Miley Captured 0
Miley Captured 1
Miley Captured 2
Miley Captured 3

Miley hasn't heard the intruder, who was in her house. Now it's too late to escape.

The Auction Block 0
The Auction Block 1
The Auction Block 2
The Auction Block 3

Impaled and tied up this slavegirl has no chance to escape while the bids on her are raising. Which master will win the bidding?

Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 0
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 1
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 2
Cyclist Blowjob - XXL Movie 3

As Juliette rides with her cycle she comes to a man who needs help. But it was just a trick to capture Juliette. Deep in the woods she has to suck the mans dick with her hands cuffed behind her back. Finally she gets cuffed to a tree with naked tits and can only wait for someone who will rescue her.

Imprisoned South Of The Border 0
Imprisoned South Of The Border 1
Imprisoned South Of The Border 2
Imprisoned South Of The Border 3

A journey can be a lot of fun. Or you can end in a prison, like Juliette.

Casual Kitchen Tie Up 0
Casual Kitchen Tie Up 1
Casual Kitchen Tie Up 2
Casual Kitchen Tie Up 3

Wearing her casual outfit Juliette gets tied up at the kitchen. Gagged with a bandana and with her breasts exposed.

Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 0
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 1
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 2
Taken Hitchhiker - XXL Movie 3

Juliettes car has a breakdown, so she tries to tramp to get help. A car stops and she gets in the car. A big mistake. He places her on the backseat. Then he drives away with Juliette. The man stops at his house and he carries Juliette on his shoulder. He lays her on a bed. First he ties her ankles and knees with nylons. He also ties her wrists on her back. But that's not all. He also ties her elbows and blindfolds her. Now Juliette realises what has happened and she begs for mercy. But the guy has just one answer: shut up. So he puts a pantyhose gag into Juliettes mouth. He secures the blindfold and gag with another nylonstocking like a mask. Thereafter he ties her in a hogtie. Juliette struggles a lot but she has no chance to escape. The man lifts her dress and touches her cunt and ass. Now it's clear what the man wants. He cuts a hole into Juliettes pantyhose and pushes his dick into her cunt. She moans through her gag. The man fucks her hard from behind. After the man has squirt his sperm into her pussy he leaves her. Juliette starts another try to free herself, because she won't be used by the man again.

Sold Into Slavery 0
Sold Into Slavery 1
Sold Into Slavery 2
Sold Into Slavery 3

Half naked and tied up, the girl sits on the cold floor of her dungeon. How did she come here? And what will happen to her now?

Waiting In Chains 0
Waiting In Chains 1
Waiting In Chains 2
Waiting In Chains 3

Naked and chained at her cell, she has to wait for the things that would happen.

Spy In Distress 0
Spy In Distress 1
Spy In Distress 2
Spy In Distress 3

What could happen to a spy who feels safe can we see immediately. It begins with a sexy phone call as someone knocks at the door. Juliette opens the door. A masked man rushes in. It’s a undercover policeman who observed Juliette and now it’s time for her arrest. She has to stand at the wall with hand up. She gets leathercuffs and her arms are cuffed behind her back. Juliette moans and says, that he is wrong at her house and that she has not done anything. Because she talks to much she not only get a slavecollar, she also get a harnessgag. Her feets are also cuffed and both leave the room. Not so easy to go, because the anklecuffs interfere with walking. Especially stairs climbing is very difficult. They go to a car and the policeman drives with Juliette to the next interrogation. In the next room Juliette gets also nippleclamps. Nippleclamps let women always talk. But Juliette is obstinate. The guy brings Juliette in another room. There she has to sit on a chair. Juliette wears only the slavecollar and a leather corsage. She has still the nippleclamps on her nipples and her hands are cuffed behind. The man takes a analplug and puts it in her asshole. He fixes the analplug with a collar. Juliette is not amused and she moans. That’s why she gets again the harnessgag. Now she has as punishment to stand on the chair. Her feets are cuffed together and she gets also leatherstrips around her legs. What a hard punishment. It’s so hard to hold the balance if you are tied so strictly.

Overpowered At Her Running Track 0
Overpowered At Her Running Track 1
Overpowered At Her Running Track 2
Overpowered At Her Running Track 3

Out of luck Juliette is running right into the hands of a maniac. Tied up and blindfolded she is carried away over his shoulder.

Chained Up After Escape Try 0
Chained Up After Escape Try 1
Chained Up After Escape Try 2
Chained Up After Escape Try 3

Juliette is naked and desperated. That's why she goes out without clothes. But the guy catches her again and now shackles and chains are waiting for her.

First Date Peril - XXL Movie 0
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 1
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 2
First Date Peril - XXL Movie 3

Juliette enjoys the sun. She will have a date later at the day. A first date with an unknown guy. She is very excited but the first date will be a disaster for her. She had too much tequila and she doesn't realize that the guy ties her wrists and ankles first on the sofa and later in the bedroom. He licks and fucks her.

Sexy Chicks Captured 0
Sexy Chicks Captured 1
Sexy Chicks Captured 2
Sexy Chicks Captured 3

Two different capturing scenes: Rope hogtie on a couch and spreaded, ballgagged girl on the bed.

Crotchroped Slave 0
Crotchroped Slave 1
Crotchroped Slave 2
Crotchroped Slave 3

With tied hands and elbows, there is just a crotchrope missing. But her master will fix it, of course.

Held Captive At The Cellar 0
Held Captive At The Cellar 1
Held Captive At The Cellar 2
Held Captive At The Cellar 3

This is really a perilous situation for the damsel. Brought to a dark cellar she gets cuffed and tied.

Collared & Cuffed 0
Collared & Cuffed 1
Collared & Cuffed 2
Collared & Cuffed 3

Juliette was caught in the forest by a stranger. Now she has to follow the man to his house on a leash. Her hands are handcuffed on her back. Once there, she is chained to a lawnmower in the basement. Poor Juliette.

Never Get Into A Car - XXL Movie - May Special 0
Never Get Into A Car - XXL Movie - May Special 1
Never Get Into A Car - XXL Movie - May Special 2
Never Get Into A Car - XXL Movie - May Special 3

Juliette is on the way to the next city. But the way is long and suddenly a car is coming and the man asks her if he can take her to the town. The guy is very kindly so Juliette has no fear to sit beside him in the car. A big mistake. 

After Juliette is cuffed and got her slavecollar, she is brought to a house. There her new life as the mans personal sexslave can begin.

She is brought to a cell downstairs where she gets chained to the wall. Time to do her first blowjob. After the man has shot his cum right into Juliette face he leaves her alone. She tries to escape, but without success. After a night in her cell she is lead upstairs, where she has to undress. Of course it's time for another blowjob and this time Juliette has to swallow all the cum.

Intruder Tied Up 0
Intruder Tied Up 1
Intruder Tied Up 2
Intruder Tied Up 3

Juliette was surprised by a break-in. Now the homeowner ties her up with ropes and gags her with a ballgag. The police will gladly receive this nicely tied package.

Athlete Captured & Tied 0
Athlete Captured & Tied 1
Athlete Captured & Tied 2
Athlete Captured & Tied 3

Being a famous athlete can be very dangerous. So this soccer girl was captured by a fan and has now to follow him to her new home.

Night Invasion  0
Night Invasion  1
Night Invasion  2
Night Invasion  3

Juliette is laying in her bed. Suddenly a noise wakes her up. She stands up to check what has happened, a big mistake... She is very tired and doesn't see the man in her living room.

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