to endure a painful nipple treatment.

Spreader Bars For Her 0
Spreader Bars For Her 1
Spreader Bars For Her 2
Spreader Bars For Her 3

Juliette is surprised how she is about to steal company secrets. A bad mistake, now she is spread with bars and tied up.

A Hard Time On The Ladder 0
A Hard Time On The Ladder 1
A Hard Time On The Ladder 2
A Hard Time On The Ladder 3

She is naked. She is cuffed on a ladder. She is ballgagged. She is punished with a bamboo cane.

Tied & Spreaded 0
Tied & Spreaded 1
Tied & Spreaded 2
Tied & Spreaded 3

A bad man has overpowered Juliette and is now tying her to her bed with spreaded legs. But what is that? Her sister arrives! Two girls for the price of one? BINGO!

Milking Her Masters Cock 0
Milking Her Masters Cock 1
Milking Her Masters Cock 2
Milking Her Masters Cock 3

She has to give her master a handjob and catch the sperm in a mug. And then she has to clean his cock nicely.

Hogtied In Leather 0
Hogtied In Leather 1
Hogtied In Leather 2
Hogtied In Leather 3

When a sexy girl is laying on your bed with leathercuffs at wrists and ankles, what will be better then tying her up in a strict hogtie?

Double Stuffed Slave 0
Double Stuffed Slave 1
Double Stuffed Slave 2
Double Stuffed Slave 3

A slave's holes should always be filled. This keeps her happy and moist, and makes them a lot easier to use.

Preparing Her For A Walk 0
Preparing Her For A Walk 1
Preparing Her For A Walk 2
Preparing Her For A Walk 3

Juliette and her master want to go out fo a little walk, so it's time to wake up the slavegirl. After Juliette is untied she has to change her dress. Then she gets her hands handcuffed behind and is ready for the walk.

Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 0
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 1
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 2
Cellar Of Pain Vol. 2 3

Poor Juliette. The whipping punishment goes in round 2. She is standing naked in the cellar of pain. Her arms and legs are wide spreaded. She is tied with ropes. Sometimes she has to wear a ballgag, sometimes she is screaming loudly without any gag. But if she is gagged with the ballgag she is drooling a lot. Later the evil man attaches a vibrator in her pussy and fixes the vibrator with a rope and while she is getting an orgasm he whips her sexy body and you can see red marks on her skin.

Anal Dildoed Bride  0
Anal Dildoed Bride  1
Anal Dildoed Bride  2
Anal Dildoed Bride  3

A bride should be prepared to everything that her new husband expects during the marriage. And everything means everything, even anal sex.

Nipple Torment 0
Nipple Torment 1
Nipple Torment 2
Nipple Torment 3

One of the most sensitive areas of a woman are her nipples. And thus the perfect target for agony.

Naked Ass Strappado 0
Naked Ass Strappado 1
Naked Ass Strappado 2
Naked Ass Strappado 3

Chained to the wall at a dungeon Juliette is wating for the things that will happen. A man enters the room and raises her hands behind her back so she must stand hunched over. As he pulls down her jeans Juliette realises that the things that are going to happen are not good for her...

Ladder And Barrel Punishment  0
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  1
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  2
Ladder And Barrel Punishment  3

Juliette is tied with leathercuffs on a ladder. The other coaches are watching her through the camera. Juliette insults the coaches. The man attaches clothespins on her labia and takes a sharp fork and touches her skin and other sensitive places. He strikes her with a rod. Juliette curses and screams a lot. Finally Juliette is tied on the ladder with her head down. He takes a wandvibrator and fucks her pussy while the clothespins are still attached on her labia. It hurts like hell. The nightmare ends on a barrel. He pours water over her head. Juliette is tied and can't escape. He attaches the wandvibrator on her thigh. The vibrator holds now in place in her pussy. Of course he strikes her again.

Breathless Slave 0
Breathless Slave 1
Breathless Slave 2
Breathless Slave 3

At the mercy of her master, Juliette can no longer do anything. If he wants to take her air to breathe, it's his decision. How long will he let her suffer?

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