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The Continuation of "Angel Of Revenge":

Juliette is tied to the ceiling. She is naked and stands on her toes. Not easy to stay so long. The guy tickles and spanks her and attaches clothepins to her nipples. But Juliette doesn't say a word to him. So he has to think about another interrogation.

He lays her on the floor and he watches a while her sexy naked body.

The next we see is Juliette tied on a ladder. She lays on her back and wrists and ankles are tied with leathercuffs and ropes to a ladder. He spanks and whips and tickles her again. But Juliette only moans and laughs. So he ties her in a hogtie to the ladder. Very uncomfortable.

It's time for the next location. Juliette sits in a cage. Her elbows are taped together and she tries to move in the cage. But no chance. The guy opens the door of the cage and Juliette has to go out. She has to sit on the cage and he touches her pussy and clitoris. The interrogation is not over yet but the man allows Juliette to take a shower.