Overpowered & Taped 0
Overpowered & Taped 1
Overpowered & Taped 2
Overpowered & Taped 3

An intruder overpowers the girl in her bedroom. An easy catch and soon she is tied up in her satin nightgown.

The Tricked Escape Artist 0
The Tricked Escape Artist 1
The Tricked Escape Artist 2
The Tricked Escape Artist 3

Juliette is a successful escape artist. But what did she have to read in the newspaper to her astonishment? There is a new escapologist?! And she should be even better than herself! Juliette can't let that go. She calls her assistant and immediately begins to practice the new program with him.

He is supposed to tie her up like on the stage, but first he is supposed to subject her to a body search. The newspaper suspects that Juliette used aids to break free.

But what Juliette doesn't know: Her assistant is in league with her competitor. The two want to get rid of Juliette once and for all.

Juliette notices too late which game her assistant is playing with her and that she cannot escape from this bondage.


Treetied With Handcuffs 0
Treetied With Handcuffs 1
Treetied With Handcuffs 2
Treetied With Handcuffs 3

This is just unreal. Only wearing sneakers and jeans, he ties her to a tree. She is gagged with a ball gag. He cuffs her wrists and just leaves her standing by the tree in the forest.

Hogtied Cheerleader 0
Hogtied Cheerleader 1
Hogtied Cheerleader 2
Hogtied Cheerleader 3

After using her, he leaves the cheerleader in a hogtie. Her mouth is taped with black duct tape. Can she escape?

Queen Of Pain XXL 0
Queen Of Pain XXL 1
Queen Of Pain XXL 2
Queen Of Pain XXL 3

Juliette's book publisher is impatient. Where is the manuscript about Cora the jungle princess? Such a crap. Juliette has a write inhibition and she hopes that she comes up with an idea during the fitness training. Juliette seems to get an idea while lifting weights. She lies down in her bed and begins to dream. In the jungle, Kora is only wearing a leather skirt and runs through the forest with a spear. She looks for the bad guys and finds them out. There is a fight, but Cora is not strong enough ...

A Dangerous Running Track 0
A Dangerous Running Track 1
A Dangerous Running Track 2
A Dangerous Running Track 3

If you are running at the forest be sure it's safe there. Here you'll see what can happen if a bad guy is on the hunt.

A Dangerous Shortcut 0
A Dangerous Shortcut 1
A Dangerous Shortcut 2
A Dangerous Shortcut 3

Taking a short cut is not always the best decision. Juliette has to experience this firsthand.

She Said: He's A Bad Guy 0
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 1
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 2
She Said: He's A Bad Guy 3

Her sister had warned her: This guy is bad.
Unfortunately, Juliette did not want to hear. Now she is handcuffed on her way to the bedroom ...

Handcuffed To The Wall 0
Handcuffed To The Wall 1
Handcuffed To The Wall 2
Handcuffed To The Wall 3

Juliette was captured on her way home. Now the bad guy brings her to his basement and chains her to the wall with handcuffs. Poor girl.

She Has To Watch Helplessly 0
She Has To Watch Helplessly 1
She Has To Watch Helplessly 2
She Has To Watch Helplessly 3

Helplessly tied in a hogtie, Juliette must watch the evil guy searches her room. Hopefully he'll leave her alone soon, or what's he doing with the gag?

Sold Into Slavery 0
Sold Into Slavery 1
Sold Into Slavery 2
Sold Into Slavery 3

Half naked and tied up, the girl sits on the cold floor of her dungeon. How did she come here? And what will happen to her now?

The Lost Documents 0
The Lost Documents 1
The Lost Documents 2
The Lost Documents 3

It certainly was not a good idea when Juliette thought she could blackmail her boss. Now she is in trouble.

The Analplug Belt 0
The Analplug Belt 1
The Analplug Belt 2
The Analplug Belt 3

Even as a rider you need a good workout. Tied in a strappado Juliette is a chastity belt with an anal plug put on. So the riding lesson is even more fun.

Twins In Peril 0
Twins In Peril 1
Twins In Peril 2
Twins In Peril 3

Twins story with Milena and Marika. First Milena is overpowered and tied and gagged. At the moment as the man wants to take off his pants her hears a car. Marika arrives and has no idea what has happened in the house. She goes in and the guy stands behind the door and overpowers her. No chance to escape. Marika is afraid about what has happened to her sister. He pushes her to the sofa and ties her knees and feets and hands with ropes and connected all to a strict hogtie.

Ropetied Escape Try 0
Ropetied Escape Try 1
Ropetied Escape Try 2
Ropetied Escape Try 3

Juliette was tied up with a lot of ropes. Now that she is alone, she tries with all her strength to free herself.

Intruder In Heavy Ties 0
Intruder In Heavy Ties 1
Intruder In Heavy Ties 2
Intruder In Heavy Ties 3

If you are not careful as a burglar, it can quickly happen that you are tied up with a bunch of ropes. So tied up, it's an easy game for the police.

Ready For Hogtie 0
Ready For Hogtie 1
Ready For Hogtie 2
Ready For Hogtie 3

Juliette would not have thought that when she went to bed. In the middle of the night she is tied up by a guy.

Caught In The Woods II 0
Caught In The Woods II 1
Caught In The Woods II 2
Caught In The Woods II 3

The continuation of "Caught In The Woods": Juliette was taken by an evil man. Now she is in his house and has no chance for escape. He ties her with a lot of ropes and has a lot of fun with his victim.

Delivery Of A Slavegirl  0
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  1
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  2
Delivery Of A Slavegirl  3

The slave trader is expecting a new delivery. When the box arrives, he opens it and checks the goods. What a pretty slave was delivered, his customer will be happy.

What Will You Do To Me ? 0
What Will You Do To Me ? 1
What Will You Do To Me ? 2
What Will You Do To Me ? 3

Half naked, gagged and with tied breasts Juliette is brought into the room. After her boots and jeans have been taken off, she is chained with a collar to the bed. Just as she has to present her ass, the question "what will you do to me" is quickly answered.

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