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Juliette is in the living room. She wears a jeans miniskirt and a leather corsage and she puts on sexy leather high heels boots. After the boots she puts on her black jacket. She loves this jacket and she has some ropes and silk scarfs and shows this her friend who is watching her the whole time. Maybe he wants to tie her up in a strict way? Okay. He does it. First he ties her ellbows together. Thereafter he ties her wrists with another rope. He takes more ropes and Juliette gets a breast bondage. Now she has to lay down on the floor. Juliette does it immediately and he ties her thighs, knees and ankles. That is not enough for Juliette. She wants that he also gags her with the silk scarfs. First with a purple, than with a red one and at last with a white silk scarf. Juliette wants the white one and she rolls on the floor. But now the guy decides to tie her up in a hogtie. But Juliette doesn't want a hogtie. She is very angry that he does it. She struggles and moans a lot and rolls on the floor to come free.