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Juliette wears a bathrobe and shackles are secured around her ankles, wrists and neck. She is standing alone in front of a metal slavechair. A man enters the room and stands beside Juliette. He takes her arm and holding her to face the camera, says, “Good evening members, tonight Juliette will again be our slave. She will be given two orgasms, each with a different nipple torment, for your entertainment.” He removes the shackles from her ankles and wrists and from her neck. He picks up leather straps and takes her wrists. He puts them together and secures the strap over them. He ties also her elbows. She watches as the man moves the metal slavechair. He positions it and locks the roller in place. Juliette has to sit on it. When she is kneeling on her thighs, he takes a leather strap and secures it over her thigh and around the pad she is kneeling on. He does likewise to her other thigh. Her ankles are cuffed to the chair. Now Juliette can choose a gag, and she will that he uses the penis gag. The man puts the gag into her mouth and secures it behind her head. He brings the leather hood to the device, pulls it roughly over Juliette’s head and laces it up the back. Now he brings over the panel gag and begins to strap it over Juliette’s head. Juliette's neck is attached in a metal slavecollar. The man stands beside her and tells the audience that she receive 25 strokes of a cane on each breast. Juliette looks with fear in her eyes. The man comes over with the bamboo cane. The man continues for the full 25 strokes as Juliette screams and twists her body. He then stops and lets Juliette calm down. He goes to her other side and he strikes her again. Finally it is over and the man puts the cane down. He shows her a pair of nipple suckers. She moans loud as he pushes the nipple suckers to her nipples. Now he brings over a pair of electro-stim pads. He presses it to her breast just below the rim of the sucker. He makes sure it is secure before doing the same to her other nipple. Finally, the man brings over a “Hitachi- style” vibrator and attaches it to an arm that is attached to the bottom of the device. He presses it very firmly into Juliette’s crotch and secures it. He turns on the vibrator between her legs. Juliette moans loudly and her body begins to writhe and undulate, her hips thrusting into the vibrator and her back arching. Suddenly she convulses and screams as the man sends the current into her breasts. She twists from side to side and tries to throw her head back. Juliette throws her chest out and screams terrifically as the orgasm overcomes her. The man allows her to calm down before removing the electro-stim pads. He then releases the vibrator and moves it away from Juliette’s body. Next he brings over the bullet vibrator and slowly pulls it into her body. He then replaces the vibrator securing it against her crotch. He releases the sucker from one nipple. When he removes it, Juliette’s nipple is visibly extended. He picks up a clothespin and fondles her nipple with it. He then holds her breast with one hand and slides the pin over her nipple, then allows it to clamp slowly. Juliette screaming very loudly. The man does the same to her other nipple. Now the man takes pieces of black electrician’s tape and presses two pieces diagonally across the spring mechanism, of the clothespins to form an “X” over them. He turns on both vibrators. Juliette immediately begins to moan very loud. Her hips undulate; she arches her back and thrusts her chest forward screaming into the gag now. The man then releases the locks on the wheels of the device and begins to turn the chair device around so the camera can look at every part of Juliette’s body. As the chair is turned, the orgasm is building in Juliette’s body. When the chair is back facing the camera, Juliette’s entire body suddenly against her bindings and convulses as the orgasm explodes within her. She is breathing very laboriously when the man turns off the vibrators. He allows her to calm for a short while before removing the back straps of the panel gag and letting it drape down her chest. He then removes the hood completely and removes the penis gag. Juliette gasps for air and says, “Thank you, Master”. Now the man wants also to know which orgasm was most difficult for Juliette and she answers.