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Twins Sandra and Olivia are at home. Olivia wants to meet a millionare. While she is preparing herself the millionaire arrives. He comes in and after a while of smalltalk he tries to kiss her and she is a little bit afraid and suddenly he takes out handcuffs and cuffs her hands. He pushes her to the bedroom and ties her with ropes in a spreadeagle. Suddenly he hears some noise. It is Sandra. She is searching Olivia. But in the kitchen is not Olivia. The millionaire rushes in and cuffs her hands on her back. He pushes her in another bedroom and ties her also in a spreadeagle. While she is waiting for him, ballgagged and tied in a spreadeagle, the man goes back to bedroom number one and licks Olivia since she has an orgasm. But thereafter he will have some fun with both girls.