Imprisoned South Of The Border 0
Imprisoned South Of The Border 1
Imprisoned South Of The Border 2
Imprisoned South Of The Border 3

A journey can be a lot of fun. Or you can end in a prison, like Juliette.

Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 0
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 1
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 2
Sexslave Wanted - XXL Movie 3

Juliette has got an offer to clean up a house. As she comes to the house only the houseowner is at home. Juliette talked about the job with his wife. But he knows who Juliette is and he begs her to come in and take a seat. He wants to give her the contract but before he leaves her she wants some water because Juliette is thirsty. No problem, but Juliette doesn't see that the guy puts something in the water.

Collared & Cuffed 0
Collared & Cuffed 1
Collared & Cuffed 2
Collared & Cuffed 3

Juliette was caught in the forest by a stranger. Now she has to follow the man to his house on a leash. Her hands are handcuffed on her back. Once there, she is chained to a lawnmower in the basement. Poor Juliette.

Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 0
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 1
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 2
Naked Struggling At The Dungeon 3

Naked and handcuffed, the blonde slave could come to terms with her situation. But she doesn't do it, she fights against the chains.

White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 0
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 1
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 2
White Blouse Handcuffed Handjob 3

First laying in a hogtie Juliettes master is disconnetcing her wrsit and ankles. But still handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged she has to satisfy her master now with a handjob.

The Captured Witch 0
The Captured Witch 1
The Captured Witch 2
The Captured Witch 3

There were certainly more dangerous times for witches, but who says that it can't be like that nowadays?

Cycletrack Distress 0
Cycletrack Distress 1
Cycletrack Distress 2
Cycletrack Distress 3

She just wanted to help. But he handcuffs her and now impels his prisoner through the forest.

Her Last Ride 0
Her Last Ride 1
Her Last Ride 2
Her Last Ride 3

At one moment Juliette was out for riding lessons, at another she is captured and in handcuffs chained to a wall. She will soon realize that it was her last ride.

Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 0
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 1
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 2
Cheerleader Captured & Cuffed 3

This hot cheerleader is getting captured by a guy in her own home.

She Said: He's A Bad Guy 0
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 1
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 2
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 3

Her sister had warned her: This guy is bad.
Unfortunately, Juliette did not want to hear. Now she is handcuffed on her way to the bedroom ...

Handcuffed To The Wall 0
Handcuffed To The Wall 1
Handcuffed To The Wall 2
Handcuffed To The Wall 3

Juliette was captured on her way home. Now the bad guy brings her to his basement and chains her to the wall with handcuffs. Poor girl.

Megan Cuffed

6:31 minutesBondage, Handcuffs, Hogtie
Megan Cuffed 0
Megan Cuffed 1
Megan Cuffed 2
Megan Cuffed 3

Megan is cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs in a hogtie. She believes that the man uncuffs her if she presents the shackles in a sexy way. "Oh No my dear!"

Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 0
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 1
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 2
Metal Cuffs For The Blonde 3

There is probably no nicer jewelry for a blonde than shiny steel shackles. And in sexy suspenders she is even more beautiful.

Redhead Hogtied 0
Redhead Hogtied 1
Redhead Hogtied 2
Redhead Hogtied 3

With steel shackles in a hogtie and gagged with a ball. Is there anything better to make this sexy redhead aware of the hopelessness of her situation?

Metal Bondage Hogtie 0
Metal Bondage Hogtie 1
Metal Bondage Hogtie 2
Metal Bondage Hogtie 3

This sexy blonde is only clothed with underwear and suspenders. Now she isstruggling against the heavy steel shackles that keep her inexorable in a hogtie.

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