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Juliette is brought to a garage by a man. She wears a black latex miniskirt, a cutoff shirt and high heels. She is commanded to strip naked. Then the man commands her to take on some leathercuffs. After Juliette has put on all leathercuffs, the man makes her to take on a big red ballgag. Thereafter she must stand on two chairs and has to connect a spreaderbar between her anklecuffs. Finally she has to lock her wristcuffs to a hook hanging from the ceiling. The man asks her to tell him a the combination , because it's Juliettes last chance not to be suspended. She won't tell him and so the man pulls the chairs away. Juliette struggles first. She hangs in the air by her bonds. Her body is completly streched out and the pain she feels is unbelievable. She moans to her gag, but her abductor has no mercy. She hopes that the cuffs will damage if she struggles. As the man turns back to her, he spanks her ass, squeezes her tits and asks her again to tell him the code. Juliette doesn't and so she has to hang a lot more. And the cuffs are strong and don't break by her struggling.