Slave Therapy - The Chance 0
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Slave Therapy - The Chance 3

Juliette is again at the doctor. She has problems with sex and blowjob and so on. First she has to strip her clothes. They go in the bedroom. There Juliette has to stand in front of the bed. She is blindfolded. The doctor takes a lot of ropes and ties her ankles to the bed and her hands with leathercuffs. So she has to stand for a while. The doctor touches her body, neck, pussy and breasts. Juliette stands in front of the window tied up and blindfolded and with stretched neck. Next we see her in another room. She is still naked and her elbows and wrists are tied with black rope. She has to lay on the floor and her ties her in a strict hogtie. The man pulls her from site to site. Juliettes shaved pussy looks hot and after this training Juliette has to kneel on the floor. A dildo ist now the next training object for her. She has to blow the dildo without using the hands. The doctor helps her a little. It looks very sexy as she tries to blow the dildo.