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My doorbell rings. I open the door and a policeman is standing in front of the door. He says he's from a special unit and says he has a search warrant. I'm confused, but I'm letting him in. The policeman searches my closets. Suddenly he has a bag of white powder in his hand. I tell him it can't be mine. But the guy orders me to stand against the wall with my hands up. Then he searches me and handcuffs me. I am completely defenseless against him now. Now he asks me if I have ropes in the house. He still has to do a thorough body search. I'm so surprised that I tell him there are some ropes in the top drawer. He takes it out, throws me over his shoulder, and carries me into the bedroom. The policeman throws me on my bed without further ado. I am now lying helpless and tied up. Then he ties my feet tightly together. He begins to tie me up in a strict hogtie on the bed. I fight in my bonds but have no chance of breaking free. I tell him I'm innocent but he just laughs. Suddenly he has a ring gag in his hand. I have no idea where he found it and I am completely surprised when he presses the gag into my mouth. He closes the leather strap on the back of my neck and I wonder what he wants to do now. He takes out his cock and pushes it through the ring gag in my mouth. I'm still in a hogtie as he kneels in front of me. He fucks me in the mouth but suddenly he pulls out his cock and starts to release the hogtie. He ties me to my bed in a Spread Eagle. He pulls up my t-shirt and plays with my breasts. Then he pulls down my tights and panties and shoves his cock into my pussy. He fucks me hard until he cums on my stomach and tits. The policeman just takes his clothes and leaves me. Now it's my turn to break the ropes.