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Mrs. Lawrence has to visit a parent at one of their students. Besides the father it's no one at home. When the teacher takes her bag from her car the man preparing everything for a "compelling" entertainment. Now is the beautiful teacher in the clutches of the man. She must replace her dress up against a leathered mini skirt. Then the man gives her ankles and wristscuffs with which she must cuff herself. The man pulls the teacher then on the couch. There she has to lay down. The man has even bigger plans for her. She must turn on her stomach. Her elbows are tied together. Then the man uncuffs her and ties her wrists with ropes. Finally even her ankles are bound with ropes. After the man has tied her up with ropes the teacher has to kneel in front of the couch. Her breasts are tied up and attached to the couch. The poor teacher has to stay in this humiliating position. What does the man wants from her?

Suddenly her mobile is ringing and her husband wants to know if all is okay. Of course all is okay. She can't say something other. After ringing the man takes out his dick and she has to lick his dick. The man is now really horny because Juliette licks so good! The man wants more. He commands Juliette on the sofa and looks at her sexy butt. He starts now anal fucking. Juliette gets a cleavegag. She moans in her gag. The man is still fucking her anal. Oh yes, he is so horny and Juliettes butt is so sexy. Juliette tries to struggle, but the ropes are tied to tight. When does the anal fucking ends??