Walking Tour Disaster 0
Walking Tour Disaster 1
Walking Tour Disaster 2
Walking Tour Disaster 3

Juliette is on a walking trip with a backpack and a tent. She meets a man and asks him for good place for camping. She goes away to a silent place and builds up the tent and after a while she gets tired and lays in the sun. All the time a bad guy is watching her and while she lays on the towel he creeps along to Juliette with a stick in his hands. He surprises her and Juliette fights back but at the end she has no chance. She lays again on the floor and he stretches her legs and arms. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a slavecollar and her attaches her wrists on the slavecollar behind her neck. She has to stand up and he leads her to a ladder. She has to sit and lay down on the ladder. He ties her toes with a rope and connects the feets also to the ladder with a rope. He wants to know what she is doing here. He doesn't believe her that she is only on a walking tour. Time for Interrogation in different ways but Juliette is tough. So he has another idea. He takes off the ropes and leads her to another place.

The Puppy Cage 0
The Puppy Cage 1
The Puppy Cage 2
The Puppy Cage 3

If a girl was naughty, or just for fun, a dog cage is just the best place for her.

Spreadeagled Orgasm 0
Spreadeagled Orgasm 1
Spreadeagled Orgasm 2
Spreadeagled Orgasm 3

Slavegirl Juliette ist standing in the punishment room. A lot of bondage devices are attached on the wall. A webcam is watching her and customers can see her in livestream. A guy presents the slavegirl for the audience and soon the punishment starts.


Sexslave Of The Bottle  0
Sexslave Of The Bottle  1
Sexslave Of The Bottle  2
Sexslave Of The Bottle  3

A guy finds a bottle in his cellar with a genie in it. Now she is in the hands of the man and has to fulfill his wishes. First the guy commands her to stimulate her pussy with a dildo. After that she has to lay on her back and she has to suck his dick. Then it's time for a little anal fucking. Finnaly he cums on her face.



Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 0
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 1
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 2
Juliette's Exhibition - XXL MOVIE 3

Juliette comes in the room with a man wearing a ski mask and holding a pole attached to Juliettes collar. The man makes her walk around the room and “shows” her to the camera. She is the slavegirl for tonight and she has to entertain all with her orgasm.

This Job Gone Bad 0
This Job Gone Bad 1
This Job Gone Bad 2
This Job Gone Bad 3

Unfortunately, this pretty real estate agent has advised the wrong customer. He has nothing good in mind. Quickly Juliette is bound with leather restraints and can now be inspected.

A Bad Bedtime Story 0
A Bad Bedtime Story 1
A Bad Bedtime Story 2
A Bad Bedtime Story 3

There are many goodnight stories that can provoke real nightmares. Juliette experiences one like that.

Naked Slave With Inflatable Gag 0
Naked Slave With Inflatable Gag 1
Naked Slave With Inflatable Gag 2
Naked Slave With Inflatable Gag 3

An inflatable gag fills a slave's mouth perfectly, but it's arguably the worst gag for her. A vicious circle.

You'll Stay Here As A Slave 0
You'll Stay Here As A Slave 1
You'll Stay Here As A Slave 2
You'll Stay Here As A Slave 3

Juliette is still hoping that she can go. But is this hope really justified, bound and gagged as she is.

Slaves Nightmare  0
Slaves Nightmare  1
Slaves Nightmare  2
Slaves Nightmare  3

Juliette sits in the punishment room. She is naked. On her head is a hood and her hands and her neck are cuffed in a long wooden neck stock. She is sitting and waiting for the master. As he comes in he takes off the hood. Juliette is gagged with a big ball gag. He ungags her and takes another harness gag and gags her with it. Then he takes a vibrating butt plug and inserts the plug in her ass. Juliette moans loudly. He takes some nipple suckers and attaches it to her nipples. The suckers are with electrical stimulation. And soon her tries out the stimulation with a remote control. Juliette screams and arches her back. After a while he allows her to calm down and squeezes some honey through the gag. Now it’s time for a vibrator. He pulls the vibrator in her pussy. He starts the pussy vibrator and the butt vibrator and Juliette moans a lot and he pushes the button of the remote control and Juliette has a screaming orgasm after a while. The master allows her to calm down and she is breathing heavily after he takes off the harness gag. He gags her agin with the ball gag and Juliette has to stay in the position.

