Walk Of A Slave Girl 0
Walk Of A Slave Girl 1
Walk Of A Slave Girl 2
Walk Of A Slave Girl 3

So that she can later present herself correctly to the highest bidder, a slave must train.

Her Last Ride 0
Her Last Ride 1
Her Last Ride 2
Her Last Ride 3

At one moment Juliette was out for riding lessons, at another she is captured and in handcuffs chained to a wall. She will soon realize that it was her last ride.

Overpowered & Taped 0
Overpowered & Taped 1
Overpowered & Taped 2
Overpowered & Taped 3

An intruder overpowers the girl in her bedroom. An easy catch and soon she is tied up in her satin nightgown.

Tied Down For Orgasm 0
Tied Down For Orgasm 1
Tied Down For Orgasm 2
Tied Down For Orgasm 3

Helplessly feels Juliette the vibrator working in her pussy. The harness holds it in place so it's just a question of time until she will comes to a great orgasm.

The Petgirl 0
The Petgirl 1
The Petgirl 2
The Petgirl 3

Watch a puppytraining while the slavegirl is naked. So sweet.

Monoglove & Harnessgag For Her 0
Monoglove & Harnessgag For Her 1
Monoglove & Harnessgag For Her 2
Monoglove & Harnessgag For Her 3

The slavegirl is getting her new equipment, which will show her how she will be dressed in the future.

Pins Of Pain 0
Pins Of Pain 1
Pins Of Pain 2
Pins Of Pain 3

Tied with her arms over head Juliette has no chance to avoid the pain sticks and clothpins, which will be attached to her sensitive body.

Car Trouble 0
Car Trouble 1
Car Trouble 2
Car Trouble 3

As Juliettes car breaks down she is really happy as a man stops and offers her his help. She doesn't know that he is a bad man which is just on the hunt for a new chick. He cuffs Juliettes hands behind her back and finally she has to do a blowjob, handcuffed to a tree. Not the kind of help she expected...

Punished Blonde Student XXL  0
Punished Blonde Student XXL  1
Punished Blonde Student XXL  2
Punished Blonde Student XXL  3

Juliette is a psychology student. She wants a video of a bdsm session because she wants to see her reactions to the pain. The session starts in the punishment room. How she will react to the pain and punishment during the session you will see via webcam. The master will be very roughly to her!

Only A Nightmare? 0
Only A Nightmare? 1
Only A Nightmare? 2
Only A Nightmare? 3

Juliette doesn't know as she awakes in front of her tent if it was only a nightmare or if she really was punished in this cruel way?

Ready For The Monoglove 0
Ready For The Monoglove 1
Ready For The Monoglove 2
Ready For The Monoglove 3

A slave should not be able to move too much at the "games" her master is playing with her. Here is a good example.

Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 0
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 1
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 2
Interrogation Of A Naked Agent 3

Naked and tied to a chair, the agent is subjected to an interrogation. If she can withstand?

Time For Your Tie Up 0
Time For Your Tie Up 1
Time For Your Tie Up 2
Time For Your Tie Up 3

After doing housework, it is time for the slave to put all her restraints on again. So she will never forget her status.

Anal Electro Probe 0
Anal Electro Probe 1
Anal Electro Probe 2
Anal Electro Probe 3

Big challenge for slavegirl Juliette. She wears a heavy wooden neckstock and her arms are tied behind her back with a monoglove. Her master attaches clothepins on her nipples and he gags her before the punishment starts. A new anal electro probe is waiting for her today. Oh No.......

The Puppy Cage 0
The Puppy Cage 1
The Puppy Cage 2
The Puppy Cage 3

If a girl was naughty, or just for fun, a dog cage is just the best place for her.

Captured At The Hotel 0
Captured At The Hotel 1
Captured At The Hotel 2
Captured At The Hotel 3

A hotel room south of the border is not necessarily the safest place for a single, sexy woman. This must also be experienced by Juliette.

Capturing a New Slave 0
Capturing a New Slave 1
Capturing a New Slave 2
Capturing a New Slave 3

When Juliette takes the hitchhiker with her she does not suspect what is waiting for her. When she wakes up she is in a dungeon, naked and bound, held as a slave.

Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 0
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 1
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 2
Humilating The Slavegirl - Compilation 3

Get now 3 clips in 1 video:

Caged Blowjob Slavegirl : Juliette lays naked on the floor. Her hands are cuffed in a leather armbinder. She is blindfolded and gagged. Her ankles are cuffed with two anklecuffs and leathercuffs and her thighs are connected with leatherbelts. A vibrator works in her pussy and she also has an analplug in her ass. She whimpers and tries to struggle. After a while a man comes in. He watches her a while and then he uncuffs her ankles and takes off the leatherbelts. While she stands he takes out the vibrator and analplugg. But only for new vibrators and more punishment.

- Calling A Master Juliette calls an escort service. She wants a man who is nice and can dance for the evening. Later she is waiting for him dressed in a evening dress. As it knocks at the door she opens. But there is no smart man. Juliette is irritated. The man overpowers her and lays her down on the floor. Later she is tied in a strict hogtie. As she realizes her situation she commands her to untie her. She wants to call the escort service because they send the wrong man. But the man only rolls her to the side and says no word. What is the next he wants to do with her?

- Pain Chip : Juliette lays on the floor and has a painchip in her body. From time to time the painchip works. See how Juliette reacts and whimpers while the painchip works.

A Bad Moving 0
A Bad Moving 1
A Bad Moving 2
A Bad Moving 3

Of course, Juliette did not suspect that the moving company she hired was also specialized in transporting pretty slavegirls.

Bring Her To Her Shackles 0
Bring Her To Her Shackles 1
Bring Her To Her Shackles 2
Bring Her To Her Shackles 3

Starting outdoors Juliette has to walk, with her hands behind her head, to her new owners house. There her slavechains are already waitung for her...

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