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Juliette is catched at her home. She only wears sexy bra and pantie and her hands are cuffed behind her back and she is gagged with an inflatable gag. She has to go in a box. A customer from the masked guy has ordered a lovedoll and unfortunately is Juliette the new lovedoll.

The customer is happy to find a box as he comes in. He opens the box and there is a really sexy love doll in the box. He takes the remote control and pushes the button and the doll stands up with cuffed hands and goes out of the box. She sits on a chair and opens her mouth and the man takes out his dick and sticks his dick in her mouth. Oh yeah. After coming on her mouth she shall refresh her make up and put on a quantity of lipstick.

He wants to play a roleplay with her and she agrees. As she comes in the room again her overpowers her. He gags her with a big ring gag and also an inflatable gag. Juliette is not amused. He touches her body and she has to blow his dick again. After the lipstick is ruined she has to refresh the make up and also new lipstick on her lips. As she now enters the room she is really submissive has the guy catches her. She is not longer angry, no, she will give him a really good blowjob!

She blows his dick and after that the lipstick is ruined again. She takes new and as she enters the room she has to sit on the chair. Now the man wants from her, that she alternately shows other feelings. First angry and defensive and then sweet and submissive. Juliette does a great job as she is gagged with a towel and still handcuffed. He ungags her and she has to lick a big dildo. Then he gags her with the ring gag and the inflatable gag and he is really horny over her playing in the different rolls. So she has to give him a blowjob again. First with ring gag and thereafter without gag. After the blowjob he is tired. She goes in the bathroom and as she comes in again stand the box in the middle of the room. Juliette does not want to go in the box again and she begs him to let her in his house and she does all what her wants. But no way, she has to go in the box again. As he gags her with the pump gag he is really near to her face and okay: a last time. He pushes his dick in her mouth. A last blowjob.