Stick Of Pain 0
Stick Of Pain 1
Stick Of Pain 2
Stick Of Pain 3

Juliette was very naughty again. So now she's being given her lesson.

The Gift - XXL Movie - February Special 0
The Gift - XXL Movie - February Special 1
The Gift - XXL Movie - February Special 2
The Gift - XXL Movie - February Special 3

Juliette wants to give her boyfriend a special birthday present and she wants help from a therapist who should teach her to be an obedient slavegirl. At first Juliette doubts her plan, but then she signs the contract. The next day she comes into a room that is full of bondage equipment and she looks around curiously. She has to do different things, for example to endure a strict hogtie for a while. But that is not all.

Captured At Her Morning Run 0
Captured At Her Morning Run 1
Captured At Her Morning Run 2
Captured At Her Morning Run 3

It's an easy job to capture a girl when she runs the same track every morning. Juliette has done this mistake and now she finds herself tied and gag at the mans cellar.

Captured At The Spinning Course 0
Captured At The Spinning Course 1
Captured At The Spinning Course 2
Captured At The Spinning Course 3

If a spinning teacher likes bondage games and even likes his student, she can very quickly find herself handcuffed in an extreme situation.

Treating Her Nipples With Matches 0
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 1
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 2
Treating Her Nipples With Matches 3
While the agent is tied up stretched out, the guy takes matches and works on her nipples to get her to speak.
Upturned Table Torment 0
Upturned Table Torment 1
Upturned Table Torment 2
Upturned Table Torment 3

It is a really exhausting, painful position in which Juliette was tied. But what is still in store for her now she would never have known.

Punishment Topsellers 2020 - Compilation 0
Punishment Topsellers 2020 - Compilation 1
Punishment Topsellers 2020 - Compilation 2
Punishment Topsellers 2020 - Compilation 3

Get now our 3 Punishment Topseller Movies 2020 in 1 Video:

Severe Interrogation

Hard challenge today for slavegirl Juliette. She hears some noise of another woman but has no idea who she is. And why is Juliette interrogated so roughly today? Juliette is cuffed and penetrated in a new punishment room and has real tears in her eyes...


The Punishment Gym

The agent prepares for a new mission and uses lifting weights. Her personal trainer has something other in mind and ties her wrists to a bar and stretches her with it. Her legs are also tied up so that the agent cannot easily leave the training area. Now her personal trainer can do whatever he wants with her.


The Shock Collar

The master of Juliette has got a new collar: a shock collar. She will also be extremely gagged. While a vibrator and anal plug are in her, she will have an orgasm and electric shocks at the same time. The slavegirl waits in a room. Her hands are secured with an armbinder and she wears a collar. She is chained and listens in fear to what her master has to say. Then she has to go in the punishment room, where she has to kneel down. She gets heavy ankle cuffs around her ankles and now it is time for gagging, anal plug, vibrator and the new shock collar.

You Can Ring My Bells 0
You Can Ring My Bells 1
You Can Ring My Bells 2
You Can Ring My Bells 3

A slave should of course primarily serve the entertainment of her master and his guests. small bells on the nipples are definitely a musical highlight.

Walk Of A Slave Girl 0
Walk Of A Slave Girl 1
Walk Of A Slave Girl 2
Walk Of A Slave Girl 3

So that she can later present herself correctly to the highest bidder, a slave must train.

Her Last Ride 0
Her Last Ride 1
Her Last Ride 2
Her Last Ride 3

At one moment Juliette was out for riding lessons, at another she is captured and in handcuffs chained to a wall. She will soon realize that it was her last ride.

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