Night Surprise 0
Night Surprise 1
Night Surprise 2
Night Surprise 3

Actually, Juliette just wanted to get a glass of water. But unfortunately she surprised the burglar. Now she knows what a hogtie is.

Hogtied By The Loan Shark 0
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 1
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 2
Hogtied By The Loan Shark 3

When it's payback time and you don't have the money you've got a problem. Especially when you are a good looking girl.

Hogtied On The Floor 0
Hogtied On The Floor 1
Hogtied On The Floor 2
Hogtied On The Floor 3

Juliette gets tied up in a strict Hogtie. Naked and on the floor she struggles a lot.

No Work Out For Her 0
No Work Out For Her 1
No Work Out For Her 2
No Work Out For Her 3

How should Juliette shape her body if she is tied and gagged? We don't know, but we know that her struggling is a good work out too.

Delivery Girl Hogtied 0
Delivery Girl Hogtied 1
Delivery Girl Hogtied 2
Delivery Girl Hogtied 3

She gets no cash after the pizza delivery. Instead ropes and a hogtie are waiting for her.

Couch Casual Hogtie 0
Couch Casual Hogtie 1
Couch Casual Hogtie 2
Couch Casual Hogtie 3

Hogtied at the couch in her casual outfit Juliette is really sweet.

Sexy Chicks Captured 0
Sexy Chicks Captured 1
Sexy Chicks Captured 2
Sexy Chicks Captured 3

Two different capturing scenes: Rope hogtie on a couch and spreaded, ballgagged girl on the bed.

Bound Angry Girl  - XXL Movie 0
Bound Angry Girl  - XXL Movie 1
Bound Angry Girl  - XXL Movie 2
Bound Angry Girl  - XXL Movie 3

Juliette gets really angry. She ties herself and her friend comes later at this evening. She has no idea how to free herself again. Later he ties and gags her very tight. She can't escape and that is the problem. A really bound angry girl!

Why Am I Hogtied ? 0
Why Am I Hogtied ? 1
Why Am I Hogtied ? 2
Why Am I Hogtied ? 3

That's a good question. Because we like to see Juliette tied up and struggling, of course.

Hit And Run

JulietteA44:21 minutesBlow Job, Bondage Sex, Hogtie
Hit And Run 0
Hit And Run 1
Hit And Run 2
Hit And Run 3

Juliette sits in the sun and reads a magazine. Suddenly she hears a car and she puts on her white boots and goes to the man who comes out or the car. After a few seconds she knows who he is. Last week she damaged a mirror from a car. And this is the owner from the damaged car and he is very angry and wants to call a lawyer and the police. Juliette won't loose her driver license and wants to pay a lot of money for the damaged mirror. But the man has another idea. He wants to tie her up. She is not amused but after a while of thinking she agrees. They go to the garage and he searches after ropes. But Juliette has no ropes and she is happy, because he can not tie her today. But he finds some cable ties. He ties her wrists on her back and they go to the house.

In the living room Juliette has to lay on the sofa. First she lays on her back but the guy commands her to lay on the belly. He ties her ankles with cable ties and also her knees. And he connects all to a strict hogtie. Juliette moans a lot because the cable ties cuts her skin. It's not very comfortable. He takes out his dick and she blows it. Sometimes she also lick his dick because she has the idea that she can go after the blowjob. But this is a mistake...


Spandex Hogtie 0
Spandex Hogtie 1
Spandex Hogtie 2
Spandex Hogtie 3

Aerobic should be a great work out for girls. But how should Juliette do it this way, tied up and gagged?

Intense Hogtie 0
Intense Hogtie 1
Intense Hogtie 2
Intense Hogtie 3

A Hogtie is always a intense position for a slave, but what if we make it a very intensive tie up. For example by tying the slavegirls feet to her hair....

Hogtied After Summer Walk 0
Hogtied After Summer Walk 1
Hogtied After Summer Walk 2
Hogtied After Summer Walk 3

After Juliette came home from a summer walk, she was surprised by a man. Now she's hogtied and gagged, struggling against the ropes.

Hogtied At The Cold Floor 0
Hogtied At The Cold Floor 1
Hogtied At The Cold Floor 2
Hogtied At The Cold Floor 3

There are certainly more pleasant moments in the life of a slave than lying naked on a cold floor in a hogtie. But Juliette has no choice.

A New Slavegirl Is Captured 0
A New Slavegirl Is Captured 1
A New Slavegirl Is Captured 2
A New Slavegirl Is Captured 3

Every good entrepreneur has to fill up his warehouse. This time Juliette got caught and so she has to wait in the dungeon for her sale.

Don't Play With Your Boss - XXL Movie 0
Don't Play With Your Boss - XXL Movie 1
Don't Play With Your Boss - XXL Movie 2
Don't Play With Your Boss - XXL Movie 3

Juliette reads a bondage book at her desk. While her colleagues are having lunch she cuffs and gags herself. Really embarrassing as her boss discovers her while she is cuffed on the chair. But he has an idea. He wants to tie her in other positions and if she can escape she can go home. But the hogtie is very thight! However she gets a second chance, but her boss obviously knows exactly how to tie a woman and it will definitely not be easy for Juliette. No matter how she is tied to the post: the ropes are tight and firm.

Captured And Fucked On The Table 0
Captured And Fucked On The Table 1
Captured And Fucked On The Table 2
Captured And Fucked On The Table 3

Juliette takes the way through the woods. A guy is watching her and takes his chance. He checks out if the way is free that nobody can see him if he pushes his victim through the woods to his house.

Cheerleader Hogtie Struggling 0
Cheerleader Hogtie Struggling 1
Cheerleader Hogtie Struggling 2
Cheerleader Hogtie Struggling 3

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader is tied in a hogtie. She struggles for you.

An Incredible Hogtie 0
An Incredible Hogtie 1
An Incredible Hogtie 2
An Incredible Hogtie 3

Juliette is tied up in a strict hogtie. The head is stretched out and her mouth is opened with a mouth spreader. Her master can roll her on the side and push a dildo through the mouth spreader.

Zip Tied Struggling 0
Zip Tied Struggling 1
Zip Tied Struggling 2
Zip Tied Struggling 3

Tied with a lot of zip ties Juliette tries much to free herself. But does the struggling really help?

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