Cycletrack Distress 0
Cycletrack Distress 1
Cycletrack Distress 2
Cycletrack Distress 3

She just wanted to help. But he handcuffs her and now impels his prisoner through the forest.

Her Last Ride 0
Her Last Ride 1
Her Last Ride 2
Her Last Ride 3

At one moment Juliette was out for riding lessons, at another she is captured and in handcuffs chained to a wall. She will soon realize that it was her last ride.

Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 0
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 1
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 2
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 3

This hot cheerleader is getting captured by a guy in her own home.

She Said: He's A Bad Guy 0
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 1
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 2
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 3

Her sister had warned her: This guy is bad.
Unfortunately, Juliette did not want to hear. Now she is handcuffed on her way to the bedroom ...

Handcuffed To The Wall 0
Handcuffed To The Wall 1
Handcuffed To The Wall 2
Handcuffed To The Wall 3

Juliette was captured on her way home. Now the bad guy brings her to his basement and chains her to the wall with handcuffs. Poor girl.

Megan Cuffed

6:31 minutesBondage, Handcuffs, Hogtie
Megan Cuffed 0
Megan Cuffed 1
Megan Cuffed 2
Megan Cuffed 3

Megan is cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs in a hogtie. She believes that the man uncuffs her if she presents the shackles in a sexy way. "Oh No my dear!"

Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 0
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 1
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 2
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 3

There is probably no nicer jewelry for a blonde than shiny steel shackles. And in sexy suspenders she is even more beautiful.

Redhead Hogtied 0
Redhead Hogtied 1
Redhead Hogtied 2
Redhead Hogtied 3

With steel shackles in a hogtie and gagged with a ball. Is there anything better to make this sexy redhead aware of the hopelessness of her situation?

Metal Bondage Hogtie 0
Metal Bondage Hogtie 1
Metal Bondage Hogtie 2
Metal Bondage Hogtie 3

This sexy blonde is only clothed with underwear and suspenders. Now she isstruggling against the heavy steel shackles that keep her inexorable in a hogtie.

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