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Milena and Marika are twins. Marika is at home as a man from the tax office rings on the door. Marika opens the door but she don't want that the man comes in, because he wants to speak with her sister Milena and Milena is still in her office and not at home. But the man overpowers Marika and ties her up with ropes on the floor and later in a hogtie on the sofa. The guy takes a phone and searches after Milenas number. So Marika has to call to her sister and ask her when she comes home. After calling the guy gags Marikas mouth with nylons. After a short while the guy hears a car. Milena is coming. So the guy overpowers Milena also in the kitchen and cuffs her hands behind. Milena has to pay high taxes and therefor is the man at Milena's home. He wants the money NOW. And he wants some fun with milena. Both goes in the bedroom. Milena has to lay on her bed and the guy ties her with ropes to the bed. Milena wears sexy leather boots, leather skirt and nylons. The man is really horny now! The man fucks Milena from behind and also anal. Yeah, what a good fuck. He gets the taxes and good sex. What he wants more. After he has cums into Milenas pussy he takes the money, gagges Milena and leaves her. She struggles and she tries to answer to Marika who is screaming after her sister.