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Juliette comes at home. She only will relax and read a magazine at her bedroom. Someone knocks at the door. A guy rushes in and while Juliette rises her hands up he gags her with a ballgag. Then she has to kneel down and bend over the bed. He tapes her wrists behind her back and she gets anklecuffs. She gets a blindfold. The guy lifts her up and carries her out to his car. He lays her in the trunk and drives away.

Next we see is Juliette: Alone and naken in a cold cellar. She wears really heavy chains around her neck, ankles and wrists. The chains are cuffed to the wall. So she has to stay and wait for more. The guy comes in and she begs him to give her some clothes. It's so cold. He has an idea. If she will give him a blowjob she will get some clothes. Juliette agrees and blows his dick. After the blowjob she get some clothes. But she has to stay in the cellar with the heavy chains on her body.