The Floating Virgin 0
The Floating Virgin 1
The Floating Virgin 2
The Floating Virgin 3

The master tied up his naked slave like a floating virgin. She has to endure a lot!

Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 0
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 1
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 2
Wooden Neckstock & Ballgag For The Slave 3

This time our sweet slavegirl is getting a very special outfit. It reminds to the good medieval times, where a lot women had to wear these things.

Struck The Leather Bitch 0
Struck The Leather Bitch 1
Struck The Leather Bitch 2
Struck The Leather Bitch 3

He tied his blind date between two trees so that he could whip her. When he has enough, he releases the ropes, but only to tie their hands together with ropes again. She moans in her ballgag.

Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 0
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 1
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 2
Arrival At The Punishment Cellar 3

Juliette was sold at the slavemarket. Now it's time for her to see where her new master will punish her in the future.

Waiting In Chains 0
Waiting In Chains 1
Waiting In Chains 2
Waiting In Chains 3

Naked and chained at her cell, she has to wait for the things that would happen.

Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 0
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 1
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 2
Scream Slavegirl, Scream For Me ! 3

This time Juliettes master wants to hear her screams. This will going to be a hard time for her.

The Naked Petgirl 0
The Naked Petgirl 1
The Naked Petgirl 2
The Naked Petgirl 3

Who does not like his own slavegirl on a leash? She does what you ask her to do. And later she will surely come in a cage.

She Will Be Shocked 0
She Will Be Shocked 1
She Will Be Shocked 2
She Will Be Shocked 3

The title says it all. Merciless electro treatment for the poor slave.

Vibrated At The Storage Room 0
Vibrated At The Storage Room 1
Vibrated At The Storage Room 2
Vibrated At The Storage Room 3

Juliette is tied with ropes in a storage room. The guy takes a vibrator and wants to know if the slavegirl will accept her punishment.

Back On Track 0
Back On Track 1
Back On Track 2
Back On Track 3

Juliette is captured outdoors. Tied to a branch of a tree her journey can begin.

Getting Her Slave Equipment 0
Getting Her Slave Equipment 1
Getting Her Slave Equipment 2
Getting Her Slave Equipment 3

Juliette was sent for training. But before the session can start, she is getting all the equipment a good slave has to wear.

Her First Day As A Ponygirl 0
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 1
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 2
Her First Day As A Ponygirl 3

Juliette is new to her ponygirl life. So her master will start with her first lesson. She will learn quickly.

Crotchroped Slave 0
Crotchroped Slave 1
Crotchroped Slave 2
Crotchroped Slave 3

With tied hands and elbows, there is just a crotchrope missing. But her master will fix it, of course.

Stretched Screaming 0
Stretched Screaming 1
Stretched Screaming 2
Stretched Screaming 3

Watch a naked slavegirl while she is stretched and punished on a bank.

Held Captive At The Cellar 0
Held Captive At The Cellar 1
Held Captive At The Cellar 2
Held Captive At The Cellar 3

This is really a perilous situation for the damsel. Brought to a dark cellar she gets cuffed and tied.

Crawling Like A Dog 0
Crawling Like A Dog 1
Crawling Like A Dog 2
Crawling Like A Dog 3

Juliette was shopping too long. Her master is annoyed and lets her crawling like a dog.

Walking Tour Disaster 0
Walking Tour Disaster 1
Walking Tour Disaster 2
Walking Tour Disaster 3

Juliette is on a walking trip with a backpack and a tent. She meets a man and asks him for good place for camping. She goes away to a silent place and builds up the tent and after a while she gets tired and lays in the sun. All the time a bad guy is watching her and while she lays on the towel he creeps along to Juliette with a stick in his hands. He surprises her and Juliette fights back but at the end she has no chance. She lays again on the floor and he stretches her legs and arms. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a slavecollar and her attaches her wrists on the slavecollar behind her neck. She has to stand up and he leads her to a ladder. She has to sit and lay down on the ladder. He ties her toes with a rope and connects the feets also to the ladder with a rope. He wants to know what she is doing here. He doesn't believe her that she is only on a walking tour. Time for Interrogation in different ways but Juliette is tough. So he has another idea. He takes off the ropes and leads her to another place.

The Puppy Cage 0
The Puppy Cage 1
The Puppy Cage 2
The Puppy Cage 3

If a girl was naughty, or just for fun, a dog cage is just the best place for her.

Spreadeagled Orgasm 0
Spreadeagled Orgasm 1
Spreadeagled Orgasm 2
Spreadeagled Orgasm 3

Slavegirl Juliette ist standing in the punishment room. A lot of bondage devices are attached on the wall. A webcam is watching her and customers can see her in livestream. A guy presents the slavegirl for the audience and soon the punishment starts.


Sexslave Of The Bottle  0
Sexslave Of The Bottle  1
Sexslave Of The Bottle  2
Sexslave Of The Bottle  3

A guy finds a bottle in his cellar with a genie in it. Now she is in the hands of the man and has to fulfill his wishes. First the guy commands her to stimulate her pussy with a dildo. After that she has to lay on her back and she has to suck his dick. Then it's time for a little anal fucking. Finnaly he cums on her face.



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