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The man pushes the bladder into her mouth, then straps the gag behind her head. He straps also the harness panel gag over the breather gag. Next he picks up a pair of electro-pads and lays them on Juliette’s chest. Juliette moans loudly as he peels away the backing and presses one to each side of her breast near her nipple. He does likewise to her other breast. She tries to raise her head to watch him as he places the pads. He plugs the wires into a control box beside the frame.

Now he takes a tripod stand with a ring at its top and places it between Juliette’s legs. He removes the loin cloth over Juliette’s hips. Next he takes a pole with an electro-stim insertable probe attached to the end and holds it over Juliette’s face. She looks at it terrified as he lubricates the electro-stim. He then goes to her legs and pushes the end of the pole opposite the electro-stim through the ring on the tripod. Now he massages Juliette’s crotch until she starts to moan from the stimulation. He slowly inserts the pole into her body. The man tapes the wire down the pole and plugs it into a control box.

Now he sits on the stool by Juliette’s head and looks down at her. He want from her that she talks no otherwise this is going very painful for her. Juliette shakes her head . The man takes two plugs from his pocket and places one on Juliette’s chest. He inserts the plugs into her nostrils. Next he picks up the bulb of the gag and pumps it several times Juliette’s eye grow very wide as the bladder expands in her mouth. She shakes her head. The man leaves the scene and comes back with two black nipple crushers. Because Juliette won't talk he takes of the clothespins and places both crushers over her nipples. Juliette screams as it squeezes her flesh.

Now the man takes the electro-stim remote control and shows it to Juliette. She looks at it terrified. He says, “Now Juliette, I can send current to your pussy like this…” He presses the button and Juliette screams loudly. Her body convulses and she tries to raise her hips, straining against the ropes. The man releases the button and says, “Or I can send current to your breasts…….” He presses another button and Juliette screams again and raises her chest, rocking it from side to side. The man stops the current. He looks down at Juliette and takes the breather tube in his hand and says, “I can also control your breathing…..” He puts his finger over the tube. Juliette’s eyes grow wide and she screams as she realizes she cannot breathe. She shakes her head. It goes on for a long time. Sometimes he controls the breathing, sometimes he presses the button.

Finally he asks her again if she wanna talk. Yes, now Juliette will talk about the informations she has. He removes the gags and he asks her about her sister. He is satisfied. That's why he also take off the nipple crushers. But he has to gag her again with the ballgag. He holds the ball gag over Juliette’s face. She looks at it and then opens her mouth. The man straps the gag in her mouth. The man leaves the scene and Juliette waits now that the boss is coming.