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Juliettes is leading by a man in the basement by a man. She is dressed in a striped pajama and in nylons. Steel shackles are secured to her ankles and wrists. Her wrists are in front of her body. She is also wearing a heavy steel slave collar. Chains are attached between her wrists and ankles and then from the collar to the chains between her wrists and ankles. A penis gag has been stuffed into her mouth and strapped tightly behind her head. The lights are switched on and the man leads Juliette to a larger table.

Juliette has to stand by the table and he explains that he knows that she has copied files on a disc. And that Mr. Zamboni is also in the basement to watch her interrogation because he want the disc back.

Juliette knows Zamboni is feared for his utter ruthlessness. She looks extremely fearful.

The man removes the chain from her ankle shackles. He then removes the chain from her collar but leaves it on. Next he removes the shackles from her wrists completely.

He slowly unbuttons her shirt and slides it over and down her shoulders. He pulls the shirt off her wrists and holding them, takes the piece of black rope and binds her wrists behind her back.

She is now totally nude and has steel shackles on her ankles, a steel collar around her neck, the penis gag in her mouth and her wrists bound behind her back. The man slowly turns her around so the camera can roam over her body. She looks at it when it looks at her face.

He unbuckles the penis gag and put the ring gag in her mouth. Then he takes her arm and commands her to sit on the larger table, then he makes her lie back until her head and neck are in the cradle on the frame. He takes a bungee cord and hooks one end to the harness, then stretches it to the side of the frame. He does likewise to the other side.

Now the man goes to the other end of the table and picking up Juliette’s feets.

Next the man puts a tall tripod next to Juliette’s head. He places it close enough so she can see it if she looks out of the corner of her eye. It has a funnel attached to it and a long rubber tube hanging from it. Last chance for her to say where the disc is, but Juliette say nothing.

Juliette squirms and writhes as the man pours the water into the funnel. He does it again and again. She moves her legs from time to time. Juliette screams and gurgles, thrashing around in her bindings. 

The man stops pouring the water and goes over to the table where he picks up the clothespins and black tape. He goes over to Juliette and waits while she calms down a little. The man begins to play with her nipple, making it hard and sensitive. After a while he grasps her breast to present her nipple and slides the jaws of the pin over her nipple. He repeats it with the other nipple. He takes a piece of the black tape and places it diagonally over the pin across the spring mechanism.

He now picks up a water jug and pours more into the funnel. Juliette writhes and twists and arches her back.

Finally the man goes to her feet and slowly begins to lift them. As her legs rise and her feet get above the level of her body, the water in her belly pushes against all. Soon Juliette will say all she knows. She tells that her sister has the disc and that her sister will give the disc to a man next day and she begs both men not to punish her sister because she is innocent.

The man leaves her alone in the basement.